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Jean was a laid-back dromedary who did pretty much nothing all day long. The only problem was #Ongh couldn’t stand his laziness and gave him the job of transporting material for the Jungo. As it was all a bit too much, Jean came up with a new method to divide the work in two: he sets off in the van, sticks his head out of the window and says, “No time to explain, get in the car!”. And before you know it you too are transporting boxes!


Stop Opp. Ability
The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

+2 Life
If Jungo wins the fight, the player controlling Jungo will win 2 Life points at the end of the round.
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    Unlock ability at starstar
    +2 Life
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    Stop Opp. Ability
    +2 Life
Jungo Jungo
63 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Clan's bonus +2 Life
Life for the animals in Clint City’s Zoo was turned upside down the night the meteorite “JNGA XII” crash landed on their cages. In the moments after the crash, radiation emitted by the huge rock, mixed up the DNA of all the creatures in the vicinity. Half-man and half-animal, the Jungo unite behind Ongh and swear to never return to their cages.
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    offline WoolyHat-1134 Veteran wicked souls
    Tuesday 26/11/2013, 02:24

    A camel that pulls up and says 'get in the van.' UR gets weirder by the hour...

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    offline wizard25 Imperator Hip Hop Messiahz
    Sunday 05/08/2012, 23:36

    You know, I dont see why everyone is talking about replacing him with their former 2 stars. He can be used with your Pegh, and Mindy! That leaves space for 5 cards, 19 levels.

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    offline -Argos-ZS Titan D-Versified
    Tuesday 16/04/2013, 17:33


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    offline LoA_Hobbes Imperator Legends of America
    Wednesday 08/08/2012, 02:46

    Ability: Stop Opp. Ability
    Bonus: +2 Life

    -8 power is pretty awesome for a 2*.
    -SoA is a great utility to have, and great for Jungo, since the only other SoA in the clan is Psylo.
    -With the Jungo bonus, Jean can create a life gap of 3. And 8/3 with SoA is exceptional for a 2*.

    -Against SoB, he only has 1 damage, so attack isn't a very good option.
    -Some competition, but considering Jean's potential, he should be a first pick.

    Overall rating: 9.5/10
    Jean is a fantastic 2* with high power and a great ability. If you're playing Jungo, you should get him.

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    offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran Open Casket
    Tuesday 09/07/2013, 16:50

    If you look closer at his mouth you can see a cigarette in it. Could be a reference to the former Camel cigarettes mascot Joe Camel.

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    offline Marvelier Novice  
    Wednesday 28/12/2016, 07:24

    This guy doesn't deserve a perma-ban. Jungo have little usable 2* now since Pegh had joined the ban list.

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    offline wats_happenin Imperator Casual Grind
    Wednesday 14/11/2012, 05:25

    Jean is a ridiculously strong, and humped, 2* for the Jungo!

    His strength is not just in his 8 power + SOA, it's the complementary-utility benefit he brings to the clan. Having the invaluable SOA at his star count is perfect...allowing for either a defensive block or even an offensive attack (unwise vs SOB) and if he loses....big deal he was only your 2* to begin with.

    The other obvious benefit is that he allows you to pack in Jungo's awesome 5*.....Jean + Pegh is better than packing any of Jungo's 3* and really allows for you to pack heavy hitters from not only Jungo, but any other clan you pair them with....you can also just split your half's so that your other clan doesn't even have 2* if they suck (eg: Uppers)...hell you could drop Rodney to Mindy and pack 2/2/2/5 from Jungo allowing for a beautiful 14* half from another clan

    So overall use this card in every single Jungo deck you make, there is no reason not to have him....he's even cheaper than Pegh right now so price isn't an issue

    Pegh/Jean/Rodney/Askai is probably one of the strongest half's still available in ELO and backs the point that it is your 2/3* that are the backbone of the deck....5* are just the arms that punch

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    offline 0C_Oxy Guru  
    Tuesday 21/04/2015, 21:51

    For the people wondering about the trivia:
    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/0a/7f/a8/0a7fa8271d739cc0b97b012bee2bcdc8.jpg smiley

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    offline Cyber Colossus E X C A L I B U R
    Thursday 02/08/2012, 15:44


    For a 2*, this is very reasonable.

    Considering he has his clan bonus intact when fighting most other cards. 3 life gap is great for a 2*.
    Plus, Jungo isn't about damage. Its about creating life gaps as well as being offensive enough so they won't be KOed.

    Look at Askai, Ongh, Nyema, Scopica. 2* cards are fillers. You need good fillers so you can fit other 5* cards in your deck. This card can be used very defensively and with its great power, there is nothing to complain about. Mind you, Jungo is very offensive especially in their 3* and 5* departments.

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    offline Cyber Colossus E X C A L I B U R
    Friday 17/08/2012, 06:43


    I still disagree with you. They're offensive enough. Look at the current ELO. There is Jungo all over.
    They (2* Jungos) have a minimum of 3 life gap per win with their bonus intact. How is that low?
    Plus, Jungo now excel in the 2*, 3* and 5* departments. Have you forgotten that Jungo has HYSTRIX?

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    offline Ambrelo1134 Titan  
    Monday 01/04/2013, 22:37

    I love jungo and this is the PERFECT card.

    8,1 SOA?????

    You might say his damage is low, but if you count the bonus, he makes a 3 gap!!! That is higher than the standard 2 damage on a 2*! 8 power is AMAZING and it has a WONDERFUL ability!

    Mindy and Pegh are outclassed by him, although pegh and jean makes a wonderful team.

    Imagine Jungo's half deck. Jean, Pegh, Ongh, Rodney/Scopica

    AWESOME! This crazily good release gives Jungo a usable SOA (not just usable, but AMAZING). Psylo doesn't really cut it. 7,4? Those are 3* stats.

    I must say, this is the best of the unbanned Jungo. (Including Ongh, because he is 5*s)

    10/10 from me smiley

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    offline SevenAteNein Hero The Defenestrators
    Sunday 02/09/2012, 06:32

    Jean is the best 2* SOA utility in the game right now.

    Only Graff and Wendell come close to him.

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    offline --kaiser Titan Open Casket
    Tuesday 26/02/2013, 08:15

    rate green if you think he is an important card in an all jungo elo deck