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Kiki was still a young primate when he was wrenched from his mother's furry hands and taken out of the tropical rainforest. He was subjected to cruel government experiments for several months before being freed by a Roots commando opposed to animal experiments. Despite being traumatized by scientists, Kiki has become a symbol of hope to the clan.


Power +3
Kiki’s Power is increased by 3 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Stop Opp. Ability
The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstarstar
    Stop Opp. Ability
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstarstar
    Stop Opp. Ability
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstarstar
    Stop Opp. Ability
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstarstar
    Stop Opp. Ability
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    Power +3
    Stop Opp. Ability
Roots Roots
66 characters
missions icon 28 missions
Clan's bonus Stop Opp. Ability
Hey man, society is just so uncool! It's Babylon here. But, the Roots, right, they got it, they knew things couldn't keep goin' on that way; we have to make it real again. So, you know what the Roots did? They went to Babylon to tell the government that everything wasn't gonna be alright, man. But no one would listen to ‘em and that really messed with their minds!
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    offline _KingBear_DvF Veteran D-Versified
    Tuesday 24/11/2009, 02:42

    I shall tell you the troubled story of a poor monkey named Kiki, and why Kiki is always so mad.

    Once upon a time, Kiki was a nice and happy monkey, he treated his owners friendly, and his opponents fiercly.
    Kiki was a great and powerful primate that could easily beat opponents and destroy them with 8 damage.

    But one fateful day, the UR staff gathered together and decided that Kiki was to strong and posed to big of a threat.
    So they CRed poor Kiki and sent him far away from Clint City and the Clint Market.
    In the jungle, Kiki got more into his wild side, but grew tamer at the same time.
    However one stormy day, Kiki remembered his troubled past, and decided to exact revenge on the UR staff, the people that banished him into the jungle.

    So he came back to Clint City and killed all the UR staff, Force Majeure is the only one remaining of his race.
    Now Kiki stays in Clint City forever, and no one dares tell him to leave. For when Kiki faces off against someone the primal instinct in him bursts and he gets an extra 3 power destroying anybody that stands in his way.

    And this is why Kiki is always angry and the story of why their are 2 Kiki

    Please rate up if you like my story and think both Kiki's are bomb!

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    offline guest Urban Rivals Staff  
    Sunday 04/09/2011, 05:15

    Actually The history of Kiki the monkey is the following.
    In a NAZI-German concentration camp a puppet in the shape of a monkey was made.
    The puppet's name was Kiki and it was made for a little girl by her Mother.
    The little Girl entertained many other children during their last days.
    She was MURDERED by the Nazi Germans.
    Some children survived and the puppet did also.
    It is in the Simon Weisenthal Holocaust Museum with this story.
    Please rate Green.
    It is very fitting that this card Should be Cr and Also available to everyone.
    Thank you to those who keep the CR version high.
    Children at this camp were for the most part the subject of cruel experiments.
    Kiki was the puppet that at least for a little while made life less of a torture for many children.
    This is the story of Kiki.
    Please rate green.

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    offline Lord Aku Hero Organized Konfusion
    Tuesday 02/08/2011, 20:14

    Reminds me of the movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" smiley in theaters on August 5th folks smiley

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    offline EruChan Hero REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
    Saturday 19/06/2010, 16:01

    thats weird by some reason i think kiki cant be part of the jungo

    1) in jungo the animals got hit by a meteor or something..smiley
    2) the animals has human intelligence unlike kiki which has no potential on escaping a laboratory smiley
    3) the root will never be the same without kiki (according to his bio, kiki is the source of hope for the roots)smiley

    Rate green if you agree smiley

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    offline Barney_TnT Imperator TRiNiTY
    Tuesday 14/09/2010, 20:39


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    offline 87Belfast Senior  
    Sunday 18/10/2009, 20:48

    The reason there is 2 Kiki, Kiki and Kiki Cr is that the origional (Kiki Cr) was overpowered, so UR stopped making him which turned him intoa Cr card. Then UR felt the need to put Kiki back in, but in a weakened form, so here we have kiki smiley

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    offline Timm1 Imperator aussie crusaders
    Tuesday 27/12/2011, 06:08

    This card is very much like Dragan Cr. And there is a reason he also never sees Elo action.
    While you guys will read this and go "Dragan Cr's price tag is ridiculous", even though, many people that are quite attached to this game can afford him. That said, when using a card like Dragan and Kiki, you still have to factor in the abilities and bonuses of the opponent. Going up against something like Montana is a hassle for Kiki. Spiaghi can beat him pill for pill. Actually pill for pill - 1. It is the same with Dragan Cr, you HAVE to watch out for SoA, or he is useless.
    Okay, now I've made my point, let's compare him to other clans.
    (For this comparison lets assume we're playing elo)

