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Our priority is to provide our players with an outstanding quality of service. Should you have an issue, question or suggestion, feel free to contact us. We'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


Disclosing your password makes you accountable. Should a problem arise, we will be unable to retrieve your stolen cards, etc.


If you've reached Eternal ranking, have between 250 and 500 followers and your history's been free of penalties for at least 6 months, then you're entitled to the "authentic account" blue badge. Ask our customer support team here : https://www.urban-rivals.com/staff/contactus.php

A player's progression is divided into 2 distinct categories:
- the RANKS
The ranks depend on the percentage of the Collection you own.
Here is a list of the 13 ranks:

Novice rank
Senior rank (less than 2% of the total collection)
Veteran rank (at least 5% of the total collection)
Hero rank (at least 10% of the total collection)
Master rank (at least 20% of the total collection)
Guru rank (at least 30% of the total collection)
Imperator rank (at least 50% of the total collection)
Titan rank (at least 70% of the total collection)
Colossus rank (at lest 100% of the total collection)
Legend rank (100% of the normal cards + 100% of the Leaders + 100% of the legendary cards)
Divinity rank (100% of the normal cards + 100% of the Leaders + 100% of the collector cards)
Eternal rank (100% of the collection)
Supreme rank (Eternal + Level 200 + 5 years member)

-the LEVEL
The level defines the stage you've reached in the game as a result of your experience. It's represented by a mauve gauge.

Experience is gained through fighting, and is commonly referred to as ""BATTLE POINTS"".
From the app, you can view these two Rank and Level gauges in the profile section!

You can personalize your interface with the clan skin of your choice!
There are 2 types of skin:
-The profile box becomes available once you own 60% of the cards of a particular clan!
-The combat arena becomes available once you have 80% of the cards of a particular clan!

So yes, you've got it: the aim of the game is to complete each clan.

In your profile, you can view your fight statistics, your collection points, etc.

Urban Rivals is a mini social networking site and as such you can follow players and be followed, enriching your chats and shared experiences through private messages or SPOT (see under the COMMUNITY tab)

To access the Market and start trading with friends and players, just validate your email address!


No time for small talk in Clint City. The best thing to do is to read these 3 pages of the comic to get to grips with the basic concept. And then, try out the game in DOJO mode!

Here's the list of modes classified by type:
-SOLO: The Dojo and Arcade
-Non ranked PVP: Training and Free Fight
-Ranked PVP: Tournament, EFC and Survivor
-CUSTOM PVP: Coliseum, Terminus, DeathMatch and Events
The details of each mode type can be found on this page: https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/gamemodes/

Each game mode (or room) requires a specific deck format. Below is the list of the main formats:

-EFC: the game's competitive mode, with its system of weekly voting to ban cards that are too strong, available on the MODES page
-The T1: fewer than 25* in the deck
-The T2: more than 26* in the deck
-The T3: a minimum of 35* in the deck
-TRAINING: only developing characters
-FREE FIGHT: totally free-form mode

And other ""custom"" formats for all the personalized events.

With every fight you take part in, you win:
Clintz, Battle points

Below is the list of the types of rewards the game offers:
- Clintz
- Credits
- CRyptocoinz
- Battle points
- XP
- Cards

As well as these rewards, there are two BONUSES, called Daily Boxes:
- one is available on the home page. You just need to win 10 rounds to open it.
- the other is available in the EFC room, and is exclusive to this mode. You just need to win 10 fight to open it.
As you can see, it's a very generous game!

In the game, you’ll find hundreds of different missions to complete! They’re all listed here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/missions/

To help you, the missions are sorted into categories (general missions, fighting missions, game mode missions and clan missions)!

But you can also sort them by alphabetical order or by completion!

You can find here the different rankings of the game: https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rankings/

Within the game, time goes by much faster! This is Clint City time, with a sun for the day and a moon for the night.
Do you remember the GhosTown card you played earlier? Its bonus is different depending on whether it’s day or night!

