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monday 20/08/2012

Sorry I missed the link#

Almost hit 200 people !

saturday 18/08/2012

So Many Prizes!!!smiley

tuesday 14/08/2012

monday 13/08/2012


sunday 12/08/2012

@de smurven i think that u are tlking about the slots

friday 10/08/2012

Ok,forum mods.This thread can be closed now as it served its purpose. smiley

Thanks again. smiley

thursday 09/08/2012

Nice event can't waitsmiley

wednesday 08/08/2012

Mods please close this thread

tuesday 07/08/2012

Join Up Everybody! smiley

Winning is good for you smiley

friday 03/08/2012

That's an evento for avatar creators!
If you know how to create the best avatar ever, prove it in this even.
And also good prizes:

1º Place = Gil + Melanie
2º Place = Fei
3º Place = Tomas

Join it deleted

Link for the event: http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=72395

monday 30/07/2012

Lottery for poor

Entrance fee: 200
Donations are welcome. Also invite your friends and guild members smiley

I highly recommend this event and any of CC Spring's future events

sunday 29/07/2012

Thank you for showing interest in the event @ DaftMau5

We are still looking for more people to start the event. smiley

thursday 26/07/2012

wednesday 25/07/2012

Box Rainbow Tournament

nice prices to be wonsmiley

rough translations of the rules in the english part, if you have any further questions feel free to ask, and i hop you all join smiley

Sky Rocket to Millionaire lol
Please don't pop my bubbles!

Clint City Chronicles - A Urban Rivals RPG event


The entrance fee is a card with Min value 1k.

This is an attempt to fuse UR to to fuse UR with the RPG basics.
You'll have some Attribute Points and you'll progress in the game gaining experience points and leveling up. There we'll be a plot and you'll be an active part in it. You'll have to take decisions, complete sort of "missions", answer riddles (and google will not help you muhahha) Part of the game will be played in chat and messages but you'll also to battle quite often vs each others and vs me (like in RPG the master runs the Non Playing Charachters)
There will be a map ( http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/7007/ccity.jpg )and there will be items.
It will be quite difficult to run the event with more than 10-12 players, so, if there are more request the first phase will be a battle phase targeted to reach this number.
I think the duration of the event may vary... but it won't be a fast one. And it will require a good activity.It will be turn based and I'm thinking about 4-5 days duration per turn.

Because it's the first time i run an event like that, THE RULES CAN BE SUBJECT OF MINOR CHANGES DURING THE EVENT, changes that can be required to improve the gameplay, or fixes some concept bug. I'll gladly consider your advices during the all event, but remember that every final decision is mine
Always keep an eye to the Italian section for updates

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