friday 15/06/2012

Indeed a very nice price.

wednesday 13/06/2012

Good Day everybody,

Just an update on this event, there is now ~50 participants totaling 9.5k as well as more donations. So please support this event, through joining and if possible donating so you may have a chance of winning something big.
Just something for you to think about 100 people= 19k
200 people= 38k

tuesday 12/06/2012

Hooray! Misfit Madness #2 is now underway! I will post here live updates as the players face off against each other. Eventually we will get to the winner who will be celebrated here!

sunday 10/06/2012

Read the rules (English rules written under the italian rules!) to see how to join! smiley

Masterpeace Lottery!

Plz join, the next 2 people who join will get a character (the first person has already joined)

thank you

saturday 09/06/2012

After my pause,My collection Take value,so i doing a lottery with robb cr to win,Not hesiting to doing Donation
We have 1000 player in 2 day


Tanks for let past this

thursday 07/06/2012

Lottery smiley join!

wednesday 06/06/2012

Sherylboobs is our First winner who wins a Marco Cr ^.^

There is our Winner no.1

@After you get your Marco Cr please write in the comment of english


Our winner no.2
Wins a Boyle , Alice , Kharl , Sai San
After you get these cards Please write on the English section

tuesday 05/06/2012


Join up

thursday 31/05/2012

I was so surprised to see it under my private sales!
Thanks I was going to post ben dover and Jack Mehov later smiley

saturday 26/05/2012

Hello All,

It's me again =p

I have news for you !!

The event has actually 2730 points, if before Monday the event obtain more than 3.500 points, every day during the event I will organize little games ( Quizz ) in the event's forum ( Cesky section ) with many lots.

The little games will be accessible for ALL players, even, if player isn't in the tournament.

thursday 24/05/2012

wednesday 23/05/2012

Event is filling quickly. Join now to ensure your spot! smiley

tuesday 22/05/2012

We are slowly gaining players, but for a nicer price we need more.
Currently the jackpot is over 40k.
I would like to draw the numbers soon though so please come and join!

Regards Milenzio

saturday 19/05/2012

Wtf i cant join tourney it says i got drop out banned HAVENT DROPPED IN 2 HOURS

friday 18/05/2012

For 250 points : Kalder
For 300 points : lola noel
For 370 Points : Samantha
For 499 points : Glenn
For 690 points : Herman
For 710 points : Dorian
For 715 points : 1 New blood 2 frozn + 1 uppers Pack
For 716 points : 1 new blood with sentinal card
For 717 points : 40 credits ( 2 new blood )
For 800 points : 50 credits pack

thursday 17/05/2012

New Update :

Prizes :

The most points will get the full 90% jackpot + few '' K '' Clintz
And by lottery with Amirican Slot wil get all the cards that donated :
2. Lola noel
3. Uma
4. Varoslav 0xp x 5
5. Ivy 0xp x 5
6. Douglas 0xp x 3
7. Wyre 0xp x 4
8. Lydia 0xp x 4
9. Kalder 0xp x 3
10.Holly 0xp x 2
11.Todd 0xp x 3

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