Wheel of Fortune :
How do you play the Wheel of Fortune?
First of all, you need to pay the sum of 10 000 Clintz to get into Borgia’s Palace.
Once inside the Casino, you’ll have the chance to spin the wheel and try and win, from among the many prizes, the Mystery Ticket. But be careful not to go Bankrupt!
If you win the Mystery Ticket, you’ll move up to the SUPER WHEEL: on this level, you can be sure of winning massive prizes and, if you’re really lucky, you might even hit THE JACKPOT!
This JACKPOT is permanently fueled by the Casino admissions – the amount you pay in Clintz – so the more of you who try your luck at the wheel, the bigger the jackpot will be.
Once someone’s won it, the name of the winner will be displayed on the page of the wheel and the jackpot will start to fill up again.
Basically, you just need to be in the right place at the right time!
So, what are you waiting for?! Head to Borgia’s Palace in Clint City’s Latin quarter!
And remember: a luxury car and a classy outfit is the order of the day.

At Carmine's Casino!
Could this be your lucky day? Are you looking for some excitement? Or are you feeling flush?
Well, head to Carmine's Casino and challenge players on Collector pack openings!

How does it work?
Easy: click on the Wheel icon on the app's home page.
Then select the section ""Carmine’s Opening Battles""
Once in the room, join a table or create one yourself and that way up to four of you can play at the same time, opening 1 to 5 packs one after the other!
The player who gets the most expensive card (in Clintz) ALSO wins their opponent's card!

Get it? It's ALL or NOTHING!
Never bet more than you're prepared to lose.
Now over to you, to see if luck is on your side!

Did you know?
While you’re fighting, you can send an emoji to your opponent.
To start off with, you have Kate’s emojis, but thanks to a little tip, you can unlock 10 more.

How can you do this?
It couldn’t be easier. These emojis are caricatures of in-game characters.
Their outline should give you a clue…and when you have an inkling of who they might be, just play that character and win the round!

Want a clue about one of these hidden emojis?
Well…one of these emojis is a caricature of our little, Frozn yeti mascot… He’s small, cute and cuddly with an extremely high IQ and he’s a Legendary card… Have you guessed who it is?
Then go play him and unlock his emoji!
NB: Clues might be put on SPOT or in the Instagram Stories…so stay tuned!
Now over to you to unlock them all!


Wow! Take a look at that card! Its Power and Damage are humungous! Better not take any chances!
Try and KO your opponent before they play Nero!
Tip: by pressing here, you release Fury! Fury uses up 3 of your Pillz giving 2 more Damages to your character!
It’s a risky strategy but Fury can help you make quick work of the fight! Over to you!

There are a lot of clans in Urban Rivals! They each give you a particular advantage on one of the game aspects: Attack, Power, Damage, Pillz, etc. This advantage is the Bonus!
The Bonus is activated when you fight with at least two cards from the same clan!
You can see the Bonus at the bottom of each card. It’s the same for every card in a given clan!
Over to you! Win this fight with your active Bonuses!

A lot of cards also have an Ability, visible just below the Bonus.
Unlike Bonuses, Abilities are specific to each card you play. So, there’s no need to play two characters from the same clan to activate them!
To get started, use these Power and Damage modifications! Over to you!

Some characters modify their Attack or their opponent’s Attack using their Ability and/or their Bonus.
Unlike Power modifications, Attack modifications are activated after the Pillz have been played. As a result, they don’t vary based on the number of Pillz you play.
Example: Rowdy Cr played with the free Pillz will make 6 x 1 = 6 Attack, +12 with his Ability = 18 Attack. Every extra Pillz played on him will increase his Attack by 6.
Make these Attack modifications work for you! Over to you!

Every card has a level, represented by the number of stars it has. At the maximum level, your card reaches its full potential. You can evolve your cards in Training mode, or by paying with Clintz.
The number of stars is important for 3 reasons. Firstly, some game modes have a limited number of stars. For example, the EFC is limited to 25 stars.
Next, the player with the most stars in their hand plays first in the first round of combat. If players have the same number of stars in their hands, the first to play is randomly selected.
Finally, in the event of an equal Attack score, the card with the LOWEST level wins the round. If both cards have the same number of stars, the card that was played first wins.
But be warned! Your opponent will almost certainly keep back their cards with the highest number of stars for the end of the fight! Over to you!

