Ever the skeptic, it had taken some time for Dr Scoler to adjust to Mandy's unusual personality, not to mention all the strange goings-on taking place in Clint City. But he and Mandy worked on so many bizarre cases, ranging from the crash of a vessel to the opening of strange interdimensional portals, that in the end the doctor had to admit that certain Sakrohm missionaries were not really human. The closing down of the CBI was a huge blow for the pair of investigators and Scoler ended up joining the Rescue clan thinking he could leave this life of conspiracies behind him. But he hadn’t factored in Mandy’s new investigation, in which a new alien body had turned up, dragging Scoler into a horrifying conspiracy from which he feared he might never emerge in one piece!


Protection: Attack
The attack of Scoler cannot be reduced by an opposing character so long as the Protection ability is activated.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Support: Attack +3
Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.
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    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    Support: Attack +3
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    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    Support: Attack +3
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    Protection: Attack
    Support: Attack +3
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    Protection: Attack
    Support: Attack +3
Rescue Rescue
66 characters
missions icon 28 missions
Clan's bonus Support: Attack +3
The battle between the clans has plunged Clint City into total chaos, and with all the emergency and rescue services stretched to breaking point, the city's residents are alone and unprotected. Outraged by this desperate situation, Kerry has decided to create a clan of elite rescue workers. Ready for anything to achieve their mission, they won’t think twice about wiping out anyone who gets in their way.
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    offline Fun OK 6 9 Titan OnE MaLaysia
    Saturday 02/04/2016, 12:46

    A reference to Agent Dana Scully from the X-Files series. UR just switched the sex from female to male. smiley

    Scully is a sceptic at first but ended up being a believer of aliens after a long partnership with Agent Fox Mulder. Scully was kidnapped by aliens in the X-Files series as potrayed in the level 4 art.

    Scoler's name is a wordplay combining the "Scul-" from "Scully" and "-er" from "Mulder". smiley

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    offline ROMANEMPIRE Imperator El ojo de Michael
    Saturday 14/05/2016, 16:48

    Couldn't they have just made I cancel opponent attack modification

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    offline CrystalNeon Hero Wise Men Distracted
    Saturday 09/09/2017, 21:19

    CrystalNeon's ÉLO Reviews

    Name: Scoler

    Stats: 7/5
    Ability: Protection: Attack
    Rescue Bonus: Support: +3 Attack

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I will review this card as a 3* because he only loses 1 damage, as a 3* instead of a 4*.

    -7 base power on a Rescue 3* is very strong.
    -Lower star rating leaves spaces for bigger 4 and 5* cards.
    -Doesn't lose significant value by being used as a 3*, as 1 damage is a valuale tradeoff for a star.
    -Protection for his attack is indispensable against Sakrohm, Montana, Uppers and Hive.
    -Isn't hurt by SOA, unless it is a combo of SOA and the aforementioned clans.
    -Is allowed up to Polit Arena (currently09/09/17)
    -Very stable with base stats and protection, on top of not having much competion, Buckler as usual, and then Tina and Donald, but usually you run 4 3*'s.

    -4 Damage
    -Ability only useful against a handful of clans (Protection doesn't prevent "Cancel opponent attack modifier" so still vulnerable to Raptors.
    -Have to buy lower level versions and boost him to 3*, and then sell him every time he hits 4*'s but with the new XP system is isn't so bad.

    9/10. I personally absolutely love this guy and he is often overlooked as a subpar 4* instead of a monster 3*. His stability along with base stats make him amazing, and really came at a good time as a lot of the good 3*'s from Rescue aren't allowed higher up on the EFC ladder, such as Elvira.

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    offline HipHoppa Colossus Hip Hop Messiahz
    Friday 01/04/2016, 18:43

    Hey guys! I'm that card that's not Campbell! Whazzup?!


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    offline La Couronne Guru Masters of Battle
    Sunday 03/04/2016, 05:54

    Okay so new card for Rescue. Finally!

    A power of 7 with +12 attack? Yay! smiley
    A damage of 5 is average for a 4 star, but this is Rescue, after all.

    DR's will eat him. Like, eat him alive.

    Rating- 6.5/10
    In it's own rights, it is a good card. Rescue needed a good 4 star. And this is not the card for them. Ghoub has no ability, Glosh is falling due to 8 and 9 power cards. Gordon is situational. Suzie's damage is low. Kerry is good, but her ability is situational. Benson is hard to get through.Now, if this card is protection: bonus, it'll be a whole 'nother story. But it's not. It's not your fault though, Rescue. UR kind of hates you. I mean Scott LD was released as Rescue's only GOOD DR, and then UR gave Uppers Maurice. So Scooler. A respectable card, but just not good enough in ELO. I'll use Kerry over him.

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    offline Dreadshadow Titan evolution
    Wednesday 27/04/2016, 15:39

    I remember Jane Ramba Cr not being a Cr. When I started UR I immediately got it.
    Gender swap was really humorous and it was to the spirit of a really successful game.

    And I am glad you still do such things.
    Scoler and Mandy ... wow, gender swap and name mixing, two cards at the same release, reference to Scully and Mulder from the X Files. I think they relaunched the series too. Good move to make them both cards of UR to populate Clintz City.

