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While tracking a cattle-rustler, Wolf the last of the Mahigans caught sight of someone a few miles off, trapped in a canyon rock face. The legendary Cliff who had come to do some solo mountaineering had been stuck there for several days and feared he might have to be amputated. On arriving at the scene, Wolf freed the Rescue member and carried him to the closest town. Astonished by the unrivalled skills of the Mahigan, Cliff was determined that Wolf should join his Clint City rescue team, which indeed he did, in exchange for some comfortable clobber.


Stop: Power +4
If Wolf’S ability is cancelled by the opposing character, Wolf'S power is increased by 4 points.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Support: Attack +3
Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstarstar
    Support: Attack +3
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstarstar
    Support: Attack +3
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstarstar
    Support: Attack +3
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    Stop: Power +4
    Support: Attack +3
Rescue Rescue
66 characters
missions icon 28 missions
Clan's bonus Support: Attack +3
The battle between the clans has plunged Clint City into total chaos, and with all the emergency and rescue services stretched to breaking point, the city's residents are alone and unprotected. Outraged by this desperate situation, Kerry has decided to create a clan of elite rescue workers. Ready for anything to achieve their mission, they won’t think twice about wiping out anyone who gets in their way.
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    offline Dreadshadow Titan evolution
    Friday 25/07/2014, 20:47

    Yeah, I am a Rescue fan, so here I am...
    A new 5 star for Rescue?
    Wow. Let's see... a Common 5 star...
    This will suck right?

    I mean, we got:
    Pastor, Sledg, Aurora, Reeve, Cliff, Hax and Nancy already...
    MArco Cr is a Cr so let's not count this one.
    What could be better than all of them being common?

    I was right.
    A new TOTALLY USELESS release for Resuce.

    Seriously, would YOU use this?
    5 stars wasted.
    Power 6, Damage 7

    I think this is the worst Rescue card so far.

    Even Rescue 4 stars are better than him:
    Suzie, Ghoub, Glosh, Gordon, Kerry, Benson, Campbell, Scott Ld and Alec Cr.
    All 4 star cards are better. Ok I can understand the rare ones, but even the common ones are better.

    Ok let's go to 3 star cards shall we?
    Wesley, Daussone, Joana, Cleo, Tina, Bobby, Tanner, Anita, Ash,Buckler, Elvira, Slyde Crare better.
    Mark, Pam, Lobo, Beverly, are worse, but since these are 3 star cards, I still consider them better too.

    Let's end up to 2 star cards, and always remember we compare a 5 star fully developed with a two star card.
    Steve, Lea, Lothar,Dr Norton, Frida, Krash, Sue are better.
    Vinny, Larry, are worse but these are two star cards. So these are still better.
    Katrina... close enough but not as lame as Wolf is.
    Actually I was thinking Katrina as the worst Rescue so far.

    Wolf is really a useless card.
    What? Are you mocking us now?
    You keep Elvira and Lea banned but give everyone else low star SOA and SOB cards?
    You unbanned Lehane. You wanna permaban Campbell from Elo now.

    And Rescue is not a clan that was so overpowered like back then anymore.
    You made Huracan.
    You made Frozn.
    You creade Copy bonus opponent,
    and also you now made Riots.
    Riots really break the whole balance of the game.
    And you know what, I do not complain about it.
    Riots was a good idea.
    Pillz become more unpredicatable.
    This adds challenge to experienced players and uncomforts cheap systems based on rare card owners only.
    I am not starting a drama here about expensive cards, I have 95% of the collection.
    But I hate repetitive deck concepts.
    This is a good thing to happen.
    Also the game-balance changes and the whole game change,
    making it more interesting.

    But on Rescue lovers, NOTHING has changed for years,
    except of some decent cards to be played that is,
    and that Kerry is not Elo banned anymore, why should she be anyway?
    This is unfair. Seriously.
    Once upon a time Rescue could not be defeated in Elo easily.
    Their bonus was the cheapest one.

    Today, there are so many nice Piranas, Nightmare, Roots and Gheist cards,
    so many Copy Bonus opponent, so many low star SOB and SOA cards everywhere...
    that Rescue might actually suck big time. And Campbell came to give a breath of life.
    What happens? All lazy incompetent guys out there want him perma banned.
    Ok, do it. Like my comment would make any change...
    but unban Lea and Elvira. It is about time.

    Or at least... make decent Rescue cards and stop mocking us.