Most of the cards unlock their ability when they reach their highest level. However, this isn’t true of all cards.
Cards that unlock an ability before reaching their highest level are called semi-evos (semi-evolved).
The advantage of semi-evos is to be able to select the level that suits your tactics or deck best!
Their only inconvenience is that they gain experience after every fight. So, as soon as a semi-evo is evolved, you need to get your hands on a new one!
But new semi-evo cards are not released very often! Win this fight using semi-evos! Over to you!

Some abilities are not applied during a round but at the end of it.
This is the case with Life modifications. For example, +3 Life gives the player controlling the card 3 life points, but only after the card has won the round.
Conversely, the Defeat abilities like Defeat: +3 Life only activate if the card has lost the round.
Your opponent will almost certainly try to lose the round to activate his Defeat abilities! Over to you!

Just as some cards modify Life, others modify Pillz.
These modifications can also be negative. In general, they are then applied to the opponent and the ability will say “Opp.”. For example: -2 Pillz Opp. Min 1.
Negative modifications always have a Minimum (Min). Below this minimum, the effect no longer activates!
Sometimes, the positive modifications can have a Maximum (Max). Similarly, above this Maximum, the effect no longer activates!
Use these Pillz manipulators to your advantage (they work best at the start of a match)! Over to you!

Characters +Life per Damage and +Pillz per Damage can totally turn a match around! For every damage inflicted on an opponent, they win back a Pillz or Life for the player controlling them.
The more damage there is, the more dangerous these cards are! Fury can be useful here… Over to you!

A character with Poison will take away Life points from the opponent at the end of each round, after the round in which it was played. Example: if Sylth Cr wins round 1, he will take away 3 lives from the opponent at the end of round 2, 3 and 4 up to a minimum of 1.
A card with Care does the exact opposite: it wins back lives after the round during which it was played. For example, if Mina wins round 1, you’ll retrieve 1 life at the end of rounds 2,3 and 4 up to a maximum of 15.
If two Poisons or two Cares are activated, the second one will replace the first. But a Poison and a Care can be active at the same time.
Over to you! Make Poison and Care work for you!

Toxin and Regeneration are strengthened versions of Poison and Care: they take effect straight after the round in which they are played!
For example, if Drak wins round 1, you’ll retrieve 1 life at the end of rounds 2, 3 and 4 up to a maximum of 16.
As with Poison and Care, a Toxin and Regeneration can be active at the same time.
Over to you! Make Toxin and Regeneration work for you!

The Consume and Dope mechanics work in the same way as Toxin and Regeneration, but they affect Pillz! Consume and Dope abilities can be activated at the same time, and with other effects affecting Lives.
Over to you! Make Consume and Dope work for you!

With the Defeat: Recoup Pillz ability, you’ll recuperate Pillz at the end of the round, depending on the amount of Pillz you played on the losing card.
Defeat: Recoup 1 out of 2 Pillz allows you to recuperate half of the pillz played on the losing card, rounded down to the nearest unit, with a minimum of 1.
Similarly, Defeat: Recoup 1 out of 3 Pillz recuperates a third of pillz played and Defeat: Recoup 2 out of 3 Pillz recuperates two thirds of Pillz played.
Conversely, Death Adder's ability, Recoup 1 out of 2 Pillz, allows you to recuperate your Pillz if you win!
Try to see how many Pillz you can recuperate with these cards! Over to you!

As its name suggests, a card with Stop Opp. Ability cancels the opposing Ability, irrespective of what it is.
And similarly, a card with Stop Opp. Bonus cancels the opposing Bonus, irrespective of what it is.
Make the most of the strength of your Stop Opp. Bonus and Stop Opp. Ability! Over to you!

