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Eternal life is pointless. What really matters is eternal youth and there’s only one surefire way to achieve that. It involves beautiful red apples soaked overnight in a secret but very evil potion, and several young girls, full of the joys of spring... To find out more, just ask Azel.


Poison 3, Min 3
If Azel wins the round, at the end of each of the following turns the opponent will lose 3 Life point(s) if he/she has more than 3 Life point(s).
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Stop Opp. Bonus
The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled.
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    Stop Opp. Bonus
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    Stop Opp. Bonus
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    Stop Opp. Bonus
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    Poison 3, Min 3
    Stop Opp. Bonus
Nightmare Nightmare
69 characters
missions icon 28 missions
Clan's bonus Stop Opp. Bonus
Like any other city, Clint City has its fair share of demons, vampires and other supernatural beings. Founded by Ielena, the Nightmare Clan’s sole purpose is to give power to these creatures of the night.
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    offline TnT_PRDG Master TRiNiTY
    Sunday 21/11/2010, 05:36

    It's Kate! lol

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    offline Montana C Hero  
    Tuesday 22/12/2009, 05:57

    level 4 7/4 3 poison min 3 being called bad...

    Do i agree? No! The reason sylth is banned, is because poison is INCREDIBLE the first turn! The only reason greem is cheaper, is because greems clan has WAY better cards to take up the space, like jay and manfred. Anyways, people say she wont replace kenny. Obviously this comes from people who have not ran kenny or azel.

    I will explain: Kenny has 6 power, which is bad for an already power weakened clan. Azel has 7 power, which is decent. Kenny has a low damage of 3. Azel has acceptable 4 damage, and the huge posion. Kenny has +life gain, which isnt very popular in elo, as almost every elo deck has soa. Azel has posion, which also fails to any soa (but has +1 power/ damage). Last, nightmare are mostly damage lacking, not life lacking. They already stop la junta, what more do you need? Azel, is by my defenition, a staple in every nightmare full or non full survivor/t2, and pretty much NEEDED in elo for the poison (unless your running freaks alongside?

    Overall? : 9/10 Cons are small, pros are huge. Also shines in comparison to kennys low power and damage base. And 4 stars isnt that much to fit in considering nightmare have shietane and phyllis, and dont have any good level 5s left for elo=P

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    offline Demi-Fiend Master  
    Monday 07/11/2011, 17:32

    And... now she's banned.

    Damnit, why did everyone else have to realize how good she was?

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    offline Pelzwick_WMD Titan Wise Men Distracted
    Friday 04/06/2010, 08:11

    @Chaotic Kitty -
    Your math needs a little help. Allow me to assist you.
    -First turn Azel hits = 4 damage (opponent's health: smiley
    -Second round, 3 poison = 7 damage (opponent's health: 5)
    -Third round, 3 poison = 10 damage (oppnent's health: 3 due to her min)
    -Fourth round, 3 poison = 13 damage (opponent's health remains at 3)

    By the end of the third round, she's reduced the opponent to her minimum of 3. I drew it out to the fourth round because if they gained 4 life, she would reach her maximum potential of doing 13 total damage. The only problem she and other poisoners have is a basic unability to KO...but that's why you have those other three cards in your hand.

    Rate up if you like poison smiley

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    offline renealexis Hero The Kings Are Back
    Saturday 05/01/2013, 11:17

    OMG!! Is she seriously PERMANENTLY BANNED?smiley

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    offline 1134MrSanders Colossus Open Casket
    Tuesday 11/10/2011, 21:15

    this card is way underneath the price range of what she should be at. Ive been using her since the elo life went up to 14, and i tell you what, a 7 power 11 damage card (poison included), is never a bad choice. rate green if you agree

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    offline Sleipsten Guru  
    Sunday 18/09/2011, 17:54

    Green Face for Miss Azel!!

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    offline Idzerdinsane Titan URBAN MADNESS
    Tuesday 24/07/2012, 07:41

    I still love Greem smiley

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    offline Waffle God Master  
    Monday 28/07/2008, 20:27

    lvl 1: 3 power, 2 damage
    lvl 2: 5 power, 2 damage
    lvl 3: 5 power, 4 damage
    lvl 4: 7 power, 4 damage

    ability (avalible at lvl 4) : posion 3, min 3
    bonus: stop opponent bonus

    -a staple card in any survivor or type 2 mono/half nightmare deck
    -this card is a real power house if you use her in the first or second round (if your opp. doesnt use any soa's) because she will bring your oppenents health to 3 even if her damage is 1 (if in second round you can still bring your opponents life to 3 but she will need to have 3 damage that round)
    -with her bonus the only way you can get her not to posoin (assuming you have other nightmare in your hand) is if your opponent has a soa as an ability
    -even with soa she is still a solid card at 7 power 4 damage

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    offline guolin Master Urban Allies
    Friday 03/10/2008, 22:25

    Awesome card if you lack damage, incredible poisoning, but easily predictable, and with SOB as a bonus... Her final form REALLY looks like Kate; it's like they're sisters.

