saturday 20/08/2011

friday 19/08/2011

thursday 18/08/2011

Anyone can join and theres an unlimited amout of partiicipants

Its Fast
Its Free
And theres 3 Stella up for grabs

I dont see a reason not to join. JOIN TODAY!!!!

Free Stella Lottery please dont forget to rate up smiley

wednesday 17/08/2011

Legendaries - Open to All

For all of you who wanted to be part of the hit show but didn't meet the requirements, this is your chance to join in the fun with the prizes just as goodsmiley

monday 15/08/2011

I'm on iPod pm me for rules so I can see it okz plz I want this one dO u get cards or is it fir a account

Add Diana and Lost hog at jackpot! smiley

thursday 11/08/2011

9 more and we can start it!

wednesday 10/08/2011


monday 08/08/2011

turn 100 into 1k with ease in my cassino smiley

A little over 300 participants now. smiley

We all know Saho will win, so don't miss your chance!

saturday 06/08/2011

Can't wait

friday 05/08/2011

Maniiak's level 50 lotto - free!

Join for your chance to win one of the free cards!

wednesday 03/08/2011

Go Saho!!

monday 01/08/2011

3 x 1000 x 100 Lottery

smiley Daaaaaaaaaang

Sign up now! smiley

Details on event page

It says english not american or aussi

saturday 30/07/2011

This has beeen discontinued

Tried of losing do to a miss pill?
Think you have the best deck?
Come try playing with no pills.

I would trade it. and set my own price since its the only one!

70,000,000? ha, I'll ask for 140,000,000 !

friday 29/07/2011

wednesday 27/07/2011

This is my first event so don't hate.
This is open to all players that can speak English but only 32 can join, so join fast. the entrance fee is 500 clints but winner gets the jackpot so the prizes are good. The deck it type1 but cards perm banned are NOT allowed.
*I am also accepting donations*

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