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    offline AJayWaHiD Imperator E X C A L I B U R
    Wednesday 06/08/2014, 21:07

    8/6 with Stop: Power +3, honestly what it should have been, maybe even 7/7 with Stop: Power +3, but this 6/7 stuff for a 5 star stop card is garbage, kudos to Dreadshadow, he speaks the truth

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    offline LegendArrow Imperator KARA KAZAN
    Friday 15/08/2014, 17:54

    Mortal Kombat NightWolf

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    offline Harry Poker Imperator  
    Sunday 31/08/2014, 22:21

    To everyone wondering why UR made this useless card it is because they want to mock people who like Rescue to make them stop playing Rescue completely. This should have been 4 stars to be a replacement for ghoub but they made it 5 stars on purpose to make it useless. Imagine that ghoub is pretty much another useless card anyways as it has no effect and only 6 power so this card is so useless that it doesn't even replace another useless card... UR if you hate rescue so much then go ahead and make the whole clan cr and remove them from the game. What you are doing is so unfair and stupid. You are mocking players who like rescue why ? Just because noobs are afraid or rescue as they really shine in the hands of a skilled player. So to please the noobs you pretty much have every single good character from rescue banned. Even sledg that is just a 5 star 7/7 with no ability 90 % of the time. So unfair. Take bodenpower for example sure he has 7 less attack by default but he is a 9/7 instead. And he never got banned or will be. Sledg is a joke compared to bodenpower yet sledg gets banned and bodenpower doesn't. Why ? Just because he is in the rescue. So many more examples can be said but it's pointless. Everyone knows you hate rescue and you mock players like me who love rescue. We deserve to play the game too. And while you are making a useless 5 6/7 star for rescue why don't you make another 8/8 for shakrom again. Imagine shakrom got a 8/8 with reprisal that is pretty much unaffected by reducers and nobody plays it and everybody says it is useless simply because they have so much better cards to use. And in the meantime we get a 6/7 5-star ... congrats UR so fair of you. This should have been 7/8 with stop : +3 power instead. But of course don't give good cards to the rescue ban the whole clan and let the noobs rejoice. And now delete my comment too and show us how democratic you are again because every single comment I make gets deleted just because I am saying the truth. Go ahead and delete it and show us how democratic you are again I don't care. But stop mocking the rescue players with such cards. Such an awesome artwork and storyline gone to waste just because you hate the rescue clan and the rescue players. Congrats.

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    offline ZacharyThomas Colossus Harbingers of Ares
    Friday 25/07/2014, 11:09

    Based off The Last of the Mohicans,A movie were 3 Mohican indians protect a British Colonel's daughters in the midst of the French and Indian War.

    This is smileysmileysmiley

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    offline MrKilljoyCr Hero Stress Free
    Monday 13/04/2015, 22:19

    Josephine is uppers, wolf is rescue
    Josephine is 9/8, wolf is 10/7
    Josephine is 18k, wolf is 1k
    Really depends on what kind of player you are.

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    available Londafettuc Colossus Visceral Expression
    Saturday 04/07/2015, 02:54

    Wolf is human that has an eagle in the last level and taht character has nothing to do with an actual wolf.

    Lobo in Portuguese translates to literally Wolf, but Lobo is some sort of marsupial.

    And in the end, both cards are mediocre.

    And my conclusion is that Rescue lives in some pararel world from Clint City where things are all mixed up in normal standards, or the medics are just crazy on their head.

    Conspiracy theory? Nah, I'm just crazy like the medics. smiley

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    offline -Ken_ Veteran  
    Saturday 31/01/2015, 12:34

    I disagree with those who say it is a bad card or useless card, this is a good card and has worked for me many times. It is great against the cards with SOA ability or bonus. Combine this card with Ambre and it gets an unbeatable power under right circumstances. I use Sledge and Wolf, often wining by k.o. in two rounds. Only minus point is the stop ability. Otherwise it s a great card.

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    offline IBJBA Hero  
    Sunday 21/09/2014, 09:07

    Let me explain one thing. Urban rivals staff do not hate rescue, they fear it.
    and the reduce on the concept of clan evolution.
    the concept is simple. when one card is made to with a now concept and ability as well as strength then the clan itself has evolved in strength. if you recognise at the moment there are these new something per round cards coming out. once one card comes out another card with similar strength is released to evolve the other clans so that this clan does not become overpowered. however when it comes to rescue they fear us so much that we are still live in the past with our cards while other clans move forward and the cards that do bring a new flavour to the clan are quickly elo banned. this is because they fear what we can do but not to fear cause what they do not realise is that the more they try and destroy us the more counters we invent to raise our game and while the stay amateurs we get promoted tactically to professionals. i aint changing my main clan ever thats a fact and if you were loyal you would not too. smiley

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    offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran Open Casket
    Friday 31/10/2014, 11:04

    Cliff almost ended up doing the same thing as Aron Ralston, when he got stuck, had not for Wolf.

  • avatar

    offline SollCapped Hero  
    Sunday 28/12/2014, 06:51

    Reminds me of T. Hawk from street fighter

  • avatar

    offline NewEifie Veteran  
    Saturday 21/03/2015, 20:54

    @MrKilljoyCr -> josephine > wolf

  • avatar

    offline LimeColdMusic Senior Stress Free
    Monday 13/04/2015, 22:49

    @MrKilljoyCr: Josephine is 4* while wolf is 5*. I would rather pick wolf, cuz I don't use uppers. but based on stats and prices, I consider wolf better than Josephine, not off my likings