wednesday 10/04/2013

monday 08/04/2013

I got a question, why the hell are these missions due a week after the Krazan Ld missions?

sunday 07/04/2013

@Memento Mori: Your not causing problems your feature can help players. its just a problem when people don't think about the random nature of packs.

saturday 06/04/2013

I really hope he issmiley

friday 05/04/2013

The Ext DT's rankings and lottery are back (the tab is still called 4Girlz until midnight). smiley All of today's Ext / 4Girlz DT's have been and will be correctly taken into account for the Extended Cr lottery. smiley

thursday 04/04/2013

I think Jungo Sentinel Rescue Bangers
Next clan will probably be in MAy

The problems has been solved. my mission has been reactivated by customer support.

they're doing great smiley

tuesday 02/04/2013

Yeah bring it on remove some more characters from standard format.

thursday 28/03/2013

Imagine happy hours were here still... say you got 10 clintz per fight would that mean 25 or 22.5?

wednesday 27/03/2013

Huh good to know I just saw it was unlocked by getting Andy and my brain just assumed it was like all the other ones.

monday 25/03/2013

LOL Sylth's price hasn't gone up at all. smiley

What is the mission "ultimate survivor"? It is secret and i can't find it anywhere. Do i need to complete 500 matches in sv?

friday 22/03/2013

If you're into MMO and have an iPad this could interest you. Our friends have launched a Kickstarter to get their MMO game onto the iPad later this year, if you want to check their campaign click here

If the link above doesn't work, you can use this one

thursday 21/03/2013

Who is able to challenge the mesmiley

tuesday 19/03/2013

hot 42 messages


friday 15/03/2013

@GOFRAN.SALHI: I have cleared you cache if it still won't load please contact support using the green ?.

p.s Next time please don't post in such an old thread. Theres no need to do it.

tuesday 12/03/2013

Watch videos that give you clintz? Whats that? smiley

sunday 10/03/2013

it works great.. i'm using it now smiley

friday 08/03/2013

Won a few rounds with Jeff, but the mission system isn't processing them. Anyone else having this problem?

tuesday 26/02/2013

I dont like i wish there was still the lottery though i never had it

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