Stealing treasure is often a very risky business and Kalder prefers to find treasure other pirates have previously hidden. So armed with the pendulum Arawaka sold him, he scours the underground passages of Clint City in search of gold that may be buried there. And it works! He's just found a whole heap of it right under the Borgia's Palace... Now all he needs to do is find a way to break open the coffers!


Copy: Opp. Power
Kalder has equal Power to their opponent. This number only takes into account the figure shown on the opponent’s card and does not include changes connected to an Ability or a Bonus.
Clan bonus

Clan bonus

Stop Opp. Bonus
The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled.
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    Unlock ability at starstar
    Stop Opp. Bonus
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    Copy: Opp. Power
    Stop Opp. Bonus
Piranas Piranas
66 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Clan's bonus Stop Opp. Bonus
After scouring the oceans of the globe for many a long year, Captain Bloodh's Piranas have finally cast anchor in town – time to stretch their legs out a bit and let their hair down! Noisy, aggressive and thieving (well, they are pirates after all), they’ve been quick to make enemies, and the odd friend. But all in all, they’re having such a good time, they’re in no hurry to head back to sea.
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    offline RighteousMatt Senior The Hodge Podgecast
    Monday 20/02/2012, 00:06

    lol calm down, he's not supposed to be an amazing card, its a mediocre one that will be cheap and easily accessible for new players once his price goes down. there's a little thing called "balance" the the developers like to maintain to keep the game fun for all players, even those who don't have access to way too many clintz.

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    offline Give2God Senior  
    Thursday 29/03/2012, 11:21

    Wheeler is not worth the extra star. The clan simply doesn't have much in the way of 2HKO's that work with a damage of 5. Moreover, the cards that make those 2HKOs work are quite expensive or very difficult to hit with.

    Comparing Kalder to Tula is a bit difficult, but while Tula hates power 8 cards, she makes up for it by taking down tons of usually annoying cards. E.G. Oshitsune for once looks at the wrong side of pownage. Caelus Cr remembers why he hates all stars, except he's not at the stadium. Mona and Prince Jr. Trish. Spyke gets put into a fair fight. The flip side is against attack manipulation she's usually toast. Still, a lot of those cards Tula manhandles are staple cards for many a highly rated ELO deck or are ELO banned for good reason. There's a reason she's not cheap.

    Kalder doesn't have as many problems with attack manipulation except against cards like Booma or Emeth (and having problems with Emeth is no shame). Having to overpill Askai by 2 is much better than having to overpill by 4. Kalder also doesn't need 6 pills to take down a 2 pill Edd Cr or Gianfranco, or 4 pills to take down a 0 pill Sledg.

    4 damage is just fine for a clan that usually goes for pill manipulation wins. The cheaper heavy damage cards for Piranas deal 6 and 8 damage. This makes 4 damage enough to play for Fury 2HKOS and 2HKOS with, e.g. Sliman.

    The main problem is that Kalder will NEVER have an advantage worth more than 1 pill. This is a common theme amongst the vast majority of the higher damage Piranas. You need the pill manipulation to give these types of cards more of a chance.

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    offline Merbobo Senior  
    Sunday 19/02/2012, 03:48

    @Helljay, with standard coming, we (Pirana players) need a replacement, good or bad to go along with our other two stars.

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    offline XCap Wild Imperator E X C A L I B U R
    Thursday 18/10/2012, 01:13

    Vastly under-rated as a courage (your turn to play first) card.
    Only two stars means that tie goes to the runner. A card is going to have to have a higher attack to win.
    The Pow=Pow and the SOB bonus does its best to match up Kalder against the card your opponent will use.
    The 4 damage is enough that the card has to be addressed. DR or pull the opponents power manip or soa.
    Even on defense against larger star count cards, Kalder works as a great wall if played properly because of the low star count and pow=pow. No bonus manip involved. Sorry.
    Not saying the card needs to be priced higher, just saying it's a much better play than the current spew of comments is giving it credit for.

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    offline Oddee Hero Face Everything And Rejoice
    Monday 04/06/2012, 09:35

    Hey Kalder when will you leave in my new blood pack?smiley

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    offline Londafettuc Colossus Visceral Expression
    Saturday 03/08/2013, 17:02

    ~~Card review~~
    ~~Profile and stats~~
    Name: Kalder
    Clan: Piranas
    Power: 4
    Damage: 4
    Ability: Power = Power Opp
    Bonus: Stop Opp. Bonus


    Positives: Great 4 damage
    Bonus helps his ability being less useless, especially when fighting against clans with clans like Bangers, GHEIST and Uppers
    2 stars
    Very cheap card
    Hell yeah, treasure stealer! But why not steal from Uppers too?

