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If Thorpah is one of the family's bravest warriors, the youngest on the other hand – Lowki – is the brightest. Shocked that the village should be run by human beings, he harbours a boundless contempt for Brok, his father and heir of Frozenra, for letting such a thing happen. But above all, he hates Tiwi Ld! Oh yes! Tiwi Ld, humans' little protégé, that so-called little genius with his ridiculous robots! Having become his self-proclaimed mortal enemy, Lowki has carried out numerous plans to get shot of his rival, all of which have always ended in failure despite his keenest efforts. But as a result of Eleanore's discovery, Lowki is convinced to have found a solution to all of his problems in the form of pure cryoplasma. A sample of it, attached to an icionite anti-conducting scepter, could prove far more powerful than Thorpah's hammer itself...


- 3 Opp. Life Min 2
If Lowki wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 3, or up to a minimum of 2.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Revenge: Power And Damage +2
If a character belonging to the same team as Frozn loses a round, in the next round, the Power and Damage of Frozn will be increased by 2.
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    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    Revenge: Power And Damage +2
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    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    Revenge: Power And Damage +2
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    - 3 Opp. Life Min 2
    Revenge: Power And Damage +2
Frozn Frozn
53 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Clan's bonus Revenge: Power And Damage +2
Just as they were leading a peaceful life at the top of Mount Glatz, the Frozn were struck down by a strange malevolence. Pollution coming from Clint City caused a heat wave that destroyed their ecosystem and upset their lifestyle: a delicate symbiosis of men of the mountains and techno-loving yetis. So, led by the glacial Kalindra, the Frozn are marching towards the city to cast a chilling effect on the inhabitants of Clint City...
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    offline MadMista Cr Guru Casual Grind
    Friday 29/05/2015, 13:12

    Bet he sings in lowki.

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    offline LoA_Rabble Imperator Legends of America
    Friday 29/05/2015, 13:15

    -Stares intently at Lowki-
    Is that...is that Wolf O'Donnel???

    -Tiwi: There! My artificially intelligent snowman is nearly complete! Now to just put in the core and-
    -Lowki: Can't let you do that Tiwi!
    -Lowki runs in and smashes the snowman-
    Tiwi: HEY! What the heck Lowki!
    -Lowki: You're good but I'm better! -blows raspberry and runs off-

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    offline Xonia Titan  
    Friday 29/05/2015, 15:21

    9/4, with a decent min on the life DMG to keep him from being too OP.

    Oh, who am I kidding... he's potentially an 11/6 (11/8 with Fury) 3* card. Instant staple, forever.

    I kinda got the Dexter / Mandark vibe from this card, but Rabble said it best already:
    "I can't let you do that, Tiwi!"

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    offline Project Soul Guru  
    Tuesday 16/06/2015, 02:43

    this thing is OP as HELL

  • avatar

    offline onlyChaos Master  
    Thursday 04/06/2015, 14:31

    Moving the meta game up to 9 base power is a big step. It's going to render a lot of old cards useless, if they weren't already.

  • avatar

    offline Guts Imperator Time Conquers All
    Thursday 30/07/2015, 17:12

    I will have to agree with some on the opinion that Lowki is indeed overpowered. While his low damage may not seem that enticing, paired up with his ability which practically renders lowki immune to damage reduction he is indeed a monster. You might choose to play stop opp ability clans or just fill the deck with SOA. Revenge turn or not he will most likely win the round still, since his base power stats are not balanced.

    The 9 power meta was introduced with 9 powered cards having some sort of deficiency, some disadvantage over the rest of the cards that exist in the game.
    Dr Van Wesel Ld isn't no damage monster nor his bonus is something to be so fearful of... He can win rounds and pass low damage on the opposing player's life gauge.
    Dounia Cr has a very low base damage and her poison ability isn't too big of a deal if you think about it. Players are not using her much for very obvious reasons.
    Bengal too, has very low base damage and without his bonus he is not much. Players will use him when they expect all stars or just a huge amount of power reduction. With stop opp bonus in hand, you got him in check.

