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tuesday 12/01

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You can also pm what you need in that value

Bump, also willing to trade DJ Korr 1 for 1

Done trade close this

Hi, I'd like to trade my:
General MT, Cannibal Jo MT, Lyse Teria MT and Nemo MT (or Guru CR) for 3x Kiki CR,
PM me if you're interested

I would like to trade 1x Manon Mt 0xp for 1x Scarlett Mt any xp

send me a private message

To complete my MT collection i am missin the twins
Manon Mt 0xp 700m
Scarlett Mt 0xp 800m
for trade i have as below all are 0xp
2 Cannibal Jo Mt 320m/t
1 Cortez Mt 20m
1 Dounia Mt 115m
1 Dregn Mt 50m
1 Ielena Mt 25m
1 Kerozinn Mt 170m
1 Kolos Mt 60m
1 Lizbeth Mt 115m
2 Lyse Teria Mt 305m/t
1 Pericles Mt 100m
1 Shann Mt 25m
1 Smokey Mt 170m
1 Spiaghi Mt 20m
1 Tanaereva Mt 130m
2 Ymirah Mt 125m/t


Preferably 0xp on the mechakolos

Do you have 3 kiki? i have 1.120b worth of cr and mt for 3x kiki

Adding Cannibal Jo Mt to trades

I have
Cannibal Jo Mt full xp
Cortez Mt 0xp
3x Grudj Mt 0xp
Kenny Mt 0xp
2x #Kerozinn 0xp
Ongh Mt 0xp
Robb Mt 0xp
Spyke Mt 0xp
Ymirah Mt 0xp

I have almost all the cards and 200mill clintz for your kiki cr.

i am looking for 2 kiki cr PM me even if u have 1 thanks

I have 2 Kiki cr 420M/t

I'm looking for Manon mt 680M and Scarlett mt 810M

So thats
1 x Ed 12 Cr
1 x Ed 13 Cr
1 x Ed 25
1 x #Ed-0

Ahh I guess I should state that it's my X-Hares for your Kiki Crs smiley

It is because people is doing the BM and they are devaluating

Not anymore, sold smiley

Pm with cards you are looking for

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