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Our priority is to provide a outstanding quality of service to our players. If you have an issue, a question, or a suggestion, feel free to contact us. We'll do everything we can to answer you as quickly as possible.


If you give out your password, your responsability is engaged. In case of problem, we'll not be able to take back the stolen cards of stuff like that.


If you've reached Eternal ranking, have between 250 and 500 followers and your history's been free of penalties for at least 6 months, then you're entitled to the "authentic account" blue badge. Ask our customer support team here LINK

A player's progression is divided into 2 distinct categories:
- the RANKS
The ranks depend on the percentage of the Collection you own.
Here is a list of the 12 ranks:

Novice rank
Senior rank (less than 2% of the collection)
Veteran rank (at least 5% of the collection)
Hero rank (at least 10% of the collection)
Master rank (at least 20% of the collection)
Guru rank (at least 30% of the collection)
Imperator rank (at least 50% of the collection)
Titan rank (at least 70% of the collection)
Colossus rank (at lest 90% of the collection)
Legend rank (Colossus rank + 90% of the Legendaries) Divinity rank (Legend rank + 90% of the Collectors)
Eternal rank (100% of the collection)

-the LEVEL
The level defines the stage you've reached in the game as a result of your experience. It's represented by a mauve gauge.

Experience is gained through fighting, and is commonly referred to as ""BATTLE POINTS"".
From the app, you can view these two Rank and Level gauges in the profile section!

You can personalize your interface with the clan skin of your choice!
There are 2 types of skin:
-The profile box becomes available once you own 60% of the cards of a particular clan!
-The combat arena becomes available once you have 80% of the cards of a particular clan!

So yes, you've got it: the aim of the game is to complete each clan.

In your profile, you can view your fight statistics, your collection points, etc.

Urban Rivals is a mini social networking site and as such you can follow players and be followed, enriching your chats and shared experiences through private messages or SPOT (see under the COMMUNITY tab)

To access the Market and start trading with friends and players, just validate your email address!


No time for small talk in Clint City. The best thing to do is to read these 3 pages of the comic to get to grips with the basic concept. And then, try out the game in DOJO mode!

Here's the list of modes classified by type:
-SOLO: The Dojo and Arcade
-Non ranked PVP: Training and Free Fight
-Ranked PVP: Tournament, EFC and Survivor
-CUSTOM PVP: Coliseum, Terminus and Events
The details of each mode type can be found on this page: LINK

Each game mode (or room) requires a specific deck format. Below is the list of the main formats:

-EFC: the game's competitive mode, with its system of weekly voting to ban cards that are too strong, available on the MODES page
-The T1: fewer than 25* in the deck
-The T2: more than 26* in the deck
-The T3: a minimum of 35* in the deck
-TRAINING: only developing characters
-FREE FIGHT: totally free-form mode

And other ""custom"" formats for all the personalized events.

With every fight you take part in, you win:
Below is the list of the types of rewards the game offers:
- Clintz
- Credits
- CRyptocoinz
- Battle points
- XP
- Cards

As well as these rewards, there are two BONUSES, called Daily Boxes:
- one is available on the home page. You just need to win 10 rounds to open it.
- the other is available in the EFC room, and is exclusive to this mode. You just need to win 10 fight to open it.
As you can see, it's a very generous game!

In the game, you’ll find hundreds of different missions to complete! They’re all listed here! To help you, the missions are sorted into categories (general missions, fighting missions, game mode missions and clan missions)!

But you can also sort them by alphabetical order or by completion!

Within the game, time goes by much faster! This is Clint City time, with a sun for the day and a moon for the night. Do you remember the GhosTown card you played earlier? Its bonus is different depending on whether it’s day or night!


It would take hours of reading to appreciate the array of different clan styles on offer in Clint City.
Each clan has its own graphic style and a strategic Bonus.
To immerse yourself in this fantastical world, we advise you to read the character bios, the comics and to chat to some of the most experienced players.
The more you find out about it, the more you'll want from it! And that's just as well because every two weeks, on Fridays, 4 new characters are released who then add to the gameplay and storyline!

The list of clans is available here: LINK
And the latest character releases can be seen here: LINK

As explained in the Comic tutorial (LINK), your fighters (8 in general) make up your Deck/team/hand.
Starting from the Collection or Pro Collection, below is the list of the basic steps required to build a deck:
-select your favorite clan
-select cards from this clan
-select your second favorite clan
-select cards from this second clan
-take a look at the number of stars, banned characters (everything depends on the mode in which you want to play, and for that there's a Mode filter), etc.
-save your selection and you're off!
Of course, the more you play, the more you'll appreciate the level of game strategy on offer, and the almost infinite combinations available for building a deck, but that's up to you to discover!
To get some inspiration, take a look in the Preset section that is made up of Decks PUBLISHED by players!

