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thursday 22/09/2011

Hahaha! Go Charlie Sheen!

wednesday 21/09/2011

tuesday 20/09/2011

monday 19/09/2011


Join up!!
its 1k ! but its totally worth it

Here are the winners of the last week (from September 12th to 18th) :
1. BogaManPH
2. Kai Hensen
3. aragarh
4. Lili Foxy
5. benurbain
6. 0 Guille
7. bleuet32
8. Dagrath
9. Rouko_97
10. Wo_odkid

Those 10 players will be contacted by their community manager through PM. They'll have to provide him/her their name and mailing address so we would be able to send them their figurine.

sunday 18/09/2011

anywas still need 9 more players till start

friday 16/09/2011

Thanks a lot. I hope you like the new Skeelz story.

cheap entrance fee good prize =D

thursday 15/09/2011

x ELO x any questions PM I look to start playing ASAP

Hi everyone, I'm currently hosting a large battle event with around 200 participants. I'm currently trying to eliminate players, but the requests don't seem to be going to the server (i.e. I ask to withdraw a player and nothing happens). Has anyone else had this problem/know a solution?

wednesday 14/09/2011

No i dont believe u can see their deck but they cannot get into the event room without the right deck so thats okay.
It is possible if u tell everyone that when they battle they must send u a screenshot otherwise no.

I am not sure about the group one but i believe so.

monday 12/09/2011

Join plz!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear Fishy smiley

sunday 11/09/2011

Very kind words... I sincerely appreciate it my friend. It is you, and people like you, who keep me playing this game and creating events. Everything I do is for you guys! I'm so glad you enjoy my events!

saturday 10/09/2011


A whole new kind of event which gives my opponent the power.

thursday 08/09/2011

I was gonna make it berserk themed but... Wanted it to be more diverse

wednesday 07/09/2011

If more than 50 players join I will add a CR to the winners prize that is worth at least 50k!!! Come take a look!!!


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