His name is Jakson and his job is to bring law and order to the darkest corners of Clint City. It’s a nasty job but someone has to do it! And Jakson does it very well even though he has to sometimes resort to quite heavy-handed tactics... Even more heavy-handed than that actually!


Protection : Damage
The Damage of Jakson cannot be reduced by an opposing character while the Protection ability is activated.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Attack +8
Sentinel's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    Attack +8
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    Attack +8
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    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    Attack +8
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    Protection : Damage
    Attack +8
Sentinel Sentinel
65 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Clan's bonus Attack +8
The members of Sentinel have one burning goal: to bring law and order back to the streets of Clint City! And if they have to set fire to the town and bathe it in blood to do so… then that’s exactly what they’ll do.
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    offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
    Thursday 06/10/2011, 00:51

    Jakson - 8/5 with Protection: Damage (ability) and +8 attack (bonus)


    + Power of 8, which is always nice
    + Damage of 5. Even though it's not quite the 'magic 6', it definately hurts. Some 2 hit potential with mono-Coby, Copper, Havok, and Chloe
    + Protection: Damage makes him even more formidible! 8/5 with no ability is the norm for 4 stars (Lovhak anyone?). Certainly above average, in all respects.
    + Thought I'd add: SOB or SOA doesn't affect him too much, so he (Along with Lehane) is very solid in a half-deck.


    - Not too many, really. SOA DR's may present a problem, such as Arno, Bristone, and Jeena. Although not particularily common, it would be best to keep Jakson away from them.
    - 4 stars. Although it's less than 5 (No duh), it still is on the large side. You might have to re-work your deck to fit him in.
    - Compitition with Coby. Coby is the superior card in mono-clan settings, however why not just put in both? Coby is a bit shaky, and Jakson is a LOT more stable, so it's your call.

    Overall: 10/10. Good base stats, decent, but not essential ability, attack manipulation... What doesn't this guy have? Anyone who says he should have more damage, I say to them: Jackie CR. Although Sentinel has a bit further to go in order to hit ELO dominance, this is certainly a step in the right direction!


    Although I'm not one for advertising, I'd like to tell you I made a deck, and Jakson is in it. You can see it here: deleted

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    offline HotShot888 Guru  
    Thursday 07/03/2013, 11:35

    "I had enough of these mother******* DRs in this mother******* game"

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    offline LoA_Rabble Titan Legends of America
    Sunday 13/05/2012, 19:05

    Samuel "Sammy Shocker" Johnson, Taser Specialist of Sentinel Reserve Strike Unit

    -Mandatory Audio Recording

    3rd Entry of Fellow Sentinel Member Observance (F.S.M.O)

    Thank God someone higher up decided that these recordings won't be shared with whomever we are "Observing". Can get a little more loose now...
    Guess i'll "observe" Jackson. Now, I don't know him really well, and i'm not quite sure what he does specifically, but damn...the dude seems like a clown to me. I mean, really? Why the hell would you want to look like a hip 70's Afro cop? And the way he talks...oh God, i'm glad he didn't catch me snickering that one time. Whatever...he obviously has SOME use to the Sentinel, and it must be something good. Jackson is a bit higher up on the chain than I, so he is doing something right.
    Still...I dunno. I can't hold much respect for a guy trying to be Richard Roundtree, bustin up Montana Mobsters with the S.W.A.T theme song going through his head. But hey, I guess I can see people not having much respect for a guy giddily releasing the bowels of evil-doers with massive taser prongs, and I don't give a damn what they think. So I guess I can't judge him much.
    He needs to get his ass in the present though.

    End Audio Recording

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    offline LoA_Rabble Titan Legends of America
    Sunday 13/05/2012, 20:31

    Sorry everyone...honestly thought it was Jackson, instead of Jakson. Wish there was an edit button smiley

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    offline BakaG LoA Titan  
    Sunday 20/11/2011, 08:59

    Shaft can take a backseat, as this man is obviously modeled after the classic Action Jackson! The main character from a Blacksploitation film from the late 80's where the plot goes according to this in the imdb:

    "Vengence drives a tough Detroit cop to stay on the trail of a power hungry auto magnate who's systematically eliminating his competition."

    This man is superior to Shaft as he's bad enough to stay on the force while getting away with his high property damage gunfights and quests for vengeance.

    From the looks of him, he fits all the requirements a Sentinel card has.

    High Power: Check
    Decent Damage: Check

    And the ability makes certain that all the damage reduction cards are worthless against him, which is helpful with the rise of decks containing nothing but -3 to -5 Damage cards. That means when you win you will get all of what you paid for in Pillz. People need to remember, Sentinel and other attack modifier cards count on winning three or all four rounds to win the game in most occasions, so the Damage tends to take a back seat to the Power.

    In terms of quality of the card, he's upper middle. In terms of the qualities one looks for in a Sentinel card, he's pretty high up there. He's not Copper, but then only Chuck Norris can compete with that guy.

    (If you find this review helpful and a worthwhile read, please rate it green so others can read it too.)

