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As an honest lawyer in a previous life, Magistrado Ld had a hard time putting up with the Los Santos corrupt legal system that allowed many a criminal to slip through the cracks. As a result, he decided to become the law. Though not blind, his justice turns a deaf ear to pathetic excuses and the Huracan referee will come down hard on every offense with one blow of his peacemaking hammer, in the ring and out.


Confidence: -3 Opp Damage, Min 2
If a character belonging to the same team as Magistrado Ld wins a round and if Magistrado Ld loses the following round, the Damage inflicted to Magistrado Ld’ owner will be reduced by 3 points or up to a minimum of 2. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 2, then the Ability has no effect.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

+1 Attack Per Life Left
The Attack points of Huracan are increased by 1 points for every remaining Life point owned by the player controlling the character.
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    HuracanMagistrado Ld
    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    +1 Attack Per Life Left
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    HuracanMagistrado Ld
    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    +1 Attack Per Life Left
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    HuracanMagistrado Ld
    Confidence: -3 Opp Damage, Min 2
    +1 Attack Per Life Left
Huracan Huracan
52 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Clan's bonus +1 Attack Per Life Left
Clint City’s wrestling scene was sent into turmoil when a rush of masked luchadores from Los Santos moved into the top of the Pile Tower. You can say goodbye to the tired theatricals of the W.A.R. and say hello to a real humdinger of a show! Led by Noctezuma, the Huracan believe in just one thing: to defend the weak and oppressed by smashing their opponents' faces with a range of suplex moves.
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    offline 0 iMiLiTiAi Imperator the courtyard of shadows
    Wednesday 30/07/2014, 22:43

    Its funny
    the LDs are basically collectors items
    and CRs are legendarysmileysmiley

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    offline El Darrioso Colossus URBAN MADNESS
    Wednesday 07/08/2013, 04:32

    Attorney 1:But el matador acted in self defense because benicio attacked his village in a wild rage !
    Attorney 2: Neurologists proved that benicio has no recollection nor probably has no control of what he was doing when seeing red, which el matador knew and provoked him with his red mask as shown in exhibit A.
    Court: *rabble rabble rabble*
    Magistrate ld: ORDER ORDER IN THE COURT!
    Magistrado ld : has the jury reached a verdict?
    Jury: we have your honor, we find the defendant, benicio the bull, guilty
    Magistrado ld : for domestic violence and distubing the peace, the court sentences you to 23 million hours of community service
    Benicio: oh damn....
    A few days later...
    *Poster reads* JUNGO CLAN IN NEED OF NEW RECRUIT!!! We accept all feathery, scaly, and furry brethren whose been in contact with the JNGA XII meteorite
    Benicio: *sigh* it just might be a start...

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    offline MrKilljoyCr Hero Stress Free
    Monday 30/03/2015, 03:57

    I love how it says "El Magistrato Ld" In the ledgendary release smiley

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    offline Signomi Titan D-Versified
    Monday 12/08/2013, 16:40

    Cheers for the first Ld I now own.

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    offline EA-Ezio21 Guru Elysium Aether
    Tuesday 16/07/2013, 21:48

    this is great card and better than most ld's Scott Ld i'm looking at you. since the first 4 missions (the first time it released) don't even need huracan you can just do them and unlock the last one,then collect huracan at your own pace.a great 3* option for anyone wanting to go huracan!

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    offline Londafettuc Colossus Visceral Expression
    Saturday 27/07/2013, 03:25

    ~~Card review~~
    ~~Profile and stats~~
    Name: Magistrado Ld
    Clan: Huracan
    Power: 7
    Damage: 4
    Ability: Confidence: -3 Opp. Damage,Min 2
    Bonus: +1 Attack Per Life Left

    Positives: Great damage reduction
    Excellent power and damage
    Confidence ability works well with this card
    Free card, making it accessible to everyone
    Just 3 stars

    Negatives: Too predictable
    SoA kills his useful ability
    Card is useful by a very specific strategy
    Competition with other 3 stars

    Magistrado Ld is one of the best Lds,and since it’s the only damage reductor of the clan,he’ll be used for a long time. You don’t really have to bluff him,because he has great power and damage for a 3 star. Confidence is a nightmare for many players,but damage reduction seems to work well with him,since his ability is not power/damage/attack based. His main weakness is SoA,wich kills the whole strategy,and his confidence ability doesn’t help him at all. Overall,great Ld,just make sure you know how to use him.

    ~~Final score~~
    8 out of 10
    Review made by Xeno

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    offline UT_blue24 Hero UndertakeR TeaM
    Monday 19/05/2014, 18:04

    can anyone help me how to block the damage?

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    offline scorpiasfull Guru  
    Sunday 04/08/2013, 13:13

    ultimate warrior reference?

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    offline papukocsi Senior  
    Monday 23/03/2015, 20:47


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    offline Jedi_Lrd Fuse Colossus Organized Konfusion
    Friday 22/05/2015, 19:24

    Simon is going to have a harder time trying to get his clan mates off the hook with this guy.

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    offline JimXUltima4454 Imperator <=Chaos-Knights=>
    Monday 25/05/2015, 23:29

    Judge Judy should be a thing now/

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    offline Wayne21Ray Guru Open Casket
    Friday 19/06/2015, 17:50

    Magistrado LD has a solid power of 7 and a normal damage of 4, just like Karen in All Stars. The ability is hard to activate because you have to win a round to activate his confidence ability. But when his ability is activated, this guy can be formidable in his own way. The graphics are nice. I would rate this card a staple card in any deck and rate 9/10.

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    offline Wayne21Ray Guru Open Casket
    Friday 19/06/2015, 17:52

    This is the first legendary character I owned and I am so thrilled about it that today is like 4th of July to me.

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    offline Awerokoneski Master Casual Grind
    Friday 02/10/2015, 23:26

    How do I get a Magistrado Ld?

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    offline hurucan stras Colossus  
    Thursday 31/12/2015, 10:54

    je joue cette carte dans un mono skelles elle est jute parfaite avec son bonus ses tro utile et son pouvoir est juste terrible alor le magistrado ld ses le best http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2848182 smileysmileysmiley ps aller voir se deck

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