Protection allows you to immunize one of your card’s characteristics against reducers or the Stop Opp. Ability/Stop Opp. Bonus! Protection is therefore a weaker version of Cancel.
Protection: Attack protects your character against all attack reducers. Similarly, Defeat: Damage protects you from Damage reducers and Protection: Power protects you from Power reducers. Protection: Power and Damage is a combination of the two!
Protection: Bonus protects your Bonus from Stop Opp. Bonus, but not from a suitable Cancel or Protection card.
Similarly, Protection: Ability protects your Ability from Stop Opp. Ability, but not from a suitable Cancel or Protection card.
Protection can also cancel out the negative effects of a Leader! Over to you! Use Protection to come out on top!

Just like Stop Opp. Ability and Stop Opp. Bonus, Cancel allows you to cancel adverse effects, but only ones of a specific sort.
For example, Cancel Opp. Power Modif. allows you to cancel all the Power modifications that the opposing card has, whether they’re in Ability or Bonus.
The same principle applies to the other types of Cancel abilities (Damage, Attack, Pillz and Life).
But be warned! A Cancel Opp. Life Modif. only cancels a permanent effect (like Poison, Care, Toxin, Regen) during the round in which it is played. The effect will be reactivated in the following round. The same goes for Cancel Opp. Pillz Modif. up against a Dope or Consume.
Note: Cancel Opp. Damage Modif. does not cancel out a Fury. Over to you!

Leaders are a special clan: if their Bonus (Cancel Leader) is activated, their abilities are cancelled out! It is therefore better to have just one Leader in your deck!
But on the other hand, Leaders have an Ability that works on all the cards in the game!
The Stop Ability or Stop Bonus cannot block Leaders. However, a suitable Cancel ability can stop a Leader’s Ability for the corresponding round.
Make your Leader work for you! Over to you!

A mechanic has been designed to counter the Stop Opp Ability and that is the Stop mechanic.
If an Ability is preceded by the word “Stop:” as in Stop: +3 Life, then it will only activate when up against a Stop Opp. Ability.
But remember: the Stop mechanic does not activate against Cancel cards!
Make your Stop cards work for you! Over to you!

The “Copy” Ability allows you to copy one of the characteristics of the opposing card.
Copy: Opp. Bonus allows you to copy the Bonus of the opposing card, if it is active.
Copy: Opp. Damage allows you to copy the starting Damage of the opposing card, without taking into account the Damage modifiers caused by other Abilities or Bonuses.
Similarly, Copy: Opp. Power allows you to copy the starting Power of the opposing card, and Copy: Opp. Power and Damage is a combination of the two!
Make your Copy cards work for you! Over to you!

“Power Exchange” and “Damage Exchange” are more powerful versions of the “Copy Power” and “Copy Damage” abilities.
The starting Damage and/or Power of the two cards are then exchanged, even if the opposing card has a suitable Protection ability.
However, if the opposing card has a suitable Cancel ability, the Exchange is cancelled out!
Just one thing: if an Exchange card is up against another Copy or Exchange card of the same type, only your Exchange ability will work!
Win this fight using the Exchange cards! Over to you!

Some abilities only activate under certain conditions.
For example, a Courage ability only activates if the card is played first in the round (before the opponent plays their card).
Conversely, a Reprisal ability only activates if the card is played second in the round (after the opponent has played their card).
Use your Courage and Reprisal cards at just the right moment! Over to you!

Here are two other mechanics: Confidence and Revenge!
A Confidence ability activates if you won the previous round!
A Revenge ability activates if you lost the previous round!
As a result, these two mechanics cannot be activated in the first round! Use your Courage and Reprisal cards at just the right moment! Over to you!

Other mechanics allow you to increase your Ability and Bonus. This is the case for Support and Brawl.
An effect in Support is multiplied by the number of cards in your hand that belong to the same clan as the card in play!
An effect in Brawl is multiplied by the number of cards in your opponent’s hand that belong to the same clan as the card you’re up against!
Make the most of the strength of your Support cards and use your Brawl card at just the right moment! Over to you!

