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tuesday 14/04/2020

So if you look closely the April Fools artwork is close to the actual artwork!

When does this take place?

monday 13/04/2020

There's gonna be a 2v2 mode??? That actually sounds kinda cool

saturday 11/04/2020


wednesday 08/04/2020

What room???

tuesday 07/04/2020

Just so it's known, the staff only changes the abilities of Ld cards as they are accessible to everyone. Abilities and bonuses of cards in the character pool are set. What is NOT set is what level Staff will make the ability available. Case and point with Seta and Zornado.

Like I mentioned before we will see more semi-evo changes once the new clan comes out next month

monday 06/04/2020

Just a quick message to say that people have been refunded credits for any comics they have brought in the past.

friday 03/04/2020


thursday 02/04/2020

Roflmao hilarious lol

tuesday 31/03/2020

Well, the problem is obviously that Musafar and Arturo in the same deck would be rid-DICK! So they had to ban one of them...

monday 30/03/2020

Downloaded the Windows App for desktop. Game flickers during gameplay. Any way to fix this?

sunday 29/03/2020

Damn I only have time to play now and it’s about to end in 5 minutes smiley

Nice work doing what you can to help devs! smiley

friday 27/03/2020

Let's ban the entire new clan from tourney...

wednesday 25/03/2020

hot logo UR 76 messages

@25 march 2020 Update@
new joke evo still not removed nor swapped with rightful last evo.

friday 13/03/2020

Terminus is a game mode in which the goal is to make it round 12 and win. You get 3 preselected (but randomly chosen) decks to get there with, and you lose a deck every time you lose a fight. The part that makes it especially difficult, however, is that you automatically lose the deck you are playing with after round 4 and 8. This means that to complete round 12, you must make it there without losing a single fight. There is also a bonus round 13 with a special deck, and you win enormous prizes if you can win that fight. The prizes naturally become larger as you progress further.

Hey UR, I love your game and all, but if you are going to make a push for e-sports and making the game more popular, you should consider correcting the many spelling errors in the game and fix some of the visual bugs such as power/damage not displaying correctly, pills/health not lighting up some of the time when a status occurs.

wednesday 11/03/2020

Yeah that cant be right

monday 09/03/2020

They made Lord Oon Ld's ability even better lmao. It has a minimum of 1 now so it beats all other -opp. atk. clans at 0 pills every time. I approve, Ld's should be OP. =p

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