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friday 27/12/2019

4k each smiley

As the title states I’m looking for Sum Sam Cr (5.5 mil as of this post) and #Tanaereva Cr (3.3 mil as of this post). I don’t have clintz currently so pm or post here things you’d want for either and if it’s something I can do I’ll say so otherwise I’ll come up with a counter offer if I think I can, I value at the price listed in this post.


I buy xy Kaizerin 0xp for 34k each card.

Just send them please.

kind regards

thursday 26/12/2019

how much cash do you want?
How about 8,5 million ?

Hello i'm looking to trade Lamar cr for Tanaereva cr, 1 for 1
My Lamar is full xp, Tanaereva can be whatever xp.

I want some cr
Page Cr
Jim Cr
Mechakolos Cr
A Award Cr
#selndore cr

i would prefer to trade my 2 cr for Caelus Cr
but you can come with offers pm smiley

J'achète 1 Miss Twice Cr 1M5 et 1 Nemo Mt 3M5 smiley

wednesday 25/12/2019

I use my trap card and offer 550k smiley

tuesday 24/12/2019

Trade Merweiss Cr full xp for Lady Ametia any xp smiley

For 100k?
Negotiate in DMs. smileysmiley

Merry Xmas! I'm looking for a Korr and a Guru for my Memento now

Anyone care to sell me your Nemo Mt for 2M Clintz + Flavio Cr.
I’d love to make a deck with him for my uppers half

My guess would be bugs. I’ve already seen quite a few, and that’s only from their client.

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