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friday 20/09/2013

I thought this coliseum event was excellent. I had a lot of fun trying to design a deck that would perform well within the constraints of no pillz. I settled on a Piranas/Uppers strategy with Ahkab - Goldie - Bonnie Ld - Baba (to combat opponent's Ahkab) and Zatman - Nellie - Jose Star - Lydia. It was pretty good, but by no means the only way to play. I ran into one opponent with a brutal Jungo attack manipulation deck, and the Sentinel deck was also competitive.

thursday 19/09/2013

Don't see why they couldn't add new lds and when each clan's ld time comes, you just have to select which ld you want and receive the requisite quests...

wednesday 18/09/2013

You can get them by buying or trading with other players, getting lucky in ELO or DT, or by winning Events with Cr Prizes.

monday 16/09/2013

I had some big cheating suspicions about the level 33 veteran with 630 points too (the 1st place guy). Good thing if he got somehow checked by staff. And yes, I think it would've been good if we somehow got informed - disclosing that cheaters got caught and punished should discourage others from cheating. And boost the good faith of those who participate honestly.

sunday 15/09/2013

Kalindra? But she only just arrived...ah well.

wednesday 11/09/2013

Nice............. wont have to face most of big crs now.......

monday 09/09/2013

I LOVE this Colloseum format. smiley
Why ?

- every card was allowed
- EVO was allowed
- doubles was allowed

Last time I play with simillar restriction was about 3 years ago ... and frm that time there was no similar tournament organized by staff.

THANKS !!! smiley

friday 06/09/2013

I think kate should send a message about your winnings for this mode.
and a way to check history of previous events if possible.
it's so confusing as new event's are taking place so soon right after the previous event.

thursday 05/09/2013

wednesday 04/09/2013

...too bad there is no history of the Coliseum formats and rankings...if you finish your combats early the chances to know your final ranking are low. Would it be possible te receive a Kate message with your ranking and prize like for the tourneys?

I'm hopin' for madelone or Malicia...
i really dislike Lady.

i think extra 5 stars are useless...
4 stars are so much more interesting.

saturday 31/08/2013

Travel three weeks back in time and look at the Coliseum page.

saturday 24/08/2013

Joeseph; that's not a KO. Event is called NO KO, NO VICTORY.

+1 Udroid
I have also wondered often while playing UR why doesn't Kate give us messages like eg:
Congratulations "Insert Player Name Here"
You played in the Last Coliseum: "Insert Coliseum Name Here" and ranked Xth out of XXXX players.
You have won XXXX Clintz to be spent on the players market etc. etc.

thursday 22/08/2013

10 messages

Yo UR, you know why only 2300 players joined? Because you're always posting WRONG info for Coliseum events!
Your 1st thread & Coliseum entry says players have to pay 1000 clintz to play
Then you delete that thread and create another with barely enough info hours before event begins

And when players ask UR questions here, and isn't that thread's purpos?, No Staff answers or helps us

Friggin so frustrating

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Skeelz, GHEIST, Montana, and Uppers (these four are way overdue).

You can do this mission, but first buy some sentinel card and kaija.

monday 19/08/2013

Why don't we receive a message telling us where we finished in the coliseum? I would like to know how far I dropped...

friday 16/08/2013

wednesday 14/08/2013

Looks like I'll be competing for that 4000th rank. Mama needs some clintz. smiley

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