Have you stolen Lady’s jewels or smuggled illegal, dangerous creatures into town? Well you’d better be on your guard because Ronald is on the trail. But where would this formidable detective be without his steadfast companion? James, his chance assistant and gentleman platypus, follows Ronald’s instructions to the letter. And being small and extremely agile, he can slip in just about anywhere to uncover clues in the most unlikely of spots and bring down anyone with just one blow of his cane. If you add to this his on-going duels with thieves Mindy and Wendy, it would be fair to say that James leads a fairly busy life!


Reprisal: Copy: Opp. Damage
When James is played second in the round, James has the same number of Damage points as their opponent. This number only takes into account the figure shown on the opponent’s card and does not include changes related to an Ability, Bonus or Fury.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

+2 Life
If Jungo wins the fight, the player controlling Jungo will win 2 Life points at the end of the round.
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    Unlock ability at starstar
    +2 Life
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    Reprisal: Copy: Opp. Damage
    +2 Life
Jungo Jungo
63 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Clan's bonus +2 Life
Life for the animals in Clint City’s Zoo was turned upside down the night the meteorite “JNGA XII” crash landed on their cages. In the moments after the crash, radiation emitted by the huge rock, mixed up the DNA of all the creatures in the vicinity. Half-man and half-animal, the Jungo unite behind Ongh and swear to never return to their cages.
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    offline kyon3389 Novice ♣♣ proZZ ♣♣
    Friday 22/08/2014, 13:39

    Perry the platypus???

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    offline Flenos Imperator Anime lovers 101
    Wednesday 17/09/2014, 20:33

    Do not underestimate reprisal, it acutally puts pressure on the opponent to face 8 power card plus +2 life
    In the right hands, this will be a great card for elo.
    8/10 in my opinion.

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    offline Dreadshadow Titan evolution
    Thursday 21/05/2015, 12:15

    Two stars Jungo.
    Power 8
    Damage 1
    Reprisal: Damage = Damage Opp.
    Bonus + 2 life.

    Jungo have some of the best two star cards in UR.
    Let's see what James is all about.

    First things first. It has that strong 8 Power that makes every pill worth the investment.

    SOA is always a pain. But SOA here makes James an 8/1 + 2 Life = 8/3 gap. For a two star card, this is fair enough alone.
    SOA/SOB Makes James an 8/1. He can win ALL SOA/SOB walls pill vs pill though. Even Shakra that has Power = 8.
    Two stars help him win every same attack vs 3, 4 or 5 star cards. So it is a great two star uncommon. Too bad he does not have an ability. OH WAIT! He has! And this makes the whole difference.

    Reprisal: Damage = Damage Opp.
    So what do we have here?

    If you play your 5 star card with Damage = 7 you better beware. James will become an 8/7 with a +2 life bonus!
    If you play your 5 star card with Damage = 8 you better beware. James will become an 8/8 with a +2 life bonus!
    If you play your 2 star card with Damage = 1 you better beware. I am not an idiot to spoil James there.

    Let's see the heavy competition James has to face:

    Borss: SOB is always good but it gives no big potential as a card. James is better.

    Flint" Interesting but not enough to enter an Elo deck.

    Jean: For sure a very strong card. That 8 Power including SOA makes him a good competitor. Jean is a great card.

    Mindy: Power 7 but that Attack +10 makes it a potential power 8 equivalent if 10 pillz are left on both sides and no SOA is involved. It's great for sure, but it's not the card that can turn the tables.

    Pegh: A fantastic DR and one of the greatest cards of Jungo clan. Very useful and flexible, durable vs SOA or SOB.

    Somba: In my opinion Somba is a joke!

    Wendy: A little interesting but just that. A little.

    So, Pegh, Jean and James can be the three "weakest" cards of your deck, without any problem. Now imagine that. James is one of your weak cards. James can go against almost any strong card of your opponent. James is a SOA attractor.

    It's not a broken card.
    It isn't useless either.
    It can play in T2 without any problem.
    It supports passively as a SOA attractor all the other cards.
    Makes your opponent think twice how many pillz will be invested to a 5 star card attacking.
    Makes your opponent sweat if thinking to bluff a high damage card...

    Thus I give James a 10/10
    Strong default power, decent damage gap, strong potential, being just an uncommon makes it a fantastic card. I believe he deserves that 10.

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    offline Six Nations Titan Open Casket
    Friday 19/09/2014, 17:46

    His only problem is pegh and jean, even mindy (maybe) buy I'll give him a go

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    offline anzboy Colossus Open Casket
    Saturday 30/08/2014, 22:30

    Not a bad card I feel that dmg= opp dmg is never bad on a 2 * card the only issue is he is in a clan with a bonus that doesn't help him win the round. There is completely no need at all to make him reprisal, because all that did was make him even less scary. With the damage of 1 he can only go up.

    He has better solid competition for 2* spots in a jungo deck and even a half deck.
    jean pegh and mindy are all better he just about ties with a few other useable 2 stars

    I'd give him a 7/10 not broken, but just about useable if you can't get the others.

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    offline J amox Titan Open Casket
    Sunday 31/08/2014, 14:28

    I'm underrated smiley smiley

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    offline wats_happenin Titan Casual Grind
    Tuesday 11/11/2014, 13:44

    James...he reminds me of the guy from phineas and ferb

    Ok let's be realistic for a second, Jean and Pegh will always be the top 2* cards (actually the top 2 and 3* cards since their combo is better than any other low star combo in the Jungo) so this guy does not warrant use over either of them HOWEVER in a mono environment he functions perfectly as the last 2*in a 5/4/4/3/3/2/2/2 split

    On average James will probably be copying cards in a range from 2-7 damage with the most common being around 3/4. Now last time I checked an 8/5 or an 8/6 2* is actually pretty goddamn beastly all things considered. Not only does he get a nice boost from his bonus and ability he has the power to back himself up, which puts him leagues ahead of other similar releases such as Otto

    Other than Jean/Pegh I think he's a bit better than the rest!! Jungo's lower starred cards have always lack damage which has resulted in them being mauled by SOB in general and so rather than adding another 2* that adds to the weakness such as Mindy, James can be seen as that mediary to give the lower end a bit of oomph

    What about his reprisal?
    You know it can get slightly annoying but James already has decent starting stats (8/3) and the increased damage is simply a nice bonus. It also makes it slightly worrying for your opponent to send in higher damage, low power DR's or bluffs since he can just hit them hard back

    I like James!

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    offline MrKilljoyCr Hero Stress Free
    Friday 13/03/2015, 01:21

    Right next to Heartnett in the All stars page smiley

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    offline CommandoDeath7322 Veteran LVLS
    Monday 28/01, 01:42