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sunday 12/01

As the title say, the card is maxed at 3* and I want 650k for it, we can do something about the price... pm me if interested. smiley

saturday 11/01

I offer my full smokey mt and 60 clintz

Im looking B Mappe cr u have?

Trading for my Kiki CR plus cash for Guru CR

I'm still looking for

friday 10/01

Willing to trade a Lyse Teria 0xp + 1m for Dj Korr any xp.

PM me for offers!

I buy Vryer, 16,000 a unit.

All done, Thank you

Hello i'm looking for some Wee Lee 0exp

14 Wee Lee 0exp (85k/each) vs 1 Pericles Mt 0exp 1.2m (avaible x15)

or with cash i offer 70k each directly in my private sale

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Si intéressé par des pfulls contactez moi par mp.

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