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Testing in practice the students spells can be hard: benches on fire, frozen chairs, statues coming alive, people reduced to the dimension of an ant or transformed into zombies... what a mess! But Galactea found the solution: mixing together the mysterious 'dark matter' and a vortex crystal recovered by Tomas in one of his missions, she created a little, cute and indestructible creature. And since Sparky feeds on magic itself, no matter what kind of spell you will throw at him, Sparkle will be happy and beg you for more! It's the perfect test subject, for Greem's and Mandrak's relief!


-5 Opp Power, Min 2
The Power of the opposing character is reduced by 5 points or up to a minimum of 2.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Protection: Ability
The Ability of Skeelz can not be blocked while the Protection: Ability Bonus is activated.
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    Unlock ability at starstar
    Protection: Ability
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    -5 Opp Power, Min 2
    Protection: Ability
Skeelz Skeelz
68 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Clan's bonus Protection: Ability
In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted. And to ensure the same tolerance reigns in the streets as in their Academy, the Skeelz are putting their neutrality to one side for the moment to bring about peace...through the force of their punches, of course.
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    offline Pingerz Guru aussie crusaders
    Friday 15/04/2016, 13:10

    Just a Sparkle of attack manipulation and he's wrekt.

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    offline Divinedevek Master  
    Friday 26/08/2016, 20:55

    Should have been a 4/4

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    offline oogje16 Colossus  
    Sunday 25/09/2016, 12:31

    The entire All Stars clan destroys this,
    The entire Uppers clan destroys this,
    The entire Montana clan destroys this,
    The entire Sakrohm clan destroys this,
    The entire Sentinel clan destroys this,
    The entire Junks clan destroys this,
    All stop opp. Soa&Sob cards destroy this,
    All Protection: power cards destroy this,
    All power manipulators with min. 1 destroy this,
    All significant +attack cards destroy this

    And people still want to use this over Beck-Nena?

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    offline Xtyx_ Imperator Casual Grind
    Wednesday 01/03/2017, 03:12

    Harrow Ld likes this smiley

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    offline Don Jubas Colossus Гильдия 42
    Friday 15/04/2016, 11:15

    Sparky or Sparkle?

    He's not bad, reminds me Tula. Attack manips and AllStars will hurt though(that's the reason i don't use Tula in duo)

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    offline ShadowDasher Imperator  
    Tuesday 19/04/2016, 22:04

    10/10 for the art, one of the best ones i've saw latelly, as for usefullness this card in my opinion dont have really a good place to be. although a 2* its nothing to shy at, and her ability is fairly powerful, it isnt really usefull. sasha although having half the damage, it has a diferent niche, the one of being a wall, and preventing those low power/low star cards with troublesome abilities from getting a hit in without ur opponent having to play a not to shabby pill price. as for redra she's a DR and much more usefull than this card. then we have beck - nena which have basically the same function of this card (a hard hitting 2*) but that does the job much, much better, with the same virtual power but 2 more damage. yes ability its conditional, but its still more usable, more stable and more impacting in the game.

    in my opinion this card ability and concept isnt bad it was released in a very bad clan for it, and the reason its that skeelz are SUPER RELIANT in their abilities and base stats to win fights. yes 4 damage its great for a 2* but 3 damage its awful even with ability, and let me tell u why, its all because of the clan sinergy this card have, or rather dont have. just see it this way: skeelz by defaut have trouble with attack manipulation clans, and to a lesser degree power manipulation clans, while being able to laugh in face of sob and soa clans with their bonus and "usually" high base stats those other clans dont usually have.

    so clans where this card even, agaisnt a 7 base powered card (the most common power value nowdays) have a innate disavantage: hurracan (gigantic bonus, specially in elo, and with their life gainers), uppers (would u pay 4 pills just to cover the cost of this card and do 4 damage? not worth it), junkz (same as uppers, but 3 pillz instead, however it can be played with 0 pills, the gains dont really cover the pill diference on normal situations), montana (by using 4 pills at 2 power, requires u to use 7, half of ur pills just to get even), bangers (power on the high side of 8 and 9, most likelly making stats even without consider abilities), all star (destroyer of low powered cards, face all stars and this card its useless, compelitelly useless), sakrohm (same as junkz but backwards), frozn (bad compatibility since on average half of the rounds, frozn cards became more monsters than they already have), pussycats (turns this card into a useless 2 damage poke, hardly noteworthy), rescue (montana at 0 pillz), ulu watu (same as bangers), sentinel (junkz treatment). thats 12 clans in 25. thats half of the clans which this card has apparent disavantages, none of which beck - nena have, since high power has a advantage in pills batte vs those clans, and which still battles as good as this card, if not better agains the rest of the remaining clans like sob, soa, -/+ damage/life.

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    offline knolty Colossus Masters of Battle
    Friday 15/04/2016, 10:15

    to bad he's just a two star, that artwork is amazing smiley

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    offline ROMANEMPIRE Imperator El ojo de Michael
    Saturday 16/04/2016, 06:25

    At first I thought he was vortex because of its artwork

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    offline 0 Arrogantaldo- Titan MICTLAN
    Sunday 02/10/2016, 15:44

    Lol.. XD

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    offline Wayne21Ray Guru Open Casket
    Thursday 30/03/2017, 15:06

    Sparkle review;


    4 damage is great for a 2-star card.
    2-star card, so takes less space in decks.
    Ability of -5 opp power, min 2, which is nothing to laugh at! It's dangerous.
    Artwork is great and colorful.
    SoA doesn't stop its ability due to the clan bonus.


    SoA renders this card useless when played in a mixed deck.
    3 base power is weak (but this is expected due to its ability).
    Has competition such as Beck-Nena and Caelus Cr. Maybe Sasha due to her attack manipulation.

    Overall- 8/10. A very underestimated but really deadly card. Also, this card can be used as a filler, and a great one at that, because it's a 2-star card!. Never even for a second, get fooled by its 3 base power. Be very careful of its ability.

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    offline ModestDevil Master  
    Sunday 30/09/2018, 05:41

    слишком мало силы,против бандерас спорцменов атакеров нет и шанса даже если разница в 1 силе будет ,когда силы мало разница в пилюлях колосальная

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    offline Lady Cereza Colossus KEEP THE SMILE 2017
    Friday 15/04/2016, 15:08

    A magic pangolin!

  • avatar

    offline Divinedevek Master  
    Saturday 16/04/2016, 05:30

    A place for him, behind redra and Sasha, but before beck - nena? Ok.

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    offline Noobyofdeath Guru ELITE NATION
    Sunday 17/04/2016, 07:46

    Two words: Attack Manipulation.

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    offline 7Chanster Veteran Urban-Rivals.me
    Thursday 19/05/2016, 04:35

    It's pretty much Caelus CR with 3 less stars and 4 less damage. What applies to him applies to Sparkle.