There are some secrets that are best kept quiet, like Cortez’s precise role in setting up the Berzerk clan. Unfortunately for him, Spyke witnessed the whole thing and so Cortez was forced to silence him. But as you can’t kill a fellow Berzerk, he had to find other ways to stop him from talking, which is a great shame as apparently Spyke was also privy to the secret of Room 13…
  • Released on friday 07/10/11
  • Illustrator: John Sein
  • Mythic (no more distributed)
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  • Spyke Mt is currently banned from EFC.
  • Spyke Mt is currently forbidden in the Tourney format Tourney Type 1.
  • Spyke Mt is currently forbidden in the Tourney format Tourney Type 2.
  • missions icon 1 missions
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-4 Opp Power, Min 4
The Power of the opposing character is reduced by 4 points or up to a minimum of 4.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

- 2 Opp. Life Min 2
If Berzerk wins the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 2, or up to a minimum of 2.

Spyke Mt has a x5 booster on clintz in the following gamemodes : free fight, training, elo, survivor, arcade

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    BerzerkSpyke Mt
    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
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    BerzerkSpyke Mt
    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
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    BerzerkSpyke Mt
    Unlock ability at starstarstarstar
    - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
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    BerzerkSpyke Mt
    -4 Opp Power, Min 4
    - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
Berzerk Berzerk
57 characters
missions icon 25 missions
Clan's bonus - 2 Opp. Life Min 2
After a Xantiax gas leak in the air ducts of the Red One Motel, all the staff and hotel guests were transformed into fearsome beings, possessed by a fury that can only be appeased by intense fighting. In fact, they would have ripped each other to pieces for time immortal if Cortez hadn't united them under a common cause: to find those responsible for their situation and make them pay!
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    offline gem over Master  
    Saturday 08/10/2011, 08:24

    Hm, will Cortez come after me if I tell anyone that I know the secret behind room 13? I mean is he going to come to my home and kill me before I´m done writi

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    offline Ariosi Imperator  
    Friday 13/04/2012, 16:48

    spyke should be the 70K bezerk card, not Cortez.

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    offline Nostrobos Senior  
    Monday 20/08/2012, 13:50

    why he has very big dick at lvl 3 ???

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    offline 0_AAR Colossus E X C A L I B U R
    Monday 06/08/2012, 12:37

    R.I.P Spyke

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    offline diginator Guru gladiators
    Wednesday 12/10/2011, 21:47

    You know how everyone says Fei or Ongh would be better if they had a lower minimum... well this is them with a lower minimum. So well yes this card is not only good but insane. Actually kinda more then insane this card is one of the best 4 stars to date. (wow bezerk is lucky)

    -7 power is good for a 4 star.
    -5 damage is fine for a 4 star (with bonus he has 7 dmg which is a little above average for a 4 star)
    -Ability means he can
    a)Take down 11 powered card to his level
    b)Take 10 to decent level that can be overtaken... 9's are down to 5 and 7 vs. 5 power is easy to overtake even with attack manipulation
    c)Makes 8/7/6 etc powers to only 4 power... a 7 powered vs. a 4 powered isnt even fair
    -Can easily take down attack manipulators (if they have 4 power and you have 7 even if they have 12 attack manip you can overtake them in just a few pills.)
    -Even the strongest 8 powered cards are nothing versus him (Dregn, Dorian, Selina, Kuei, Baldovino, even Ongh and a lot more)
    -SOA hurts but a 7 pwr 7 dmg 4 star is still fine vs. a SOA clan...
    -SOB hurts but not too much (Can still win almost any battle and does 5 damage with it)

    -Competition?-Well Revok and Elvis are both good. I would use this card over both in most situations... I might use Elvis depending on the week. Or you could use both
    -Strong power manipulators beat him- Caelus Cr (banned), Oshitsune (banned), Robb Cr (usually banned), Tula (still equal too tho)
    -Attack manipulators with power manipulation (Nellie, Herman, heck even Lothar does some damage)
    -Powerful DR's help (Use spigahi to get rid of this card)

    Okay so he is great versus 95% of the cards in this game, most cards he that beat him are banned or not widely used, and unless you have a lot of DR's he can help control the game. Yeah you should use him. Get him before the ban comes. If he is lucky enough to escape the ban then use him in every deck possible.
    9.5/10 Hes beatable but so is every card. Use him in elo and T2. Use him everywhere. Seriously get this card if you are even considering Bezerk.

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    offline 0wn3r_Twisty Colossus Street Owners
    Wednesday 01/01/2014, 20:39

    I don't really understand a thing...

    Why every single card drawn by John Sein has such a big package?

    It's like, OMG, will you kill me with that? No, please, I'm human too...

    Or John Sein has a problem with that or all the men drawn by him are secret rugby players...

