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Though unlikely to happen and has not happened yet, I will leave a note to use the protocol for dealing with Cr/Mt announcement trading disputes when dealing with cards that receive a SHIFT. The circumstances are similar to a Cr/Mt announcement. A card gets removed by the market temporarily then players can back to the market once it settles.

The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Sure, I can work on a sample thread.
Players can copy and edit.

I will do the same for Buy, Sales and Purchases.

Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


Trading my Ymirah Cr 0xp for Tessa Cr 0xp and Lamar Cr any xp

El Divino are all gone
Akrakk x 1 valued at 1,100,000
M2 Sansot x 1 valued at 400,000
Behemoth x 3 valued at 180,000
Death Adder x 2 valued at 435,000

All that we can say is to try contacting support again or Pm an admin like ON_QUISTIS


I'm buying them for 20k each now and can take a maximum of 30 smiley

Hello. I'm a returning player and I need funds to buy new cards and update my collection.

Thus I'm selling/trading my Kenny Mt, currently valued at 3.4m in the market.

I would prefer a minimum of 1Million clintz + a combination of Crs and flexible depending on the offer.

Thank you.

As the title suggests, I trade Kiki Cr 0xp for Kiki Cr Fullxp with difference in clintz. Agreement by pm

Would you be wiling to trade an Akrakk 1.2m at lvl 3 for your Xantiax Robb Cr?

sunday 29/03

#Maana Cercei 550k
250k cash or #ImperaSloan Cr

Well, I want to exchange my Lyse Teria for Dj Korr, to supply the difference I offer Impera Sloane Cr, Death Adder and Dwain Cr, all at Market prices.
I am also open to other proposals: I have 300k cltz and cards like No Love, Beltrán Cr, Volkan Cr and others,
I would also be interested in Lyse and Volkan for Dj Korr and Sum Sam or Splata! A greeting, and what I said, I am open to negotiate.

Quetzal CR?

saturday 28/03

32 Schredder 0 xp for 1 Merweiss Cr 0 xp


Hello everyone, i'm looking to buy lots of these cards which i value at the following prices:

Ongh Cr --> 500k
Hawk --> 75k
No Love --> 105k
Juicy Lord --> 12k
Lehane --> 15k
Yookie --> 5k
Ouadji --> 40k

-All must be 0xp
I can buy them for cash, in this case just slide them in my private sales if you agree with the prices, if not you can write me because i might accept to pay a little bit more but who knows.. If you think i might have something you're searching for which and are willing to trade those cards listed above then send a msg with your offer. Thanks and bye smiley

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