Everyone in Riotpolis knew Argos, the stray dog. Despite his appearance, this little doggy was probably the bravest creature in town and a hero to boot! He’d saved a young Reeplay from very nearly being crushed, rescued baby Lindsey after her motorised pushchair spun out of control and fished little Octana out of a drilling well. On more than once occasion, this brave little dog had literally sacrificed life and limb for the people of Riotspolis who always did all they could to replace the limbs he’d so heroically forsaken. In fact, during the last landslide Argos’s days would have been numbered had Pericles himself not gone back down to pull the animal out from under the rubble. Then, deciding to adopt him, the Patriarch named him honorary citizen of the town and arranged a wonderful retirement for him within the Alma Mater.


Defeat: + 2 Pillz Max. 11
If Argos loses the fight, the player controlling Argos will win 2 Pillz at the end of the round up to a maximum of 11.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz
If Riots wins or loses the fight, the player controlling Riots will receive 1 Pillz at the end of the round.
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    Unlock ability at starstar
    Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz
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    Defeat: + 2 Pillz Max. 11
    Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz
Riots Riots
48 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Clan's bonus Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz
It was during recent work on the new Clint City subway line that the underground shelter, housing Riotspolis, was drilled apart. This Utopian city, dreamt up by wise men at the turn of the century, could now wave goodbye to its tranquility and isolation. Unsurprisingly upset by this turn of events, the Riotsville Council, led by the Patriarch Pericles, decided that the time had come for them to at last emerge from their isolation and impose their “wise rulings” on this barbaric bunch of hoodlums inhabiting the surface.
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    offline Dreadshadow Titan evolution
    Friday 12/06/2015, 14:38

    Odyssey is an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer.
    Odysseus the main character returns home after a lot of adventures.
    He was disguised as a beggar (he is a king) and nobody recognized him.
    Nobody except Argos. His dog who was too old (Odysseas was on Trojan war away from home for years) but he refused to die, until he will see his master again. Argos was the only one who recognized Odysseas, then Argos died in peace. That moment made Odysseas shed a tear.
    In Greece there is a place in Peloponnesos named Argos.

    I really liked that reference UR staff. You nailed that one.

    6\3, Defeat: + 2 Pillz Max 11 on two stars for RIOTS is also a fantastic card too!
    Epic release.

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    offline dXm_Katsas7 Colossus Deus eX Machina
    Friday 12/06/2015, 20:16

    I don't believe it !!! Thank you so much for that card UR, Odysseus was the king of Ithaca and Argos was his dog.
    What has to do with me? I am from Ithaca...smiley

    http://prntscr.com/7g71eb That's my village "Kioni"...smiley

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    available tsikos Colossus Deus eX Machina
    Friday 12/06/2015, 19:09

    Riots are definately Greeks!

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    offline (Carmen) Colossus  
    Monday 15/06/2015, 16:38

    This bio is amazing. I don't know who makes them but whoever it was deserves some recognition. Be it the illustrator or the UR Staff. There have been some really good bio releases..

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    offline Divinedevek Master  
    Sunday 06/09/2015, 17:36

    Argos- 6/3 +2 pillz max 11 (+3 pillz with bonus)

    - 3 damage is acceptable in a 2*
    - Amazing reference
    - Unequaled versatility for his star count in his clan
    - Good in a half deck

    - SOA can be a downer, depending on your play style
    - 6 damage isn't the best, but it works to his advantage.
    -competition (not the same play style as Boomstick or grouchy) leaving Harmonia, Geo and Kenjy as his competition in the strategic 2* spot

    8.5/10. Some might say I'm insane. He doesn't wall or hit as hard as Grouchy or Boomstick, respectively, but Argos is a very solid 2*. Your opponent too strong? Use that to your advantage. 3-5 pillz on Argos round 1 or 2. No one expects it. Even if they do, you're getting 3 back. His 6 damage allows him to lose whenever you need, but you can pill on him to win (usually) and get 3 damage out of it. Soa/Sob again just make him look like more of a throw away, which can be used to your advantage.

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    offline Xonia Colossus  
    Friday 12/06/2015, 16:16

    Argos is perfect for what he was made for: regaining all your pills if you over-pilled. The new meta is creating cards to allow you to come back from over-pilling.

    I love this little guy! 3 back, and it's backed by his really low power. Normally bad, you WANT low power in a defeat card. Winning is bad. Even if he does win, he's got a decent 3 DMG on him, so you could actually bluff with him if you needed to.

    Perfect for his purpose. Only to be outdone by the likes of Parmabarb for what he does best.

    Lots of competition within his clan, though. Riots has some great 2* cards.

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    offline _ANQUS Senior  
    Friday 12/06/2015, 19:08

    After many years spearfishing in Ithaka i loved that place and i named smileysmileymy dog also Argos. I like this card

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    offline Vorfree Colossus La Guilde qui fait Peur
    Wednesday 17/06/2015, 18:19

    My shield, for Argos!

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    offline RoonKolos Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
    Wednesday 07/10/2015, 03:07

    That level 2 art is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen in this game... Even more than players wanting to see a Bob Joby Rb card being made. :l

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    offline --Gabriel Colossus Deus eX Machina
    Friday 12/06/2015, 12:41

    i wouldn't believe i would say this but damn this dog is cute..unlike the horrible tiwi ld who's supposed to be cute

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    offline GodisEmpty Imperator E X C A L I B U R
    Friday 12/06/2015, 20:24

    I am from North Korea
    could you please make Kim Jong Un? smiley

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    offline dXm_Katsas7 Colossus Deus eX Machina
    Friday 12/06/2015, 23:24

    @ JoeBobBlue...Hey friend, Pericles the card is the ancient Greek statesman Pericles.
    Have you ever heard about "the golden age of Pericles"?
    What Roman? Don't change history, read here...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pericles

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    offline _KIKYO_ Colossus XiongDang
    Saturday 13/06/2015, 14:39

    smileyamazing card,dog card I like it

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    offline CrystalNeon Hero Wise Men Distracted
    Friday 07/08/2015, 11:43

    how hes not elo banned i dont know

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    offline Novrdd Imperator  
    Friday 12/06/2015, 17:37

    @ -tatsumaki- tiwi ld is not horrible(my opinion). And its not fair to compare it with a dog... He's a yeti that supposed to be scary... But unfortunately cute..smiley