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wednesday 04/11

Pm me for Negotiations thank you smiley

Sorry, business already done.

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Oon Cr -0xp


I offer Cortez cr for your splata and clintz difference

I want more cards, I don’t care xp

tuesday 03/11

I can trade 1 kate for your Ymirah Mt. Send me a private sale!

PM me if you want me to do the BM for you.
5mio clintz fee

If someone wants mine 1m its yours

What the title says, Trading Quetzal Cr Behemoth Cr and Guru Cr all 0xp for 2 Kate any xp

Or i can buy nemo for 45m

A contest where the richest person wins?
I come to UR to get away from RL. lmao

Hi, trading My Kiki for ur Kate. Due to BM mission. Just add like a mil or two

I'm trading Merweiss Cr 23M

I'm looking for :

Ongh Mt 18,5M
#BMappe Cr 21M
Others proposals


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