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sunday 19/07

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I'm in

I think it will take some time to come back down in price. Globumm Cr is still like 1-2M and his BM mission was done yesterday.

Looking for Volkan Cr
Up to 7.5M cash + cards.
Some cards:
Behemoth Cr 0xp
M2 Sansot 0xp
Cortez Cr
Other low end CRs or small lots to make up some clintz.


Finished my copies and waiting for some to complete trade smiley

I have Enigmas again. smiley

I can

Shoot I forgot to add a tag to this. Please delete Mods

Standard procedure, i sell you 2 Enigmas for 50c each and then once BM is complete you buy my card at 48.3m

Pm me if interested

Hello, I am looking to buy Cannibal for 26M. Please let me know if you would be able to sell it for that price, thank you.

Thanks Roz!!!

Korr price suddenly dropped, I'm willing to add Clintz if necessary now smileysmileysmiley

saturday 18/07

I could also use Pericles Mt and any difference either way can be made up with clintz smiley

Looking to trade Your General Mt vs my Dragan MT + extra
pm me if interested
both valued at lowest current market price

Thanks mate, trade done smiley

Sorry Rob they have been sold. I forgot to close the thread.

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