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tuesday 24/05/2011

Hi im dr demon im the founder of NEW AGE OUTLAWS im looking for a guild to have an guild vs guild event with . mostly 10vs10 .......type 1 and type 2 . also any level ....im just trying to have a event.....any one can join any language as long as the understand the rule any everything......entry fee is 200 clintz and i am personaly gonna donate 10k to the winning guild and then all the jackpot goes to the person with the most points in either guild ? ......just message me http://www.urban-rivals.com/player/

(GBB-Milowitt) Lotto for Grotto!!!

Come one, Come all! You get to vote for which prize is distributed!!!

Sorry...I'll repost this...


monday 23/05/2011

Awesome event! Join up! smiley

[Tournament] [Event]

a- 8 players , level max = 20.
b- 100 clintz to register
c-1st win all the prizepool, if Iam 1st, 2cd win a card wich cost more than the buy in of the tournament
The 1st player who kill me win a card too !!
d-Every player fight each other one time.


Pensée pour les débutants/Gift for beginners

GBB-Royal_Sports A Free Sandro waiting to be claimed. Ends on 25th of May so don't be late smiley It would help if you all Green faced the event like smiley and comment like smiley smiley Thanks in advanced! smiley

Thanks Mod by the way smiley smiley

Ever wanted an awesome profile pic to match your personality or favorite card? Well now you can with no effort on your part! This FREE lotto will give three lucky people profile pics custom made by me! See the "rules" for some of my previous work!

GBB Fine's Profile Pic Lotto

sunday 22/05/2011

Hello! so im in this event, Good, Better, Best, round 2.. we've got the task of making a lottery and getting as many people to participate as possible.
As we are not allowed to throw in any valuable prices, I've decided to create 2 events, the first being my event lottery, GGB round2 lottery and another one for players assisting me deleted
thanks in advance, good luck to everyone! =)

friday 20/05/2011

who is the best Gamer of UR?
Participate in many diff challenges all diverse
Oh and try to gain the title of Master Gamer as well as a Smokey Cr and 100% Jackpot

Note: Good Prizes but 2k enterence fee , Need 16 Players ONLY

Also, don't forget that even though the event is restricted to Piranas, Leader cards don't count as part of a clan. So you really only need 7 Piranas cards to join!

thursday 19/05/2011


Almost 700k in prizes. =p No entrance fee. Don't you want it?

Read the rules carefully though! There's quite a bit!

Not for the faint of heart, either. smiley

wednesday 18/05/2011

Espectroscuro banned both of my best clans; piranhassmiley and sentinentels smiley looks like i wont win...smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

tuesday 17/05/2011

Just need 8 people to start this event. That means a total of 25 people with 18 prizes... Your chance of winning something is very high.

monday 16/05/2011

sunday 15/05/2011


Start Date: Thursday 05/26/1911
End Date: Sunday 29/05/1911


1, 51% of the pot CLASSIFIED
2 nd 26% of the pot CLASSIFIED
3 rd rated 16% of the pot

kate will take 5% of total pot
the operator of the event will be 2% of the pot for the inconvenience

if less than 60 players, the prize will be around for 1 Rated

All players must face all the player (s) which can in 2 hand (s) empty (s)

will be fighting to 8 lives and 10 plizs

deck format must be in format HOTEL HESS.

this format will have the following restrictions:

* Your Deck can not be less than 8 characters.
* The total level of the characters in your deck can not be less than 20.
* Your Deck NO may contain the following (s) 6 types of skill (s) / Bonus (es): Void ability adv., bonus aside adv.,-X Damage adv., min. And, Value: Cancel bonus, Value: Cancel Skill, Value: X-opp. Min. Y. Trust: X-opp., min. And Confidence: Cancel ability.
* All the characters in your deck can be a maximum of level 3.
* Your Deck can not contain characters that are evolving.
* Your Deck can not contain double figures.
* You must balance your Deck: all clans should be represented by an equal number of characters (the leaders are not a clan).


saturday 14/05/2011


In order to play in this event, you must have in your collection Dudley Ld, Gail Ld, Kreenk Ld and Scott Ld.
It is a simple event with some peculiar deck formats including these four legendary cards smiley

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