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    offline GULLA RW Colossus Reissende Woelfe
    Wednesday 22/01/2014, 03:04

    @Sir Lomas
    muscles are not everything that Xantiax will let grow

    If you know what I mean *bean face*

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    offline Indemnity Colossus Open Casket
    Monday 14/11/2016, 17:36

    Spyke Cr smiley

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    offline TnT_penguin36 Veteran TRiNiTY
    Saturday 16/06/2012, 03:30

    Spyke deserves an ELO permaban.

    -Against 8 powered cards, he has the same power ratio as if he had 14 power and no reduction (7:4=14:smiley
    -Amazing virtual 7 damage
    -Against SOA, power reduction, and attack manipulation, unlike other power reducers, he is still strong because of his amazing 7 power.
    -No real weaknesses: power+atk manip doesn't hurt him any more than a normal 7 powered card, and DR that reduces him down can reduce pretty much anything down (without a - or + life ability)

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    offline Fun OK 6 9 Titan OnE MaLaysia
    Saturday 28/09/2013, 10:49

    Spyke is a parody of Jim Carrey. smiley

    The clothing and hairstyle resembles Ace Ventura. "Room 13" is an allusion to the movie "Number 13" in which Jim Carrey plays the lead character. Also, "Spike" is the name of Ace Ventura's pet monkey.

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    offline 0 Jismark-UM Titan URBAN MADNESS
    Sunday 22/06/2014, 02:17

    funny how this juggernaut can be owned by a police in a silly bunny costume named toby smiley

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    offline T-Spoon Titan  
    Tuesday 28/04/2015, 02:08

    Spyke Mission - Inflict 250 Damage.
    Reward = 2 Credits.

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    offline rocksolid12 Novice Legends Empire
    Wednesday 28/03/2012, 00:08

    U would think a guy with bicepts the size of tree trucks would be able to take the tape off his mouth

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    offline Battle Damaged Novice  
    Tuesday 31/07/2012, 00:26

    smiley why isnt he perma banned yet!?!?!? i feel like he was made just so berzerk could eventually have their own perma banned card

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    offline Guts Imperator Time Conquers All
    Tuesday 31/07/2012, 19:05

    Staff should consider banning him permanently,simply because it is unfair for all the other clans. There is no other clan that has such a high power reduction with such a small minimum and so good base stats.
    Take a look at all the great powerful power reducers going alphabetically on clans:
    Fei(4*) is 8 4 (-4 opp. power min 6)
    Blaaster Cr(4*) is 6 6(-2 opp. power min 3)
    Maciej(4*) is 7 5(-3 opp.power min 6)
    Borris(3*) is 5 4(-4 opp.power min 4) matches Spyke's ability but has reasonable power and damage stats
    Toro(4*) is 6 5(-3 opp. power min 4) and is permanently elo banned. Serves him right it because he has SOA as a bonus
    Haze(5*) is 6 7(-3 opp.power min 5)
    Trish(3*) is 5 5(-3 opp.power min 1)
    Mona(3*) is 6 4(-2 opp. power min 4) and is constantly elo banned
    Fabio(5*) is 7 6(-2 opp.power miin 6)
    Oshitsune(5*) is 4 7(-4 opp.power min 3) and is permanently elo banned.Serves him right since he has SOB as a bonus and a very low minimum
    Azgroth(4*) is 8 4(-2 opp.power min 6)
    Estalt(5*) is 5 8(-3 opp.power min 5)
    Deadeye(3*) is 4 6(-3 opp.power min 4)
    Sliman(5*) is 5 8(-4 opp.power min 5)
    Noemi(3*) is 5 5(-3 opp.power min 3)
    Lothar(2*) is 3 5(-3 opp.power min 4)
    Jerry(3*)is 5 5(-2 opp.power min 4)
    Sol Hona(5*) is 6 8(-2 opp.power min 6)
    Havok(5*) is 6 7(-2 opp.power min 1)
    Tobbie(2*) is 4 4(-4 opp.power min 4) matches Spyke's ability but has very low base stats
    Belgosi(4*) is 7 5(-2 opp.power min 5)
    Caelus Cr(5*) is 4 8(-5 opp.power min 2) and is permanently elo banned
    Miss Lulabee(5*) is 7 5(- 2 opp.power min 5)
    Herman(5*) is 5 8(-3 opp.power min 4)
    Nelie(4*) is 5 6(-3 opp.power min 4)
    C Beast(5*) is 5 8(-4 opp.power min 4) matches Spyke's ability but has low power.
    So out of all the characters on UR three characters match Spyke's ability but are no match for his high power and damage,since theirs is reduced to reasonable stats.Therefore they are worth to be allowed on ELO.
    That is what makes Spyke almost undefeatable in ELO and therefore unfair to battle with other characters.
    The only one that I see possible to defeat him in ELO is Alexei but he still needs a right guess on opponents pill assignment.
    I think I proved my point on why Spyke should be permanently ELO banned.
    Feel free to rate my comment by thinking reasonably smiley