    This isn't the case with lowki, you sob him prepare to take in at least 4 damage. You use defeat : + life card, he wins the round piece of cake and has some decent damage through. Maybe if he was in another clan, like the riots as an example, things wouldn't be the same. If his base power was 8 I'd say that he is balanced as it leaves some room for countering.

    As of now I can see azgroth and fei being used as cards to counter him and even with those you are most likely going to end up facing a revenge turn based lowki vs fei , so it's still 7 power vs 8, which is pretty ridiculous. You can also use full stops cards but you will still have a power disadvantage.

    Frozn might have been an underused clan 2 years ago, that is definitely not the case today. One can still play a decent half deck with cards like aaron or rad, tiwi ld, haaken, mahimatah, yodd, stompah even snorkar and plenty of players have proven that frozn are capable of great scores. Cards like lowki or ruru could go from ELOsmiley

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    offline 0C_Oxy Guru  
    Monday 12/10/2015, 21:11

    Thorpah - Thor
    Lowki - Loki (Thor's blood brother in Norse mythology by some sources)
    Their stats also have some sort of bond if we look at them more in-depth
    8/5 5* - -2 Pillz. Min 1
    9/1 3* - -3 Life, min. 2
    11/3(11/6 with ability activated)
    if we remove the 2 stars from Thorpah, he as a rare card would probably an 8/2 3* version of Hawkins
    3 stars
    9 : 3 = 3
    HL3 Confirmed.

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    offline kamuigakupo888 Imperator Gilden sind nicht so mein Ding
    Thursday 11/06/2015, 21:39

    Am I the only who sees his level 2 artwork as a reference to Macbeth. The whole flying dagger scenario, calling out that must Lowki must kill the human sympathizers, really screams Macbeth to me smiley

  • avatar

    offline HERO Cr Colossus URBAN MADNESS
    Friday 29/05/2015, 13:06

    But really, that 9 power meta smiley

  • avatar

    offline generalguy64 Master  
    Friday 29/05/2015, 15:27

    We're up all night to get Lowki.

  • avatar

    offline Austin Wopara Titan Harbingers of Ares
    Friday 29/05/2015, 15:27

    ...and now, Frozn mono decks will occupy Elo smiley
    Oh well, he's perfect in half-decks too.
    Those who'll say soa is his problem haven't really tried Byron or round 1 Pericles in Elo smiley

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    offline 0C DanTe Titan Open Casket
    Friday 29/05/2015, 16:06

    Lowki(loki smiley xD)
    ability: -3 opp life min2

    -9 power the highest of a 3star(only dr van wesel has it) so can own many cards and attack manip
    -1 Damage we will see abt it
    -Abiltiy just makes him perfect and not OP because 9/4 with no ability in frozn Clan is OP
    -his revenge combined with his stats makes him damn good 11/6 for a 3star i think no 3star can get to it smiley
    -Moreover because of power and 3stars it lets u fit those giants like thorpah in to the Deck smiley
    -Pussycats and DR's go useless against him smiley (come at me bub smiley)
    -Competition is 0 because his power just owns other Cards of the Clan smiley
    -Nice Art and Bio

    -SOA a big problem as this card will just deal a mere 1 damage which is very less
    -SOB aint a big problem but could hurt a bit
    -As many frozn this cards is demolished by SOA

    Overall: 9/10 or 9.4/10 This Card is absolutely an wealthy release for Frozn as they were left behind for Sometime and this Card will Become staple soon and also it has 0 competition over the other 3'stars in the clan WOndefull Card overall

    My first Rating on frozn SO rate green if u like smiley

  • avatar

    offline knolty Colossus Masters of Battle
    Wednesday 14/09/2016, 08:48

    this guy has to have the biggest price variation of any non collector card on the market, a few days ago he was 48k, not he's 60k+ smiley

  • avatar

    offline Fliits Guru  
    Tuesday 05/09/2017, 09:50

    Reminds me of Homestuck...

  • avatar

    offline CRIMSONDUELlST Guru SJSU Engineers ChE
    Thursday 24/10/2019, 16:41

    Is he not gonna get banned ?