wednesday 16/03/2011

Players have made side bets like this before. Also, I know of some events where you wagered your hand. Short of a system where you put your cards down up front there's no real way to enforce it. And I would not recommend using a surrogate to hold them. Just leaves too much open to scamming.

tuesday 15/03/2011


The deleted a sunburnt badlands scattered in red rock and dry sand. Here it is believed that the first organism slithered out of the primordial soup. Nothing changes. Here, on this seemingly uninhabitable land, all good comes to die. From its dead-wind canyons, to its wild ranches, to the dried-up river bed that runs along its base. All eyes seem to cower in fear of the great dark forest of broken trees, looming ominously in its centre. Fear not of the forest, but fear of the unknown evil that lurks within...

The second in the Clintonia Series, the most challenging and rewarding series of events in Urban Rivals.

Entrance Fees: 15,000 Ctz + 2x Vholt


500,000 Clintz Jackpot
Shawoman Cr
Ambrose Cr
Lamar Cr
Caelus Cr
3x Golden Tickets for deleted
64x Vholt
And a chance to win 500,000 clintz every 48 hours until the event is over in deleted

Rules available in English and German ONLY at this time, but requires some level of English in order to participate.

Only 32 players accepted, only 10 places left.


Mods, I don't receive my clintz yet?

saturday 12/03/2011

How do you enter the lotto?

friday 11/03/2011


thursday 10/03/2011

Only two spots still available! Grab them quickly before they are gone! The player quality and prize pool in this event are insane!

deleted //// o confronto dos dragoes //// deleted

Get in and have fun =D

wednesday 09/03/2011

Why did you ban everyone?

Spread the word we need 6-10 more players and we can start.

tuesday 08/03/2011

Yeah ,a nd then the rpizes woudl be Zero , and everyone would win zero clintz.
Think twice twice before Post soemthign that barely has nothing to do witht the lotto
If your making a suggestion , feel free to pm me

Enjoying all the responses here..*sarcasm*

Umm, I guess i'm gonna wait until there is a simple way of handing out prizes..

monday 07/03/2011

sunday 06/03/2011

Plz don't join as i wish to do this event at a later point in time. I cannot delete the event however mods plz fix

friday 04/03/2011

16 spots remain. Battles begin on Monday.

You Working Too Much ?
Wanna Have Some Fun ?
Your Thrill Is Gone Away ?

Well , Here is something i doubt you wont like ! deleted Created by Cllosal And Helped By a Group of People Knwon As " The House " deleted Is a place where you put in a deposit of 15 Clintz , and are rewarded with hours of fun ! Gambling games and lotteries , with 15 Chips given as soon as you click enter you can enter a betting for the Deal or Steal matches ! Enter a lotto to win great cards and More Chips , AND you can play some of your FAVE games , like blackjack and more ! Join deleted !

C0L0SSAL And " The House "

thursday 03/03/2011

This is filling up nicely.

wednesday 02/03/2011

You ask the event-creator to withdraw/eliminate you, or ask the staff to withdraw you, if the event-creator is inactive. I'm not certain if the last one is actually being done, but I think it's possible.

tuesday 01/03/2011

Press the tournament name (it it is allocated green), and there there are all conditions in Russian and English.

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