Among the mechanics that multiply in effect are Growth and Degrowth.
A Growth effect is multiplied by the number of rounds in which it’s played: x1 in round 1, x2 in round 2, etc.
A Degrowth effect is multiplied by the number of rounds remaining at the moment it is played: x4 in round 1, x3 in round 2, etc.
Use your Growth and Degrowth cards at just the right moment! Over to you!

Here is another mechanic: Equalizer.
An Equalizer effect is multiplied by the number of stars on the opposing card: x2 against a 2*, x3 against a 3*, etc.
Use your Equalizer cards at just the right moment! Over to you!

The “Per Life Left” mechanic multiplies your ability by the number of Lives you have left before adding Pillz to your card.
Similarly, “Per Pillz Left” multiplies your ability by the number of Pillz you have left before adding Pillz to your card (without counting the free Pillz).
With Lady Ametia Cr, you will therefore have 13 Power in the first round (1+12)! And with Scooty, your Attack will increase by 12 points! Winning Lives or Pillz during the match will strengthen these effects. Whereas, losing Lives or Pillz during the match will weaken these effects!
Now try to optimize your cards Per Pillz/Life Left! Over to you!

Here are two other mechanics that multiply your Ability: Per Opp. Power and Per Opp. Damage
The Attack boost of the cards in your hand is multiplied by the starting Power and Damage of the opposing card.
For example, when up against a card with a starting Power of 8 and a starting Damage of 5, Mel-T has a 16 Attack Boost and Kalija has a 10 Attack Boost. For example, when up against a card with a starting Power of 5 and a starting Damage of 8, Mel-T has a 10 Attack Boost and Kalija has a 16 Attack Boost.
Use your Per Opp. Power and Per Opp. Damage cards at just the right moment! Over to you!

The Killshot mechanic is the hardest to activate, and the most dangerous!
To activate your Killshot, you need to win the round with at least twice as much Attack as the opposing card!
Make the most of your Killshot to remove as many Lives as possible from your opponent! Over to you!

Some Abilities are dangerous for you! The cards with these abilities generally have very good starting stats to make up for it.
This is the case for Backlash abilities, that cause you to lose your own Lives or Pillz.
This is also the case for Defeat abilities: +X Opp. Life that gives lives to your opponent if you lose the round.
Over to you! Tip: to avoid giving your opponent the advantage, try playing your cards against a Stop Opp. Ability or an appropriate Cancel ability!

The GhosTown clan has introduced a new mechanic: the Night and Day cycle! In Clint City, time moves forward more quickly than in other places: Night and Day each last for just 4 hours!
To see whether it’s Night or Day in Clint City, look on the left of the main menu bar: there’ll be a sun for daytime and a moon for nighttime!
But remember: the Abilities and Bonuses change as it moves from Day to Night, and vice versa!
Over to you!


It would take hours of reading to appreciate the array of different clan styles on offer in Clint City.
Each clan has its own graphic style and a strategic Bonus.
To immerse yourself in this fantastical world, we advise you to read the character bios, the comics and to chat to some of the most experienced players.
The more you find out about it, the more you'll want from it! And that's just as well because every two weeks, on Fridays, 4 new characters are released who then add to the gameplay and storyline!

The list of clans is available here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/characters/list.php
And the latest character releases can be seen here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/newblood.php

As explained in the Comic tutorial (LINK), your fighters (8 in general) make up your Deck/team/hand.
Starting from the Collection or Pro Collection, below is the list of the basic steps required to build a deck:
-select your favorite clan
-select cards from this clan
-select your second favorite clan
-select cards from this second clan
-take a look at the number of stars, banned characters (everything depends on the mode in which you want to play, and for that there's a Mode filter), etc.
-save your selection and you're off!
Of course, the more you play, the more you'll appreciate the level of game strategy on offer, and the almost infinite combinations available for building a deck, but that's up to you to discover!
To get some inspiration, take a look in the Preset section that is made up of Decks PUBLISHED by players!

