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wednesday 12/02

Je vends mon Cannibal Jo Mt full x 15.5m clintz. Ou offre comme les cartes + clintz suivantes:
DJ Korr Cr-10,5m
Guru Cr-8m
Kiki Cr-7.5m
B Mappe Cr-4m
Volkan Cr-3,7m
Lady Ametia Cr-3m
Nemo Mt-3.7m
N'importe quoi par message privé.

Hello! I have my Dragan MT for your DJ Khorr cr. smiley
DM me if ok smiley

tuesday 11/02

Like i said all is negotiable smiley and another i can't see lots of the same cards 0exp at this price like zatman actually...anyway thx for your publicitysmiley

I'm looking to trade my Akrakk 0 xp for your Akrakk full + 100k clintz
Thank you smiley

I can trade my marlysa cr for your lady ametia cr, i can add other cards too but dont know in what are you interested

or for merweiss cr + clintz

Ill pm you to continue the negotiation

Good deal. Check them yea. Thanks for the deal. smiley

monday 10/02

Romana CR: 510k x1
Caeulus CR: 1.7m x1

these are up for trade now.

Hi everyone, i have the following characters (0xp all). These are the price that i request for their full copy:

- DJ Korr Cr (300k)
- Volkan Cr (170k)
- B Mappe Cr (170k)
- Lady Ametia Cr (170k)
- Melissa Cr (65k)
- Marshal Cr (50k)
- Ombre Cr (75k)
- Quetzal Cr (65k)
- Selsya Cr (40k)

- Nemo Mt (190k)
- GraksmxxT Mt (90k)


Trading or change Dragan mt. Please pm !


I want to trade 3 of my Kerozinn Mt 0xp for your scarlett Mt 0xp


Trading my Kiki Cr 0xp to any combination of CRs, MTs and/or Clintz amounting to 10m
CRs and MTs must be 1m+ in value and can be any xp
PM offers

If you are interested f selling please contact me

Im looking to trade 2 bodenpower cr + 20k compliment for your m2 sansot

(I have 8 bodenpower 0 xp 2 full)

I wrote my offer before wheel -.-'


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