saturday 10/03/2018

Yeah I received 10 bronze tokenz and 2500 clintz

thursday 08/03/2018

saturday 03/03/2018

Fresh-aladin wins the Ongh Cr!!!!
UltimateTop7415 wins a Doc Ollie
Mata95 wins a Timanov
UM-FlaWleSS wins a Pegh

Hope Ya'll enjoyed the lotto!

tuesday 20/02/2018

Soon you can read it in the official topic smiley

Only 1 more player needed to start smiley first come first serve smiley

sunday 18/02/2018

Sorry, I got a replacement a bit ago.

Not looking for replacements at the moment.

thursday 15/02/2018

Good luck with your event, whatever you choose it to be smiley

wednesday 31/01/2018

tuesday 30/01/2018

This is not prize, this is ours entry fees.

monday 22/01/2018

I wanna join! huhuhu

tuesday 16/01/2018

sunday 14/01/2018

I see market bigs in your event smiley you sure all of them are (needy)? lol

monday 08/01/2018


saturday 06/01/2018

All done see ya next time.

Fisty Cent sold to UltimateTop7415 50 Clintz icon (Private) Today at 18:42
Fisty Cent sold to Mata95 50 Clintz icon (Private) Thursday 04/01, 19:24
Fisty Cent sold to bigboss247 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 22:58
Fisty Cent sold to DantePrince 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 22:02
Fisty Cent sold to VICTORMIL 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 19:21
Fisty Cent sold to Emious 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 17:49
Fisty Cent sold to arcueid_14 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 16:24
Fisty Cent sold to K U N T A 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 16:19
Fisty Cent sold to Creolas 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 14:56
Fisty Cent sold to OC_Dsl 50 Clintz icon (Private) Monday 01/01, 13:49

Thank you very much Rukmicam. Best wishes to you and your family.

wednesday 03/01/2018

Got my attention smiley

What kind of deck modes should we be expecting? Is this something that will require big Crs?

You may want to post in other language forums, simply to get more attention and hit that high 80 player target.

Best of luck! smiley

monday 01/01/2018

Less than an hour to go to join smiley

saturday 30/12/2017

friday 29/12/2017

Congratulations to the winners in advance smiley

1. DyossHS
2. Myself > I pick meme_HOA
3. DarthDaivansh
4. Double post > I pick HammerShark12
5. Babs Hartley

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