Like any decent card game, UR offers different levels of card rareness. Below is the list of these in ascending order of prestige:
These three rarities are available in the packs (https://www.urban-rivals.com/shop/#packs ) and can be purchased with Credits and/or on the Market (https://www.urban-rivals.com/market/ ) in exchange for Clintz.

This rarity is not available in ANY of the packs and is not accessible on the Market.
It can only be obtained through completing Missions and some of these only in Arcade mode (https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/gamemodes/arcade.php )

All the cards can one day turn Collectors for a variety of reasons.
This rarity is available in the Collector packs, which can bought with CRyptocoinz.

All the Collector cards can one day turn Mythic for a variety of reasons.
This rarity isn't available in ANY of the packs.
These cards have an in-built boost when played that will multiply a player's Clintz or battle points.

The XP gauge basically fills up as you play. The gauge fills up based on your Level. With XP, you can evolve your characters, and as a result see their graphics change, which is pretty cool! Evolving is a key part of the game and it increases the strength of your decks!
If you're in a hurry but low on XP, there's another way to evolve your characters and that's with Clintz!

Trading is one of the cornerstones of the game. To get the most from it, you need to validate your account with a valid email address (LINK).
You can buy and sell to players privately.
You can buy and sell publicly on the Market.
You can sell back to Kate (https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules/faq/#question-35 ).
For each Market transaction, Kate will impose a pre-established tax of around 5%.
Don't hesitate to ask for help from our Moderators (https://www.urban-rivals.com/staff/moderators.php )
Happy Trading!

The Presets are quite simply decks that players publish.
For example, you might publish a deck that you've had a run of successes with in Survivor mode or a top place in a Tournament. There's something for everyone, from the strategic to the most fun, and they're a great source of inspiration if you don't quite know where to start!
And if you have the cards in question, you can copy the deck with just one click of the mouse!
Happy gaming!

Although many players are unaware of this, you can actually choose your own fighting arena*!
An arena represents your favorite clan's neighborhood.
In this arena, you'll find:
- small animations that activate when certain items are touched
- a clan specific KO animation that activates when you wipe out your opponent!

OK, awesome! But how do you activate it?
Arenas are free: you just have to own 60% of your favorite clan.
Here's how you activate an arena from the Web:
- on profile
- click on ""Settings""
- select ""Arena xxx"" from the drop-down list
- if you select ""Random"", it will randomly change for each fight
- if you have 60% of a clan, you can choose that clan's arena

To active an arena from the app:
- on profile
- click the ""edit"" button in the lower bar
- on the right, click the ""Change Current Arena"" button
- an interface with arena images will pop up and now all you need to do is hit "activate"


The place to be for traders.
Here people speculate Wall Street style… This is a fascinating and dangerous place full of amazing deals and missed opportunities…
The idea is simple: you can put your characters on sale publicly and they'll go straight to the Market.
If you've got Clintz, you can either buy what you need, or invest in cards that you think are worth having because you get the feeling they're going to turn Collector or Mythic...
And when cards do turn CR or MT, they become more valuable as Kate sets a new minimum price for them. So, keep your ear to the ground and get help from players with more trading experience than you (via the Forums or SPOT).

Ever since the Riots deserted the sewers, the place has become inhabited by a new type of trafficking that revolves around speculation...
And the upshot of this is that every night in Clint City, an underground market opens its doors to trade in some very niche merchandise, with a maximum of 4 hours to peddle as much as possible!
And you too can take part in this black market:
every night (on Clint City time), there'll be a special night-time mission in which you need to sell a card to Kate for X times its actual value!!
Once the deadline's over, the Black Market will close and you'll then have to wait for the next mission to begin!
So, this ""Black Market"" mission is totally unpredictable, but the Eye tolerates its existence because it promotes a certain buoyancy in the regular Market, and Kate gets a real kick out of it...
Over to you now to target a card, create a stockpile and haggle as best you can, in the allocated time, when the opportunity comes your way.

