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sunday 01/03

If there anyone got extra VeeXn please sell to me for 7k per clints. Any exp. This deal will expires on 19 of March. Thanks! smileysmileysmiley

Got Sigmund. Closed!

Sold but, still looking for these cards.

Hello, i'm offering my Cannibal full xp for sale or trade, send me your offers in pm and we can discuss smiley


saturday 29/02

friday 28/02

I buy all your Marlysa Cr 0xp for 1m/u
Message me for trade smiley

Lol after losing 3mill on the wheel I stopped going at it more than twice a day smiley and if I'm bad at holding myself back from it, I can only imagine for others smiley

..which sadly means less and less people have spending clintz, hence the market plunge for people with extra cards wanting to play the wheel (undercut my extra cards hard to play, that's what I did for money for the wheel in hope of winning big lmao ) smiley

Prices are changing in the market, so it would be updated here too, of course.

Trade my smokey mt for your mbappe cr

I have 14m clints and some mts left for trade if anyone has a general mt.

thursday 27/02

Lyse Teria is unavailable to be traded/sold for now, and no correct estimation of value can be given until she's tradable again.
For now, this thread is closed

Send me a Pm to a faster reply
Max difference: 150k

2 merweiss 0xp for pericles and any other 1m mt

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Also, i'm after other stuff, those are just some of the main ones. so just give me an offer, and maybe we can't make a deal smiley

wednesday 26/02

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