sunday 30/01/2011


You can actually use 1 unleveled character..... and it starts in 2 days!!!!! smiley

Thanks mods, u can close this thread smiley

I know people are wondering when this shall be continued. I plan to revive this story soon, expect the next few parts by the 10th of Febuary, it is the 30th of January now.

SimonW_UM, Story-Writer. smiley

saturday 29/01/2011

It is pretty exciting!

friday 28/01/2011

Jackpot currently at; 10500

Updated Player List;

Horo Love
--Lu Bu--
LOA Zeus
0_Kratos GoO
Shaka Zulu
SOE Thor

He is from India
How does it matter?

All spots are taken , please close mods

wednesday 26/01/2011

Join up free lotto

tuesday 25/01/2011


Details will be finalised later if u have any questions PM me

sunday 23/01/2011

Within 48 hours all 32 spots have been filled! Good luck to all entrants! For those who missed the boat this time, keep your eyes peeled for the next Surviving Survivor event! smiley

Donation accepted ? smiley

friday 21/01/2011

Link to the event deleted

*sings* Clooooosing time smiley
Yeah, sorry to everyone who didn't join, but we're starting. Thanks for joining if you did!

smiley Not quite Chewy. I'll be honest, I have a slight ulterior motive in the site, but the banner has no use but to be the first thing people see on it. Site preview--

wednesday 19/01/2011

Because most people who play here play for a few days then quit, and not many commit to getting to a high level, so there are more low levels on UR. Also, you misused the tagging.

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@dave1515, i think col said something about when he get all the votes he will start the draw for the cards smiley

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