Spot is a sort of Twitt…social network available on the game's homepage and on your profile where you can view the history of everything you've posted.
Here sharing is the name of the game, but it's also the place where you can find out about surprise announcements, leaked information...and Memes!
To keep it going, you can follow players and they can follow you.
The more useful things you post, the more followers you'll have and the more influence you'll then have on the game!
Even though Urban Rivals is available on the various social networks, we prefer to focus on SPOT so our community doesn't become too scattered!

There's no need to explain what the forums are. You just need to visit them to see the different headings and take part in what can be some pretty heated debates…

Creating a CLUB is now FREE for all players who've reached level 15.
For the CLUB to stay active, it must include at least 10 players, without which it will be automatically removed after a maximum of 210 hours.

You attain the different club rankings based on your Level:
There are 6 rankings:
-GANG (0 to 9)
-MAFIA (Reached level 10)
-CARTEL (Reached level 20)
-CORPORATION (Reached level 30)
-MULTINATIONAL (Reached level 100)
-CONSORTIUM (Reached level 50+)
The Club level increases based on your active Club members' individual activity in the game (fights and market transactions)
Each level will give you access to new Bonuses.

Your CLUB members will also be awarded rankings and it will be up to the Club Boss to manage these: https://www.urban-rivals.com/clubs/
Here’s the list:
-Boss (CLUB founder)

A Club member will be seen as active is they’ve played for the past 7 days.

A weekly ranking will reward the 10 best Clubz with temporary Bonuses!

The battles for power are a bit like an ELO mode for Clubz.
They allow all the Clubz to challenge each other, using different types of objectives to wipe out the opposing Clubz and, in doing so, become Clint City’s most powerful and influential club.
All the participating Clubz will then be ranked to find out who is the city’s ultimate Club, who are hot on their heels with their eye on the prize, and who are second-division Clubz unable to make their influence felt beyond their own neighborhoods!
When “Battle” mode is activated in the Club’s settings, you can declare a Battle for Power at any point, just as one can be declared against you.
So, be sure to be ready before activating it!

This is how a Battle for Power works:
To be able to declare War on another Club, you must have at least 15 active members, without which this option will not be displayed.

Did you know?
At the end of the war, the winner enters the overall ranking table, increases their CLUB level, and all the Club's active members receive a surprise pack!
The rankings are seasonal and at the end of the period, the season's winning Club will see their name posted on the Market. Then, for X days, a percentage of Kate's tax will be directly paid to the Club's active members, as a temporary income that could reach stratospheric levels!
The sharing out of the spoils will be done as a percentage based on each active member's ranking.
A Club member will be seen as active is they have played for the past 7 days.

And what if I withdraw from play?
You can withdraw from play in a Battle for Power if you realize you won’t be able to win the battle before the five days of fighting are up, but you will lose ranking points as a result.

And what happens if it’s a draw?
Easy! Nothing happens. It's as if you didn't play.

Coming soon !

Qu’est-ce qu’une IRL Urban Rivals ?
Une IRL Urban Rivals est une rencontre entre amis, nouveaux et de longue date, qui se réunissent pour jouer à Urban Rivals !
Si tu le souhaites, il est possible d’organiser toi-même une rencontre.
Tu trouveras ci-dessous quelques étapes importantes à suivre pour que ton IRL Urban Rivals remporte un franc succès.

Je n’ai pas encore trouvé le lieu idéal ! Si tu cherches encore où organiser ton IRL, opte pour des endroits publics assez vastes pour accueillir plusieurs tables et chaises, et qui disposent d’une connexion Internet fiable.
Tu auras ainsi réuni les conditions idéales pour jouer.
Favorise les salles ou bâtiments équipés de plusieurs prises électriques afin que les joueurs puissent brancher leurs appareils de jeu.
Quelques suggestions de locaux adaptés aux IRL :
•Salles de pause
•Salles de ciné
•Centres de loisir
•Magasins de jeux
•Parcs publics

Bien sûr, nous t'encourageons à prendre des photos le jour J, afin de les partager avec la communauté !
Cependant, n’oublie pas que, dans un lieu public, il te faudra afficher bien en vue un avertissement indiquant qu’une rencontre susceptible d’être filmée ou photographiée est en cours.
Notre mot-clic officiel est #URLive!, alors, à vos hashtags !

