friday 06/05/2011

Join up !! deleted
The second segment of The 10 commandments is here !
I'm might add prizes that could be worth 50k value in cards depending on the number of players.
So... Join now while you have the chance !

Happy Anniversary!


thursday 05/05/2011

Necro'd thread, off topic, mods please close.


wednesday 04/05/2011

Mean. how do i get in

Player plays with an opponent in 3 fights, who wins, goes further.
The first phase from May 5

prize : Robb Cr

tuesday 03/05/2011

The event has filled and begun. I told you they fill fast! Thanks to everyone who opted to join or who supported me by giving the event a green face. I sincerely appreciate it. If you wish to be notified of my future events (I run them extremely frequently) please simply message me.

monday 02/05/2011

They said the admins deleted the event
i don't know the reason but i was also accepted in that event smiley

Please close as the entrances have been stoped due to a special quest

saturday 30/04/2011

friday 29/04/2011

Join Up!!! smiley

thursday 28/04/2011

monday 25/04/2011

Thanks for posting

Sorry new in this hehe


Feel Free to Join Open To All And 100 Clintz Entrance Fee
Please Join

Thanks MODS!

sunday 24/04/2011

Happy Easter!!!

made because its easter, there's a challenge to win a milovan in the french section smiley

friday 22/04/2011

It's a KO Tourney! Cheap to get in, and the top 5 get pieces of the jackpot.

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