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Hello, im interested in trading my Volkan in exchange for a combination of clintz and new big cards such as: Death Adder , Akrakk , Serafina ...
I evaluate Volkan at 3.9 M , but if the offers are mainly the cards im seeking i can reduce that to 3.7 M.

I look to trade 1 or more copies of Alec Mt full xp for copies of Ouadji Delija Bazalt Sooko Fridlia XU91 DM me.

Graksmmt has gone up. Adding Ongh 0xp to the offer.

saturday 30/05

New offer :

Shann Mt 0xp + Grudj Mt 0xp + Lin Bee Cr 0xp vs your 80 Ataoualpet 0xp smiley


I am looking for Lady Ametia Cr (3.6m).
I can offer Akrakk (850k) or Clint

friday 29/05

There have been major changes in the price of some cards but I'm still looking to make exchanges. I add to the cards that I'm looking for:
Marina (230K)
BerserkGirl CR (590K)


Im looking for 3 Alec Mt 0xp 4M5/T



Galahad 4 000 / t

Thanks !

--> DJ Korr Cr 0xp 20,5M.
--> Lady Ametia Cr 0xp 3,8M/T x5

Bonsoir! J'vende 200 Mrs Spool 0xp 100k/t.

3,8M/U smiley

I sell Dj Korr cr 20,5M too !

There is 4 in the market right now, all 0xp and 29K~ Good luck!

thursday 28/05

Thread closed. Thanks!

Up !

Rattle 0xp and full 25k/e
Chip 0xp and full 2,5k/e

Hi, I look for Ataoualpet 0xp 30kT (90)

I propose :
Shann Mt 0xp 1M2
Grudj Mt 0xp 1M2
And others cards... Pm me smiley

Dounia MT 5,3 m , Lady Amethia Cr 3,7 m
I am open to Trade .
Dla Dewastatora drożej bo to stulejarz mentalny

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