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wednesday 01/01

tuesday 31/12/2019

Sorry to post again, but since Mrs Spool's price is not stable at the moment, it is negotiable for a fair trade

Hi, I like to trade for Lady Ametia (3.15m)
I can offer a combination of
Ymirah Cr
10x Bankee Cr
5x Oon Cr
Slyth Cr
Ongh Cr
2x Ed 12 Cr
5x Don Cr
Kolos Cr

monday 30/12/2019

^All cards have already been received.

sunday 29/12/2019

Done, thank you!

Based on current market values
Looking for
#Dj Korrs Cr I want to get for about 13.5mil

2 Nemo Mt (4 mil)
1 B Mappe Cr (5 mil)
1 Drakorah Cr (400k)
1 Kawamashi Cr (100k)

PM msg preferred
Can substitute Drakorah Cr, Kawamashi Cr with clintz or other cards if preferred

Can a mod close this I am all set.

Trade lin bee CR ( full xp ) for one of the option:
1) dakota+consuelo+sioux;
2) hamerlock+galileo+kougloff;
3) djengo+xu-krang+darling;
4) bek+nena+weldegrin

Both Sold/Swapped

saturday 28/12/2019

Looking for Dounia Mt for 3,5M
pm me or send private sell

friday 27/12/2019


I buy xy Kaizerin 0xp for 44k each card.

Just send them please.

kind regards

My Marlysa Cr 0xp for your B Mappe Cr any xp in a straight trade. PM me.

Thanks! smiley

4k each smiley

As the title states I’m looking for Sum Sam Cr (5.5 mil as of this post) and #Tanaereva Cr (3.3 mil as of this post). I don’t have clintz currently so pm or post here things you’d want for either and if it’s something I can do I’ll say so otherwise I’ll come up with a counter offer if I think I can, I value at the price listed in this post.


I buy xy Kaizerin 0xp for 34k each card.

Just send them please.

kind regards

thursday 26/12/2019

how much cash do you want?
How about 8,5 million ?

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