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    offline GWN Markhorn Hero Great White North
    Sunday 24/06/2012, 08:41

    He's a parody of Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction (Level's 1, 2, & 3), The fourth level, he's a parody of Nick Fury from the Avengers.

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    offline Icarus Colossus E X C A L I B U R
    Tuesday 25/10/2016, 11:38

    Did you know that the "L" in Samuel L. Jakson means Mo**********!

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    offline TeddyBearSwag Senior  
    Tuesday 25/10/2011, 17:13

    I smiley Jackson !!!!!!!!
    (cough back to business)
    Power: 8
    Damage: 5 / Fury=7
    Ability: smileyPROTECTIONsmiley : DAMAGE!
    Ok now time to lock this one up. My man Jackson is just simply a BEAST an 8 power is always a good thing but to just top it off you have a protection ability on your damage and how can we not love this people. Hes only a 4* card so you wont have a lot of space in a deck unless you get a good amount of low star cards in there so you can fit a 5*. Jackson puts up a very good fight and can even win you a round or 2 against 5* cards (cant really think of any right now so we goin to keep it movin) That 5 damage can really do something near the last 2 rounds for a clutch win or just a regular KO! I think if he had a 6 damage he would be Elo banned because of how easy it would be to put your Opp. in a 2HKO situation. I know some of you are saying well he is a good card but look at his damage all that power and a protection ability for what just a 5 damage SMH. But look at it like this your facing an Opp. who likes to play Dead aka Defensive no one likes that person cause only way they play defense is by using Pussycats and other ridiculous damage reducers SOOO what does Jackson have smileysmiley PROTECTIONsmileysmiley AND SO there is your problem solution and if you want fury the lil dead person and take the lead For The Win ! And now time for my JUDGEMENT I give Jackson a ...... .... .. .9.5/10!!!!!! WHY you ask after me giving him so much praise well its only because of the DAMAGE ok question every time you look at a new card when it comes out whats the FIRST thing on the card other than the art and the price do you look at........DAMAGE!!! so there you go 5 gets a 9.5. 6 would have gave him a 10/10 from me.

    smileysmileyWell thanks for reading make sure to hit the smileyGREENsmiley PLZ

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    offline kfc Master  
    Friday 20/01/2012, 09:12

    I'm surprised nobody noticed or said how much he looks like Samuel L. Jackson lol he works out really well he goes toe to toe with most cards and is sure to get his dmg for most of time less pillz if you think on it enough.

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    offline Spikey 13 Imperator Comfort In Sound
    Tuesday 16/04/2013, 19:16

    Sentinels (Bonus: Attack+smiley
    8/5 Ability: Protection: Damage

    Pros smiley
    - Max power of 8 and decent 5 damage, very few 4*s can boast that.
    - That ability is EXTREMELY USEFUL. Last thing you need is damage reduction to limit your options of when to play Jakson. Shame it's not Protection: Power and Damag, but that would make Jakson good.
    - Attack manip. bonus is always useful. Means Jakson can be used to force a bit of opp. pillage. Particularly true since they nearly always have 5 damage coming at them, which can only be counteracted with SOA d/r combo cards or defeat abilities.
    - Competition? No way, Jakson is BY FAR THE BEST Sentinel 4*! Coby is too vulnerable vs SOA, Harvey/Kamakura have shaky power, all the others are outmoded unless you're really short of clintz.
    - Decent artwork
    - Rarely player banned, not perma-banned. smiley

    Cons smiley
    - None about the card itself as far as I can see. Is weak in very few specific cases, but that is a pro of the cards causing those specific cases, not a con of Jakson.

    Power: 10/10 Damage: 10/10 (more would be OP) Ability: 9/10 Bonus: 7/10 Ability/Bonus Synergy: 9/10
    Overall: 45/50 =9.0/10 smiley smiley (If I was a believer in giving out 10/10 scores I would give Jakson 10/10, but I'm not so I won't.)

    I once said in a review that Eebiza was "the most solid 4* card in the game THAT IS NOT PERMA-BANNED!" Shortly afterwards I remembered Jakson... I made a mistake, the honour of most solid 4* definitely goes to Jakson.

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    offline 0 rionshoot Novice Open Casket
    Wednesday 19/03/2014, 09:20

    2 words smileysmileysmiley


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    offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
    Wednesday 21/12/2011, 06:35

    I thought Tony Semedo drew both John and Jakson but I guess not.
    Final arts for both are in the same pose, only jakson is holding one gun in both hands and john is holding two pistols, each in one hand smiley

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    offline WoolyHat-1134 Veteran wicked souls
    Friday 27/01/2012, 01:40

    Without a doubt the top 4 star choice for Sentinel, I even rate him above Coby in mono.

    See him in action here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2171143&list

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    offline star brute Imperator  
    Monday 18/06/2012, 18:37

    nick fury?

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    offline -LordLegend- Senior  
    Monday 18/02/2013, 20:13

    *Police in Elo*