    And here comes a review on Scoler
    4 stars

    Ability starts at 3 stars.
    Protection Attack.

    3 Star is a
    Power 7
    Damage 4

    4 Star makes him a
    Power 7
    Damage 5

    As a 3 star, I like this card. And since the semi evo is now available in Elo format, this means you can create decks with some edge, taking a temporary advantage of a semi evolved card.
    The bad thing is that it needs very little XP to evolve from level 3 to 4.

    Scoler, Sequoyah, Buddy and Beverly are the only semi evo cards with ability so far.
    I don't know if I like this card on 3 stars or not. It is okay I suppose.

    At four stars though it is average for sure.
    I mean it has that great 7 Power that doesn't make it a useless 4 star, the damage is just ok, while the ability CAN be useful. It doesn't help you win really (the bonus does) but cards with -X Attack suffer against this one. It makes players having a Stella on their hand sweat.
    I am not sure if I would play this card on Elo. Oh! Wait! I am not sure if I would play Rescue in Elo in the first place. I am a Rescue fan, but truth to be told, I don't try Elo with Rescue.
    Why? Oh! Because I have not a Lea or an Elvira to SOA or SOB someone, as other clans do.

    But let's face it:
    +1 Power makes him broken (even if rare)
    +1 to damage should be a rare
    What I mean is, they balanced that card well.
    I give it a 7/10 for sure because of its utility and because semi evo options are not so many in this clan.
    Time will tell if this card can be useful.

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    offline Guts Imperator Time Conquers All
    Sunday 03/04/2016, 23:50

    I'd say he is Stein from Soul Eater but he is missing a screw on his headsmiley. As for the card it's not as if rescue needed another 4*

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    offline ROMANEMPIRE Imperator El ojo de Michael
    Saturday 14/05/2016, 17:42

    I'm really fed up with the rescue like its not even about the cards and the bans its about the cost of cards that's been there just because most card are crap and many are banned so theres not many options thus their prices are really high
    Now I'm not rich and collect all the clans ,now the thing is i cant spend more than 10000 on a card just like that and since its rescue I will need at least 10 good cards
    Now u might ask how do I buy other clans good cards? Well I don't I buy the usable ones not the best ones
    For eg in All Stars I use Alexei instead of Striker
    In Bangers I use Chlora instead of Blaster Cr
    In Sakrohm I use Lilou instead of Dustyn
    In Uppers I use Gradymag instead of Dorian

    Now what do we have in Rescue
    I cant afford Campbell Pastor Lennard Elvira Lea Kerry and a few more now I cant buy them except maybe one or two and then there are the other cards not even usable like in my deck there is one good expensive card which is a staple and a few average cards but in rescue? There's nothing present all good cards are Rare and thus i often change my deck after 2 or 3 fights after using Rescue because of loosing badly
    Now the reason because of this is there are way too many bans and cards with lower stats than other cards
    We have Sledge who is still used because there are not many options to replace him seriously? A 7/7 with bonus protection if it would have been in another clan it would be around 1000 I know Rescue bonus is really strong but then there's Judge Scare who is hardly used (I use him though) who just has -4 attack than Sledge
    That's why I have stopped using Rescue
    Sorry for any typos

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    offline ROMANEMPIRE Imperator El ojo de Michael
    Saturday 14/05/2016, 18:07


    -a good 7 power with the rescue bonus its quite strong
    -a good 5 damage
    -with his ability he can beat those Sakrohm and Uppers who are really strong I'm looking at you Zatman Cr
    - is cheap

    -his stats are just average
    -his ability also doesn't come to use most of the times and its pretty average
    -To top it of his artwork and bio aren't that good either although that's nitpicking people do use Graksmmt
    -Sob hurts
    -competition Campbell is way better Kerry too although I would prefer him over Benson

    Overall rating - 8/10
    Some might say I'm being generous but for me price point is a major thing he's way cheaper than his competition and he has good stats and is pretty decent

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    offline Wayne21Ray Guru Open Casket
    Friday 23/09/2016, 16:50

    The protection ability of Scoler is useful against clans such as Montanas and Uppers. For a 4-star card, Scoler has 7 power and 5 damage, which is awesome. However, Campbell would be my choice over Scoler in any mode. But this card of no means is to be underestimated. This card is also underpriced in the market which is sad to see.

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    offline JimXUltima4454 Imperator <=Chaos-Knights=>
    Friday 01/04/2016, 10:27

    Central Bureau of Investigation?

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    offline knolty Colossus Masters of Battle
    Friday 01/04/2016, 10:32

    more like Clint city Bureau of Investigation...the city is silent smiley

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    offline yyybbb Imperator Symphony
    Friday 01/04/2016, 12:21

    7/5 protection Attack

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    offline GigaImpact Master  
    Saturday 02/04/2016, 15:31

    Ability has an awesome synergy with bonus.

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    offline CyanYoshi Titan Visceral Expression
    Saturday 02/04/2016, 23:47

    Why does everyone hate this card? I know it's not a crazy op card. But considering a rescue deck usually has 2 4*, I see him doing well, especially on uppers weeks. I'm gonna rate him 7.5/10, solid stats, but nothing over the top.