wednesday 16/10

Your DJ Korr for my Lyse Teria + 1.5M in PS

Trading my Spiaghi Mt for your Death Adder/No Love

tuesday 15/10


I'd like to buy 1 serafina for 380k!
I am open to negociate the card's price.

Following cards also available for trade: Spiaghi Mt, 2x Jam&EarlxxT

monday 14/10

Especially Scarlett Mt or General Mt, these are the two that I am the most interested in. I am willing to negotiate the price of Noodile.

saturday 12/10

I am looking for Blaaster Cr

i trade:

350k clintz
1x Behemoth full xp 500k
1x Newell fullxp 140k
1x Tsubame full xp 140k
1x Locke full xp 120k
1x Kougloff full xp 120k

Thank you for the clarification. I will edit the main post to reflect it.

friday 11/10

Hi, my Ataoualpet full + 3k vs your 0xp


thursday 10/10

Thanks a lot, I have all know smiley

I really want to buy Dragan Mt! I will spend 8,000,000 (8 million) Clintz! Private message me!

Hi, Im selling my Jim Cr xp in 1.1M and my DJ Korr Cr 0xp in 12.75M

Cash only

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