wednesday 09/10

Hello, trade my guru cr(full xp) for cannibal cr + negotiable balance smiley

thank you and have a nice day smiley

I would like to sell my Pr Cushing Cr smiley

PM me if interested smiley

tuesday 08/10

Nobody interested?

monday 07/10

Less than 24 hours left.

sunday 06/10

Buying Blaine 0exp 7k each send directly to my ps smiley

Put me your Uttam in private sales smiley

if you have a lot, we can negotiate

No more searching for Ymirah Cr , i still want to exchange my 0 xp. If you think the deal is too expensive, we can talk about it

saturday 05/10

Looking to buy Ratanah Mt for 900k please! smiley

Thanks! Got what I need! smiley

friday 04/10

I am offering 2 Dregn Mt 0 xp for No Love 0xp and another No Love full xp.

thursday 03/10

Good afternoon,

I offer:
Scarlett Mt full 23M

I am looking for 0 xp:
General Mt 14M
DJ Korr Cr 13M
Lyse Teria Cr 11M
Cannibal Jo Cr 9,5M
Sum Sam Cr 6M (max 2)
Vickie Cr 3,6M
Lamar Cr 3,5M
Tessa Cr 2,95M (max 3)
Kalindra Cr 2M (max 5)
Lizbeth Mt 1,5M (Max 5)
Caelus Cr 1,3M
Jackie Cr 1,3M
Miss Twice Cr 1,3M (max 5)

wednesday 02/10


i would like to trade or sell my Dounia MT full or 0 exp
open to any offers smiley

Hi! Looking for Ndololo Cr (any exp) estimated 2.2M for which I'm offering Emeth Cr 0xp (490k) + ZRobbie Cr full (360k) + 1.35M cash

Contact me via pm if interested or for any offert smiley

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