Like any decent card game, UR offers different levels of card rareness. Below is the list of these in ascending order of prestige:
These three rarities are available in the packs (LINK) and can be purchased with Credits and/or on the Market (LINK) in exchange for Clintz.

This rarity is not available in ANY of the packs and is not accessible on the Market.
It can only be obtained through completing Missions and some of these only in Arcade mode (LINK)

All the cards can one day turn Collectors for a variety of reasons.
This rarity is available in the Collector packs, which can bought with CRyptocoinz.

All the Collector cards can one day turn Mythic for a variety of reasons.
This rarity isn't available in ANY of the packs.
These cards have an in-built boost when played that will multiply a player's Clintz or battle points.

The XP gauge basically fills up as you play. The gauge fills up based on your Level. With XP, you can evolve your characters, and as a result see their graphics change, which is pretty cool! Evolving is a key part of the game and it increases the strength of your decks!
If you're in a hurry but low on XP, there's another way to evolve your characters and that's with Clintz!

Trading is one of the cornerstones of the game. To get the most from it, you need to validate your account with a valid email address (LINK).
You can buy and sell to players privately.
You can buy and sell publicly on the Market.
You can sell back to Kate (LINK who is Kate).
For each Market transaction, Kate will impose a pre-established tax of around 5%.
Don't hesitate to ask for help from our Moderators (LINK)
Happy Trading!

The Presets are quite simply decks that players publish.
For example, you might publish a deck that you've had a run of successes with in Survivor mode or a top place in a Tournament. There's something for everyone, from the strategic to the most fun, and they're a great source of inspiration if you don't quite know where to start!
And if you have the cards in question, you can copy the deck with just one click of the mouse!
Happy gaming!


The place to be for traders.
Here people speculate Wall Street style… This is a fascinating and dangerous place full of amazing deals and missed opportunities…
The idea is simple: you can put your characters on sale publicly and they'll go straight to the Market.
If you've got Clintz, you can either buy what you need, or invest in cards that you think are worth having because you get the feeling they're going to turn Collector or Mythic...
And when cards do turn CR or MT, they become more valuable as Kate sets a new minimum price for them. So, keep your ear to the ground and get help from players with more trading experience than you (via the Forums or SPOT).

Spot is a sort of Twitt…social network available on the game's homepage and on your profile where you can view the history of everything you've posted.
Here sharing is the name of the game, but it's also the place where you can find out about surprise announcements, leaked information...and Memes!
To keep it going, you can follow players and they can follow you.
The more useful things you post, the more followers you'll have and the more influence you'll then have on the game!
Even though Urban Rivals is available on the various social networks, we prefer to focus on SPOT so our community doesn't become too scattered!

There's no need to explain what the forums are. You just need to visit them to see the different headings and take part in what can be some pretty heated debates…

You can follow Urban Rivals on the social networks below, listed in order of relevance to us:


The packs and Comics can be purchased with Credits.
You can win Credits by playing or by buying them with different modes of payment (LINK)

There aren't many packs on Urban Rivals, but what there is, is top-notch!
There are 3 different formulas. We suggest you visit the shop and select the packs for more details.
Every so often, theme packs make an appearance, so be sure to be on the lookout for them!

The Collector pack is different because it contains the game's COLLECTOR cards and can only be bought with CRyptocoinz.
Cryptos can only be won by playing, but you can make the most of one-off deals in the Shop…

There are a variety of payment modes in the Shop, but be sure to use the Free credit deals, notably Tapjoy on the phone apps!


Clint City is awash with secrets… and to get to the bottom of them, we now offer little stories in digital comic format.

Each story presents new characters that will be exclusively released soon after the Comic's release, and then 2 months later in the shop. But be warned, it's possible that some of these characters will be released as limited editions, as a few characters from the various episodes are destined to become Collectors very soon after their release.

Kate… Kate is with you from the start. She's there to help you integrate into the huge megalopolis that is Clint City…
She can sometimes seem perplexing...and mysterious…
She has a tattoo that looks like a logo you'll soon uncover and that you may have already noticed...
She's seem to have a connection with a character called Memento and an organization called the Government or even the Eye...
In any case, as you proceed in the game, you'll begin to understand just who Kate is...maybe...

Our first comic strip is available in French and in print version on our Amazon shop! Happy reading!


They've been here since the beginning of the game, so make the most of them and ask for their help!
They're listed on this page, by country, and are specifically there to help you out as they know all the tricks of the trade, or almost: LINK

Have you lost everything? Was your account stolen?
Are you trying to login but have had a memory short-circuit?
If so, try this link: LINK

Need help? First stop: go to the search box! Using the search bar, tap in a key word, a nickname, a guild name, a clan and look through the results!
With all the results that will pop up, you're bound to find the answer to your question!
Still no luck? LINK

As a last resort, the Customer service team is here (LINK)! They'll get back to you within 24 and 72 hours max.