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Not sure about leaders but Bangers don't have one yet for sure.

Yo who likes corn?

Oh whoops, actually meant ~5.5mil but nonetheless 12 collectors on average won't add up to 100mil

Removed Kolos Trick as I see it hardly is relevant in today.

Kolos Trick is just using Ambre and #Kolos Cr together. Usually for 100 Attack and 12 Damage.

Updated the definition of Big 5 due to General Mt`s link not working.

Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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I keep 10bil on me at all times

@Lemonshadow I know! smiley
@AoEM_Martan Whoops, I apologize, I apologize.


@Lemonshadow: Its a bit confusing but the Big 5 and different to "Big" cards.

The Big 5 are the 5 most expensive Crs. The original Big 5 who went Mythic are tecnically no longer a part of the big 5.

"Big cards" from this discusion are cards the staff have made to be really strong. They also dont usually need their bonus to be strong.

Jackayle :

1 mission (20pts) "With open heart" : KO 5 time an opponent with Lifesteal

The red dragon of blood, the demoness of lust, Jackayle has many names and many different appearances, but the one peoples remember the most is either the strange red and lusty dragon, or the demon sisters with angel wings. What is Jackayle really ? No one really knows, but if you listen to the tales in Clint City, you might have heard that Dragomir got interested in recruiting him, without success !

2* Rare
7 1
7 1 Lifesteal : 2 min 0 max 16
Garon :

A mechanical blue dragon with an enormous hammer, and the tank of the Destiny, a true warrior that is above most peoples in height, combining it with his natural powers and modified muscles it make him one of the strongest persons in the clan, and one of the strongest in Clint City !

4* Common
5 1
7 2
8 3
8 3 Protection : Attack
Skorost :

A grey hawk with a sniper stolen directly from Earl's armory without him knowing, and then modified by Cronos to become an incredibly strange yet powerful weapon, a sniper that is able to slow down or accelerate the target it touch ! That kind of technology even managed to make the original creator of the weapon proud enough to start a strange friendly relationship with the hawk, who knew that donuts attracted birds ?

3* Common
4 3
5 3
6 3 Killshot : -3 life adv. Min 4


Fantasy rival version

Ivo Galfor -> 7/5 -> ability -> +3 power max 10 -> bonus -> defeat support +1 life max 10

Urban rival version

Galfor-> 8/5-> ability -> -2 power min 3 -> bonus -> Assymetry: Damage +3

Galfor kept his power manipulation ability. Instead of gaining more he now reduce. His bonus has changed a lot. Instead of gaining life and relaying on loosing. He now focus on winning since his bonus makes him gain more damage. Art and stars have kept the same and he gained one extra power in his ur version

What's up people Chad Bread Cr here!! I got some serious news to share with you all. For the longest time my fellow Ulu Watu's hasn't been taken care of main goal. Our main goal has always been to save all ocean life. Its a thing we always have been figthing for but lost sight of. Luckily our newest member Nystrom made us realise what we should be fighting for.

The fantasy section - Galfor tribute to Ivo Galfor. With a museum as huge as mine you will think that I had fighter to fight in any kind of element. Well that was true until I had to let to go of my pet Gargoyle. Without Pandemos I didn't have a real fighter for air combat. Luckily I found new one in a fallen Angel that just happen to pop out from a dimension hole and landed in front of my museum. I quickly chaught him and since then we have been the best of friend. Sure it took sometime to charm him over to my site. But when I finally succed he couldn't stop obeying me. What can I say im a really good charmer

Update time

First of all my dear radio fans I will like to take a minutes silents for our dear old friend Korr. He has decided to leave the city for good and never return. So now korr has become DJ Korr Mt

now a update to our Dj's

Ibanez the techno dj has join my clan

thursday 21/01

Cool thx. so the current Event is just a flat out 4K crypto with no boost ect I assume

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Update 21/01/2021

60x bp DJ Korr Mt

40x bp Quetzal Mt

wednesday 20/01

I think the next MTs will be any character that is revealed to be an Oculus agent. They'll then get new cards in Oculus

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