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friday 31/05/2013

You guys can send out the new ones asmileynytime now please or por favorsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 27/05/2013

Its the weekend and a bank holiday Monday (though i'm not sure if this effects French) so if they manually doing it they haven't been working and if its automatically there could be a problem which won't be fixed intill they come back.

please be patient and if by the middle of the week you still don't have it contact support.

monday 13/05/2013

The photo is post 127 looks the some sort of panda and wrestling guy with a bamboo pole.

sunday 12/05/2013

How's team is he on

@Fun OK

monday 06/05/2013

The last ones was daddy jones und beeboy smiley

friday 03/05/2013

I have one question: Prizes for Gangster Squad already distributed (especially Griezzo)?

You deal 1 dmg with Globumm to have another Globumm.
My GOD, just like a real fly!

thursday 02/05/2013

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I say Conrad hinted on Coliseum page, plus a Vortex as the portal activated.

wednesday 01/05/2013

Do not minus 20xp for timing out the penalty should be minus 50 clintz when you have a full reserve of xp loosing 20 is nothing but clintz are harder to get the effects are more serious when you loose money !!!

sunday 21/04/2013

Why hass Scopica just come out of Standard i thought she was released either in Dec 08 or Jan 09

friday 19/04/2013

Rescue release? smiley

thursday 18/04/2013

@Tetra Master
Credit reactivation does not give Ld cards (or any currency), only Mission Points.

wednesday 10/04/2013

monday 08/04/2013

I got a question, why the hell are these missions due a week after the Krazan Ld missions?

sunday 07/04/2013

@Memento Mori: Your not causing problems your feature can help players. its just a problem when people don't think about the random nature of packs.

saturday 06/04/2013

I really hope he issmiley

friday 05/04/2013

The Ext DT's rankings and lottery are back (the tab is still called 4Girlz until midnight). smiley All of today's Ext / 4Girlz DT's have been and will be correctly taken into account for the Extended Cr lottery. smiley

thursday 04/04/2013

I think Jungo Sentinel Rescue Bangers
Next clan will probably be in MAy

The problems has been solved. my mission has been reactivated by customer support.

they're doing great smiley

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