J’ai trouvé un local ! Que me reste-t-il à faire ?
Parfait ! Maintenant que tu as trouvé le lieu idéal où organiser ta rencontre, il ne te reste plus qu’à t'assurer que tu n’as oublié aucun détail important.
Tout d’abord, il est essentiel de vérifier la capacité électrique du local qui accueillera l’événement. En effet, si le branchement d’un ordinateur portable venait à provoquer une surcharge, le disjoncteur couperait aussitôt l’électricité, ce qui interromprait soudainement l’évènement.
Par ailleurs, rallonges et multiprises pourront s’avérer utiles pour permettre aux joueurs de recharger leurs appareils de jeu.

Autres points importants
Autres éléments techniques essentiels à vérifier : le routeur et la connexion à Internet.
Disposer d’un réseau sans fil t'épargnera bien des difficultés avec les câbles réseau, routeurs et autres commutateurs réseau.
Si tu n’as accès qu’à un réseau filaire, il te faudra t'équiper d’un routeur à ports multiples.
Tu peux également te procurer un commutateur réseau qui te permettra de connecter jusqu’à 48 joueurs supplémentaires !
N’oublie pas de préciser à tes invités s’ils doivent apporter un appareil compatible Wi-Fi ou un câble Ethernet.
Il est également recommandé de vérifier le nombre de joueurs que peut accueillir ton réseau sans fil avant le début de l’événement.
La plupart des routeurs disponibles dans le commerce sont configurés de façon à autoriser un nombre limité de connexions, mais leurs paramètres peuvent être modifiés.

Si tu ignores la capacité de connexion de ton réseau sans fil, ou n’es pas en mesure de le configurer toi-même, essaie de ne pas dépasser 10 connexions simultanées.
Vérifie bien que ton local dispose d’un nombre suffisant de sièges et de tables.
De nombreux joueurs se passeront peut-être de tables pendant les parties, mais apprécieront sûrement de pouvoir poser leurs tablettes ou ordinateurs portables de temps à autre. Nous recommandons une table d’environ 1,80 m de long pour que deux joueurs puissent être installés confortablement, mais fais au mieux avec ce dont tu disposes !
Les joueurs seront d’autant plus ravis s’ils peuvent se procurer des boissons et de quoi se restaurer.
Apporte à tes invités de quoi grignoter ou demande-leur de venir avec leur propre collation pour rester en pleine forme tout au long de leurs parties d'Urban Rivals !
Maintenant que tout est en place, il ne te reste plus qu’à réfléchir aux types de parties qui vont être jouées. Nous conseillons des parties ouvertes, afin de permettre aux joueurs de les rejoindre à tout moment.
Pour faciliter les appariements, demande aux joueurs d’inscrire leurs noms et ID dans une liste prévue à cet effet.
Tu peux également diviser les participants selon leur classement ou leur laisser le choix de rejoindre le groupe des novices ou celui des vétérans. Cela permet de s'assurer que les parties seront amusantes pour tout le monde.
Nous espérons que ces quelques conseils te seront utiles et que ton IRL Urban Rivals connaîtra un franc succès !
Amuse-toi bien avec Urban Rivals et fais-toi de nouveaux amis !

ATTENTION : l’organisateur de l'IRL doit respecter toutes les lois et règles en vigueur dans le lieu choisi pour héberger l'IRL, y compris obtenir l’autorisation des participants pour les filmer ou les prendre en photos. Tu trouveras ci-dessous un exemple de demande d’autorisation, mais les règles peuvent varier en fonction des pays. Il est de la seule et entière responsabilité de l’organisateur d’obtenir cette autorisation, et ce en accord avec les lois en vigueur.

______________________________ (« ORGANISATEUR »)

___________________________________________ (LIEU)


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