    Negatives: Even if his bonus helps him against SoA clans, he’s weak against SoA cards as ability
    Competition with other 2 stars
    Ability doesn’t really work well in the clan

    Kalder is a fine 2 star for the clan. He can copy cards with lots of power like Dorian and don’t suffer the Uppers bonus, because of his ability, and can still win. Besides,2 stars is always a good thing, and he has great damage too. Kalder’s main problem is SoA. Even if it’s not so common, any Graff can kill him, and then he has just 4 power to use. Piranas also already have better 2 stars than him, and let’s say the truth, Power Copy ability only really works well in Bangers,Ulu Watu and All Stars, so Kalder is in the wrong clan when talking about his ability. Great for beginners, but more experienced people would use Tula or Hawkins instead.

    ~~Final score~~
    6 out of 10

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    offline Perfect 10 Guru TRiNiTY
    Monday 22/06/2015, 16:01

    Power = Power Opp is always underestimated.... Unfortunately.

    I still like Kalder. His bonus helps him with any pesky SOA clans and he's probably a card you want to play second. So you know what your up against.

    Good for beginners as well! smiley

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    offline bquinl1134 Imperator wicked souls
    Thursday 16/02/2012, 19:27

    this card belongs in the 150 - 200 price range, who put up this original pricesmiley

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    offline Daxose Titan URBAN MADNESS
    Tuesday 06/03/2012, 05:18

    Wheeler with one less star and one less damage. In my opinion, he seems like a waste of a card (well, it really makes Wheeler a waste of a card; I'd take one less damage with one less star...but I digress). Not sure the Piranas really needed another 2* card with Tula , Bonnie LD , and Hawkins dominating that group. But for beginners that are looking for a cheap, somewhat-decent, card he isn't all that bad (then again, they could have just gotten Wheeler is Kalder didn't exist). Just way too generic, doesn't have anything sexy going for him. Power = Power Opp. is too blah.

    And no, this card is not better than Tula. In some aspects, yes, technically, but no one is going to fear Kalder like they do Tula.

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    offline 2kingofgodwars Senior  
    Thursday 17/05/2012, 03:24

    1) WHOA something shiny, i wonder what it does...
    2)OHHHHHH so that's what it does. Time to look for that treasure.

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    offline CG_Markus Imperator Casual Grind
    Monday 20/02/2012, 13:45

    Okay but miles away from being good.

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    offline -Elmo- Legend  
    Friday 24/02/2012, 04:39

    many people keep complaining about this card yet many people fail to see the potential power this card has, with abbility he can match cards like fixit, and with his bonus fixit doesnt get that +2 if you use the same amount of pillz on him you win because he's a 2 star card.

    while ill admit, tula has her own advantages, but as people have already said tula is only really effective against cards of 6 power or less, to be able to have an easy win with. and in T1 you wont be coming across many cards like that to be honest.

    Dont forget matches arnt always about getting the KO getting that 4 damage in after a combo with + pill cards is one way to win a game

    true SOA kills him, but you can also use him as a small bluff

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    offline Mister Ry Guru URBAN MADNESS
    Tuesday 28/02/2012, 03:38

    Circumstantially better than Tula . smiley

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    offline Nugtorios Hero Time Conquers All
    Wednesday 22/02/2012, 14:19

    LOL someone just said this card better than TULA omg WOW really just really LOL
    tula is god compared to this mediocre card Come on yeah tula only have advantage against 6 powered guys but she equals 7 powered and this guy no advantage at all I prefer TULA 100%

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    offline UM_Screx Guru  
    Tuesday 13/03/2012, 14:58

    This card has some debateble traits tula does not. First things first, tula can take down 6 power cards. She meets par with 7 power, and is at a disadvantage to 8 powercards. She can be good or bad towards power reducers, but is good for dodging power = ower of opponent. Kalders ability only puts him on par with some abilities. This card is useful to newcomers, and may be nice in that new game mode.

    Btw, its waaaaaay better than jessica