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sunday 08/03

Like in the title, i want to trade:

Dounia Mt full 3.8m
Dragan Mt full 11.5m
General Mt full 25m
Kerozinn Mt 8.1m
Lyse Teria Mt 0exp 8.9m
Nemo Mt 0exp 2.2m
Sigmund Mt full exp 9.5m
Volkan Cr 0exp 2.5m

Looking for:
DJ Korr Cr 0exp 9.5m
Guru Cr 0exp 6.5m
Kiki Cr 0exp 6m
No Love 0exp 160k/t [max 54]
Death Adder 0exp 360k/t [max 40]
Vermyn N 0exp 68k/t [max 77]
Uranus 0exp 65k/t [max 385]
Kuwaka 0exp 140k/t [max 50]
Serafina 0exp 190k/t [max50]
Kinjo 0exp 35k/t [max37]
Moukrok 0exp 50k/t [max50

Lizbeth sold

Sold out. Thanks to that person. smileysmiley

saturday 07/03

Looking to buy a Cannibal Jo any exp, willing to buy or trade for it. I have most Crs and a large portion of Mt.

I will take most offers now, PM me if interested.

Im looking for 1x Akrakk any xp (1.7M)
I offer 1x #ymirah 0xp (1.75M)
Currently the difference is 50k, I accept any trade while Ymirah Cr's price still greater than or equal to Akrakk's price
Send me MP if youre interested

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New offer: 400k + Robert Cobb 0 xp

I wanna trade my Kerozinn MT which I value in 8M.

Im looking for:
Splata CR (2.2m)
Caelus CR (1.5m)
Blaaster CR (1m)
cash (3.3M)

I want at least 1 of each CRs I'm asking for. Which makes a total of 4.7M.
I also accept CRs of 100K in case u preffer it.

I'm open to offers, but i want at least 1 of each CR i asked for
Thanks smiley

Hi, i wanna change Zlabal [x67] to Cr or MT. Offer PM smiley

5500/T smiley

friday 06/03

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Trades finished.

thursday 05/03

Merweiss Cr, Ymirah Cr and Kalindra Cr are gone

I now have multiple Xantiax Robb Cr 0exp for sale/trade. PM me for fastest reply.

Left :
1 Ymirah Cr 0xp 1M9
1 Marlysa Cr 0xp 1M8
1 Ielena Cr full xp 150k

Close this thread please.

Hello everyone, I want to buy a copy of Marlysa Cr any xp. My offer is 1.5M cash. Let me know smiley

HAHAHAHa this makes me laugh so hard

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Oh an I also have cash if you want. It isn't only cards.

Hey everyone,
Looking to buy 5 Kalindra Cr 0xp 1M/t smiley

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