For years, Martha has had to take care of her delicate little nephew, Copper, while his parents were out in the field. And although he’s a big boy now, she continues to watch over him and, having recently found out that he protects the city’s citizens as a Sentinel, she’s decided to join the clan too.
  • Released on friday 25/03/11
  • Illustrator: busasami
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
  • Martha is banned from Tourney
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  • Z palace icon Allowed in EFC up to Z palace
  • missions icon
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Support: Attack +3
Martha’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Martha’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Martha is also taken into account.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Attack +8
Sentinel's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)
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    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    Attack +8
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    Unlock ability at starstarstar
    Attack +8
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    Support: Attack +3
    Attack +8
Sentinel Sentinel
65 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Clan's bonus Attack +8
The members of Sentinel have one burning goal: to bring law and order back to the streets of Clint City! And if they have to set fire to the town and bathe it in blood to do so… then that’s exactly what they’ll do.
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    offline Seventh Wrath Imperator Urban State Mobilization Corps.
    Monday 02/05/2011, 18:21

    im only comment to this card, send her out with no pillz and watch what happens. that how tough this card is smiley rate up

  • avatar

    offline XpembrokeX Senior  
    Monday 11/07/2011, 21:27

    Level 1 : Alrighty kids, time for you to go home. smiley
    Level 2: Get ready, an emergency call needs to be responded to ASP.
    Level 3: Lets kick some montanna but!!! smiley

  • avatar

    offline 0shitsune Novice  
    Tuesday 19/07/2011, 20:13

    Grandma powaaaa smiley

    Martha smiley

    Lvl 1: 2/1 No Ability
    Lvl 2: 4/2 No Ability
    Lvl 3: 6/4 No Ability

    Pros: -She is only 3 star card and there is plenty of room in your deck
    -She can get attack +20 if you are using solo deck
    -She is very cheap
    -She is not ELO banned
    -SOA dosent hurst, still have attack +8
    -SOB dosent hurts, she have support attck +3
    -Comeon, use you 6 powered Glorg,Martha have less stars smiley

    Cons: -6 attack isent that great

    Overall: 9.5/10 Playing with Sentimel? GET THIS CARD !!!!!

    PS:I dont ask for thumbs up, thats noobish.

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    offline Dill-Dough Colossus REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
    Tuesday 02/08/2011, 12:06

    Martha For Miss Clint City 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!

    smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

  • avatar

    offline Dobbs Ld Hero Harbingers of Ares
    Thursday 04/08/2011, 21:24

    Martha for Miss Clint City

    cmon guys lets do this

  • avatar

    offline cakemeister Colossus aussie crusaders
    Tuesday 16/08/2011, 06:18

    smileyMartha for Miss Clint City 2011!smiley

  • avatar

    offline Cognition Veteran Immortality
    Saturday 21/04/2012, 21:19

    Hahahahahhhhhhhhhahahhahahhahahhhahahhahahhhahahhahahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhah She's ELO-banned hahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahh
    Highlights the ridiculous state of ELO and fellow players in my opinion. Seriously ROFL at this ban hahhahhahhahhahhahhahh

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    offline Mufiapyscho Master  
    Saturday 06/10/2012, 21:12

    my opinion
    sammy + Martha : fear of all clan, except montana roots gheist rescue

  • avatar

    offline Go-Go Yu Veteran Japan Expo
    Saturday 27/10/2012, 21:41

    awww isn't she just delicious looking there. esp in her first artwork. smiley

  • avatar

    offline Ressel Master the villain Guild
    Sunday 18/08/2013, 03:11

    the best wall sentinel can ask. its so effective i ever beat a 14 powered card with her in a low pillz fight, yap 14power, its willy with ambre bonus. i forgot the details but its around 3-4 pillz fight.
    this is definitely a staple 3* card for sentinel, as expected copper's grannie.

  • avatar

    offline _wise_ Imperator the courtyard of shadows
    Friday 25/03/2011, 11:30

    6/4 support +3 atk

    pretty sure this makes her a rescue killer

    +20 atk in mono
    6 power, highest for a card of this caliber (not including emeth)
    3* with this kind of atk, leaves room for the killers like havok
    4 damage, always welcome

    without ability she suffers a little bit but not as much as skinner
    unfortunatley she cannot 2HKO without using fury easily as most sents only reach 7 damage smiley
    she is strictly mono

    7/10 SHES COPPERS AUNT! but being a mono lady she has much to dream of in terms of ko's, non the less she is nice
    with the new elo rules i would probably steer clear as this big momma belongs in the Dt's smiley

  • avatar

    offline MisterRaven Guru URBAN MADNESS
    Saturday 09/04/2011, 10:54

    Copper's last evolution is very old...then shouldn't Martha be dead because she is Old Copper's aunt?

  • avatar

    offline HotShot888 Guru  
    Sunday 10/04/2011, 22:20

    Fun Fact: out of all UR cards, she has the biggest breast smiley

  • avatar

    offline Toad86 Imperator  
    Thursday 14/04/2011, 18:59

    i want a card with that dog smiley that would be wicked!

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    offline MOB Dreamer Titan  
    Saturday 30/04/2011, 07:37

    Okay Skiner has been around a while but Martha is pretty new and pretty equal to him. Skiner is okay in a half and half for 3 stars. Martha has to be played in a mono or not as great as her potential, but with a 6 power it's more sturdy than Skiner but 4 damage is okay. Against GHEIST/Roots or SOA Martha is more sturdy with a 6 power compared to a 4 power. Comparing the two is obvious of their strengths and weaknesses