tuesday 07/07/2009

Worng boards

monday 06/07/2009

Ill join and can yo join my tourney:

lost island tourney

Event is starting today! Four people are already in the room about to play. smiley

The event is now closed. smiley

Shouldn't the prizes already have been given away by now?

sunday 05/07/2009

Comeon guys more people join

saturday 04/07/2009

You don't have general^__smiley__smiley__^

The four appearances had come because they heard someone screaming. Bruce was right after all....
The far left was quite small considering the others. She had green hair with 2 knots on both sides. She was wearing red outfit, that looked similiar to a dress. In the middle of the outfit, the was a ying-yang sign.
Though she didn't look very peaceful, she kept her calm for now. Next to her stood another lady. She had short red hair, and she was wearing a black mask to cover her eyes.
She was wearing a black suit. It was hard to see her because of the shadows that lurked upon her and her black suit.
She was holding two similiar daggers. Next to her stood a extraordinary guy.
He was wearing a hoodie to hide his head.... but.... he had another head.... He had buttcheeks on his forehead, and his body looked entirely pink.
One of the heads was wearing sunglasses and there was sticking a little arm out both of his necks... Nonetheless he looked like Bruce Lee.
The last one on the far right looked the most dangerous though... He was also wearing a black hoodie, but he didn't wear the hoodie over his head.
He had black hair, and a little beard and mustache. He had a big kimono sword with writing on it. He was sweeping around with it dangerously....
Myke and Bruce saw there was no other way out but to fight, but then.... a loud noise came from behind the Fang Pi Members......


friday 03/07/2009

This event has concluded. Congratulations to the winners!

1st - AlvaroMr
2nd - PUB-mollo89
3rd - 0 Sista12
4th - 0wn3r Depian

Stay tuned for my next event, Battle for Clint City, coming in August

I research a people for my event,thanks


thanks modo...

thursday 02/07/2009

Chapter 4. After the twins "POOF!"ED!
When Aylen made a cure for the twins, the twins stoped for a drink, after that the twins POOF! That's all for the story!
Now you can Comment me!

wednesday 01/07/2009

And the loss of ing...

You're good at Spanish! Please join me on a Spanish school for me please! smiley

Hey,please join my event!

Here's the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=9296

tuesday 30/06/2009

Thanks foul, and someone else has given me a few cards, so i'll update the prizes soon

sunday 28/06/2009


saturday 27/06/2009

It is 700 entraee free...

Cough * points at usa flag forum* cough
not italian so should this be closed?

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