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friday 13/12/2019

Hello everyone!
I would like to trade my Plunk 0 xp 44000 clintz Uranus 0xp 109000 clintz Fraggle 0xp 13600 clintz
Urubu 0xp 38000 clintz for Tsubame 0xp 164000 clintz Pa Mei 0xp 26980 Ryu Kenden 0xp 13700 clintz

I am willing to trade trough Private Sale

please send private message

thursday 12/12/2019

WTB 1x Lady Ametia
2,2 M on private sale
need only 1 for, send me private trade if interested

wednesday 11/12/2019

(Ignore the other post, there were a series of mistakes that occurred due to my poor internet) Hey everyone, I'm looking to build a Raptors deck, so I want to trade my Melissa Cr 0xp (currently worth 773,000 Clintz) for a Drakorah Cr 0xp (currently worth 400,000) and 370,000 Clintz. This is negotiable to a certain extent. Thanks!


I would like to trade the cards written above. If anyone is interested in this offer, please DM me and we will take arrangements.

Thank you and have a good day!

Hello, i sell Geuner Cr for ~500k, send me a private message and make me a offer if you´re interested smiley

tuesday 10/12/2019

Good day everyone im trying to trade my tan cr to cheaper cr cards which i do not currently have or i am willing to sell for 2.9 mill. Pm me with offers

Yes I have all the cards you want.

Hello everyone!

I would like to trade:
My Gibson Cr 0xp 175000 clintz + Dollum 0xp 11000 clintz by 3 Redfield 0xp 62000 clintz
My Galileo 2 37000 clintz by 2 Ed 25 0xp 19000 clintz
My Vermyn N 0xp + Baraa 0xp + Belle 0xp by 2 Pa Mei 0xp 27500 clintz

I am willing to trade trough Private Sale (VP)

please send private message

monday 09/12/2019

I meant take*, I'll accept the difference in Ctz or cards Im missing smiley.

If there is a cheap offer it doesn't mean a little lot of cards value that price smiley

I have:
1x Xantiax Robb Cr -- 2 295 000 ctz

I want:
1x Lizbeth Mt -- 1 480 000 ctz
1x Dalhia Cr -- 807 000 ctz

Total: 1 480 000 + 807 000 = 2 287 000 ctz


Hey! I'm looking for Volkan Cr (6,4M)

Cards i can offer:
- Xantiax Robb Cr 0exp (2,5M)
- Lizbeth Mt (1,5M)
- GraksmxxT Mt (1,1M)
- Beeboy Cr (480k)
- 2 Behemoth (320k each)
- Other Crs and cards between 100k and 200k (Bankee Cr , Hawkins Cr , Kerry Cr...)
- Up to 1,5 M cash to fill up the value.

Have a nice day everyone!

sunday 08/12/2019

Thank you for the offer W4v3F0rm. smiley

No Love I value at ~700k, so I at the moment would do 390 0xp Nobrocybix.

Don't feel discouraged by my low valuation. Depending on how many Nobrocybix you expected you may be one of he higher offers.

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