saturday 18/06/2011

Hi, everyone. guild:1384311 is a very new guild, but has a promising future... i promise. smiley Just please check it out and if you don't like it you obviously don't have to join. Thanks for your time. smiley


Join us just yesterday i won a Dagg for coming THIRD in a torney imagine the prizes for 1st place

Cmon join us we'd love new members!smiley

friday 17/06/2011

The Brute Enforcers are a guild of perpetrators that enjoy messing with anyone's head, friend or foe! We are currently a new guild, so we aren't very picky about our members! There are no necessary level requirements, or Fair Play requirements! Just be active, and have fun! The link is here:

~Close this thread please~

thursday 16/06/2011

Welcome To The Prison
1400 elo +
Level min 45 Few exceptions
To ask questions in English -CALLOUS-

thx mod smiley

Hey everyone. the guild is extra new like nobody is in it, but i have a creative imagination and can do a lot if you'd help me by joining. I'v been in a lot of guilds but got kicked out because of school. Now i'm back and staying.

Just be lvl 35+
creative mind
and fun

Hmm thighs sounds pretty cool but i really havent made my decision yet

Level 5+ recruiting members if interested visit the guild page!! hope to hear from u soon


-All levels welcome
-Expect to pick up a few tricks
-Build you talent
-Get and give great advice to others

All about developing skills, you are guaranteed a spot if you want to grow as a player so join smileysmiley

wednesday 15/06/2011


tuesday 14/06/2011

Well you cant chat a lot with one member...


Join up

monday 13/06/2011

2 more people have joined and my mass recruiting scheme has begun this subject will now be closed

@comment 10 WHAT :O

We are a developing guild so come and help us.

Umm im new i just wanted to say heyy smiley lol

sunday 12/06/2011

Alcatraz Island is so called because there were many pelicans on the island. It has always been known as The Rock, because a high percentage of the island is made ​​up of rock. It was also nicknamed The Bastion, because it seemed impossible to imagine a flight.
You are one who wants to overthrow the system awaits the prison of Alcatraz ...
One or more blacklist!
Or a ban
Lvl least 45 Few Exceptions
To ask questions in InglIsh -CALLOUS-


THX MOD smiley

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