    Lvl.1: Eternal life makes me too cranky...mwahahaha time for eternal youth!
    Lvl.2: Mmm....that apple was delicious... and I'm growing younger...
    Lvl.3: I haven't brushed and braided my hair for 638 years 3 months 21 days 8 hours 34 minutes and 12 seconds.
    Lvl.4: Anyone want some apples...hey Katey! You look old! Have some of my apples sis!

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    offline Cloxx Senior  
    Tuesday 19/10/2010, 18:58

    Azel - 7/4 Poison 3, min 3 (ability) SoB (bonus)

    -A decent power of 7, which is adorable in nightmare
    -Awesome ability! Poison 3 which can reduce oppenents' life to 3 even she's played in the second round
    -Your opponent can hardly gain life wit the poison, which is good in facing Jungle
    -Still make a great damage from poison even hit by damage reduction
    -min 3 is quite a low minium for poison
    -Even hit by SoA, still has a decent 4 damage
    -SoB makes she easier to win and prevent SoA of Roots and GHEIST

    - 4 stars make she occupy much space
    -When hit by SoA, her potential is greatly reduced

    Conclusion,, 9.5/10 LOVE POISON!!
    She may be one of the best poisoners in UB and definitely the best poisoners in nightmare
    Timmy wif poison 2 min 4 and 2 damage,,,Timmy has a less poison damage and much weak damage
    Sheitane wif 6 power,,,power is definitely necessary for a poisoner
    You are winning 70% if u have successful poisoned the opponent in the first round!
    You may also play any 3 damage card such as Sargh in the last round to KO your opponent,
    When your opponent have SoA, just count lesser pills on her and she can still make a 4 damage

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    offline Lukas Larsen Novice  
    Thursday 16/06/2011, 17:06

    Azel: The Eternally Youthful Witch
    First of, Aze, I don't care if you poison young girls or whatever as long as you poison my enemies smiley
    I give Azel 9.5/10
    First off, let's start off with a worst case scenario: Azel is up against an allstop
    Azel has decent stats for a 4 star Nightmare, since Nightmare are a generally power-weakened clan. Her damage is also decent, able to follow up a hit from Kenny or Ielena.
    Next off: Second worst: SoA'ed.
    Azel has good stats and SoB to boot, getting rid of those pesky Vortex and All Stars. She packs a punch, since as I mentioned before she has decent stats for a 4 star (See: Azgroth, Nightmare's Olga).
    Third: Ability SoB'ed.
    Azel has her poison (WOOT! Poison FTW!) but not her bonus, and her bonus is like the Skeelz protective blanket: You don't miss it until it's gone.
    Best Case Scenario!
    Azel, with Eyrik, against Montana and/or Rescue.
    Azel punches through with 5 pillz and lands poison.
    Orlok is perfect for the next stage, since even when he's defeated he does 2 damage. 2 damage is the most you can get to take full advantage of Azel's poison. Lose with Orlok.
    Your opponent is already at 3 life.
    Use Mawpin and punt your opponents across the trading card field.

    By the way: Some of you may notice that my reviews incorporate the same cards as examples of strategies. I only use these strategies since I own the cards: I see what works and what doesn't. So, for example, I can tell you that when you manage to land a furious Hel on your opponent in the first turn, chances are they'll quit the fight or wait for it to time out.

    Don't compare Nightmare and Piranas! You'll have Nightmares with Piranas!

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    offline jushan11 Hero The Infinite Shoeblack
    Tuesday 16/10/2012, 03:37

    One thing that no one ever seems to mention about azel is that even though her poison is powerful and she can be played on the second round in elo and still bring opponent down to 4, the problem comes after you win an early round with her: what to do in the other rounds? While you could build a deck around her i.e. life gain and/or DR in addition to her poison, failing that you become extremely predictable in the rounds following a win with azel: Your opponent knows that any damage you do on turn 2 after winning rd. 1 with azel is effectivly neutralized because the poison would have done that damage anyways. therefore they will not need to pill very much to win rounds 2 and 3. (It doesn't help that you know that they know that, because winning rounds 2 and 3 does you no good.) I play nightmare myself, and while perhaps i owe it to myself to try using her again, but i feel that karrions min 0 is key, and use him instead. with karrion, you only need to win 1 out of three remaining rounds after an first round win in order to get a knockout/ large enough lead to force a win. with azel, you often need to win the fourth round specifically in order to do the same. While both are dangerous, I find Azel too predictible. If anyone can explain how to use azel/cards with good synergy to make her less predictable, I would be happy to listen.

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    offline 69 Gangsterz Hero City Of The Gods
    Monday 29/10/2012, 18:52

    it's ban because it better, with sob it's immune to all clan bonus. the skeelz version have to deal with all the other bonus like rescue, montana etc... after kenny went CR azel will the key elo card to play, price will go up for sure. i see this card will go up to 15k in the near future =)

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    offline 1plus3plus3is7 Veteran Silent Death
    Thursday 09/06/2011, 02:37

    Azel is pretty much as good as Greem, because SOB is in general better than protection ability. It stops SOA bonuses, but also stops power/attack bonuses so that the 7 power that Greem has doesn't become too low on Azel. And it's generally quite easy to dodge a SOA, just play her second turn in which case she'll still do a great 7 damage (if you decide to kill on the last turn, making the last turn's poison useless, otherwise she's a 7/10), meaning she's a 7/7 with SOB for 4 stars.