    All Stars: His power becomes Power + 1. 5 power is hard to win with at the best of times.
    Bangers: When going up against a clan that has a common power of 8 with bonus, it gets even harder to win with the 7 power.
    Berzerk: This is one clan that if you keep your pillz, you should be able to get it through.
    Fang Pi Clang: Okay, Fang Pi Clang are ability not dependent. Most of them have 8 power. It should be a struggle to win with Kiki
    Freaks: Mostly 7 powered, it will just be a pill for pill fight and having 5 stars won't help.
    GHEIST: Kiki sucks in this situation.
    Jungo: Kiki will be at 7 power. Jungo have a fair few usable 6 powered cards, and most are at 7 power. Kiki stands a chance but it would take a fair amount of strategising.
    Junkz: Well, you would need to at least +2 pill your opponent. Don't like your odds.
    La Junta: Dean is the only person you would stand a chance against, well him, Edd 12 (who doesn't get much play time)
    Montana: You'll need a +2 pill advantage, but that said, even their 6 powered cards stand a good chance of beating you, as up to 11 pills you are equally matched. So only after 11 pills can you win pill for pill (Seeing as you can't use Morphun in elo I guess you've lost that round).
    Nightmare: Well even if they have Dieter and Glorg, you may just get to 7 Power. Then its a pill for pill battle. But that's assuming Sargh or Mawpin aren't in their hand, and Mawpin is ridiculously popular and Sargh is severely underrated in my opinion. So you would need at least +1 pill.
    Piranas: Okay unlike Nightmare, there is a lot more power manipulation and attack manipulation to deal with, as these cards are more popular for these clans. E.g Sting and Raeth, or Talijon. If you come up against any of these, I think it's basically round lost.
    Pussycats: There are a few cards that would be easier to beat in this clan, but that damage isn't quite as spectacular if you win. Going up against Louise with this card sure becomes a lot easier though.
    Rescue: This is one clan that is known for it's small power. But with that + 12 Attack, and enough cards so that you can make a deck that all has 7 power, your going to need a lot of pills. It's nearly the same situation as montana. Unless your up against slide or steve, I don't like your odds.
    Roots: Well look at this, when fighting your own clan, you suck major.
    Sakrohm: A couple of 6 powered cards but a majority would beat you, even then, the 6 powered ones would attack reduce you by stacks.
    Sentinel: Up against Katja or John, I would say you stand a pretty good chance after 3 pills. Then your plus 2 power would account for the plus 8 attack they have.
    Skeelz: Power for power unless your up against Aylen they will win because of the stars.
    Ulu Watu: Have a clear power benefit. Don't like your odds.
    Uppers: After 4 pills will you beat nellie or Ruby pill for pill. Pallack and Wendel after 9 pills. their 7 power you need +2 pills again. And Dorian, just let him through, don't even try it.
    Vortex: They have a couple of 6 powered cards that you stand a chance against using Kiki. A couple as in 5 that you would see in elo. Against anything same power or above, your chances nosedive.

    So in the end I would say your chances are at best average against nightmare, pussycats, vortex and jungo.

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    offline zeropsia Hero  
    Friday 11/02/2011, 03:26

    lvl1 Together with my bro Kiki Cr, we're invincible!
    lvl2 We can dance!
    lvl3 We can sing!
    lvl4 ...hey, where'd Kiki Cr go?!?
    lvl5 UR Staff banned him?!? RAMPAGE!

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    offline RG LoA Titan Legends of America
    Friday 03/10/2008, 00:43

    Lou should always be used over Kiki unless you really feel the need to use both in your deck

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    offline 0 Hobbes Titan Wise Men Distracted
    Friday 25/11/2011, 15:09

    creative art from level 2 to 3...

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    offline Idzerdinsane Titan URBAN MADNESS
    Friday 01/06/2012, 09:59

    Copper vs Kiki, obviously Kiki wins

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    offline El Darrioso Colossus URBAN MADNESS
    Friday 13/01/2012, 20:35

    it sucks that as long as roots been in the game, they only have 5 playable rares

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    offline eurovistion Senior  
    Tuesday 21/02/2012, 21:22

    it is good it is a level 7 damage 8 but it is 4 8 it has power + 3 that is 7 but if one of the cards have stop opp ability that is bad
    kiki is a good and bad card. smiley smiley smiley

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    offline Nives4 Guru El Dorado
    Saturday 08/12/2012, 00:49

    nino199912 - Senior - URBAN MADNESS
    Domenica 01/04, 07:08
    why are there to Kiki


    We're spilling tea, and dishing just desserts one may deserve
    And though the sun is rising, few may choose to leave
    So shade that lid and we'll all bid adieu to your ennui smiley

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    offline DoseOfFarts Senior Friends Of Fate
    Monday 10/12/2012, 01:56

    uh, kastea, Kiki did go cr with max stats! (8/smiley