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Real local hero Lobo shot to fame when he saved the animals in the Clint City Zoo from a terrible fire that reduced it to cinders. After this phenomenal achievement, he became the darling of the media and more importantly, was recruited by Kerry to join the clan.


No ability
No ability
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Support: Attack +3
Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.
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    No ability
    Support: Attack +3
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    No ability
    Support: Attack +3
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    No ability
    Support: Attack +3
Rescue Rescue
67 characters
missions icon 28 missions
Clan's bonus Support: Attack +3
The battle between the clans has plunged Clint City into total chaos, and with all the emergency and rescue services stretched to breaking point, the city's residents are alone and unprotected. Outraged by this desperate situation, Kerry has decided to create a clan of elite rescue workers. Ready for anything to achieve their mission, they won’t think twice about wiping out anyone who gets in their way.
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    offline Bobblefighter Guru  
    Saturday 15/05/2010, 10:00

    God, after saving all of the animals in the zoo, the Jungo should make this guy their god.

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    offline guest Urban Rivals Staff  
    Saturday 20/03/2010, 17:50

    smiley Want the full artwork? smiley
    smiley Please rate up so everybody can find this easily smiley (When copying the direct links, delete the (U) from the address bar if it shows up)

    Direct Links:

    Artist Tony Semedo's Site:

    Thanks to Slify for finding the Tony Semedo Site

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    offline Spirit-Reaper Guru  
    Tuesday 09/03/2010, 02:49

    Im guessing he wasn't around to help when the jungo came into place.Rate green if you agree.smiley

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    offline Fat Basterd Veteran Orde van Oranje-Nassau
    Sunday 18/04/2010, 22:54

    lets make it an CR.

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    offline HarionVincent Guru  
    Tuesday 28/09/2010, 17:21

    guys, don't you realize that if Lobo became a Jungo card he'd be a 5/6 with no ability +2 life as bonus? you think he'd get picked over the other 3 star powerhouses in Jungo?

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    offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
    Thursday 21/02/2008, 08:18

    -a decent 3star offensive card for Rescue
    -5/6 and a +12 attack bonus is decent enough for a 3star attack card
    -can reduce opp life in half and doesn't care to use much pillz against clans w/o the +/- bonus
    -a staple in any offensive Rescue deck build

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    offline Zurbagiul Senior  
    Thursday 20/01/2011, 17:24

    This card is for the 2hko(6 dmg smiley).
    Anyway, with that low power he is quite shaky even with the bonus.
    7/10 for the stats. 9,8/10 for the art, really cool art smiley.

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    offline Sannihilator Colossus Time Conquers All
    Friday 19/08/2011, 15:37

    Rescue version of Giovanni!smiley

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    offline -Tic-Tac-Toe- Hero TRiNiTY
    Wednesday 13/06/2012, 23:39

    Lobo - 5/6 No Ability Support: Attack +3


    - His power is meh*
    - Wonderful Bonus, possibly +12 atk
    - 6 damage is very high for a 3 star
    - He has no ability, so GHEIST or Roots won't kill him anyway smiley
    - I just looooove his artwork! smiley


    - As I said 5 power is meh. kinda low for a 3 star*
    - No ability is always bad smiley
    - SOB defeats him
    - Better in Mono-deck
    - Tula & All Stars

    Artwork: 10/10 smiley
    Stats: 5/10
    Power & Damage: 6/10
    Overall: 6+/10

    He should really have a ability, like Support: +2 or something. That would be great smiley

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    offline Hutson Titan Masters of Battle
    Monday 14/01/2013, 17:57

    Wait... Is Lobo a mutant kangaroo (like the rest of the Jungo), or is he a 'normal' kangaroo (that the Rescue keep around as a pet)?
    If Lobo is a mutant, than he was the first animal to leave Jungo! (Jose Star came out way later and he was never part of the Jungo).

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    offline AJayWaHiD Imperator E X C A L I B U R
    Sunday 11/08/2013, 08:04

    Does anyone else think that Rescue really needs a pill manipulator? Does anyone else think that Rescue needs a replacement for Elvira since she was the only pure SOA of Rescue? Well, I don't think staff will give us our SOA back, but what they COULD do in the mean time is give Rescue a three star pill manipulator, something like a 8/2 or 7/3 -/+ 2 pillz OR maybe even a defeat card like a 7/3 or 6/4 defeat: -/+ 1 pillz or a 7/2 or 6/3 defeat: -/+ 2 pillz. I honestly feel like these would be excellent new Rescue cards that wouldn't be too overpowered, maybe the defeat: +/- 2 pillz cards are asking a bit too much, but if Junkz can have a card like Tremorh, I think that Rescue should be able to have a similar card with slightly lower base stats. That's enough of my rant. Hopefully this will get rated up enough so others can see. Thanks for taking the time to read this guys.

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    offline KurO ReapeR Senior Resurrection's Haven
    Wednesday 16/10/2013, 18:24

    @ hippopm
    If Lobo had +2 lives then he'd be the 3rd best 3* Rescue ever..........not 2 mention he would be more useful than Benson.smiley
    But on the other hand, he can 2hko with Cliff in elo mode (Tina can also do that but soa kills her & u wouldn't want 2 Revenge cards in ur elo deck)

    Rate grsmileysmileyn so other people can readsmileysmileysmiley

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    offline -Argos-ZS Titan D-Versified
    Sunday 13/06/2010, 03:13

    Now no Rescue card is useless by nature of the bonus, but Lobo toes the line. A 5 power? Sob will destroy him, and Montana also make him useless.

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    offline ch3valier Imperator  
    Sunday 04/07/2010, 05:32

    Lobo... because Rescue needs some kind of furry mascot (other than Tanner).
    Five power is low. No getting around that. The damage is great though and you have to factor in that if Lobo isn't hit with SOB he has an attack of 17 without a single pill. Eight powered cards need to spend 2 pills (minus any attack manipulation obviously) to overcome that. So... bad Rescue card can still win in a ton of situations.
    Lobo isn't terribly good by Rescue standards but... do not underestimate.

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    offline jabi3 Novice  
    Saturday 21/08/2010, 18:50

    bad card do not buy