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tuesday 24/12/2019

Kiki and Kolos gone.

Looking for 3 more Tanaereva Cr

monday 23/12/2019

Hello party people smiley
i sell Sylth Cr, send me a private message with a offer if you´re interested smiley

Happy x-mas ya all smiley

I Had 3 William 0xp

Looking to buy all your BroKen.
0xp 1,350P/U
Any other XP 1300P/U

10= 1370P/U
20= 1400P/U
30+= 1450P/U



I'd like to trade my six-copies of Serafina (current market value of approximately 500k) for your single-copy of Lady Ametia (current market value of approximately 3M). Posting here or PM's are fine. Thanks!

sunday 22/12/2019

Hi i want sell my:

- 10 Hawkins Cr 0xp (190k each in total gives 1,9M)

The price is negociable and i am open to hear other deals!
If you are interested send me a pm thankssmiley

Hello, i'm looking to buy or trade cards for Ratanah Mt any xp. PM me if interested.

Sorry guys just realized that I accidentally posted this on the english forum instead of the french forum, this was not intended. If an admin could close or delete I would be thankful.

saturday 21/12/2019

Death adder is 0xp, don't care about lady ametia xp

Hi, i buy all your Tobbie 0xp for 3.5k/each.

Im also looking for lots, pm me


A award vs page?


friday 20/12/2019

1 Merweiss 0xp for 3m clintz

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