sunday 08/09

DM for any offers please. smileysmileysmileysmiley

I am looking for these cards (1 copy):

Iris Morana 90k
Icaro 80k
Figaro 75k
Vermaire 80k
Mona Cr 680k

I can pay cash or trade with some copies of Urubu 0xp (19k), El Magnifico (15k) or Betul (19k)

saturday 07/09

Forgot one info: all of them are 0xp

I got both for trade, what is your offer?

friday 06/09

My friend, this monday they will be worth 100K each if you sell them to Kate.

If you sell them to a player for 90k you also lose 5% (3.5% if you're in a clan with the bonus) by taxes.


Good luck!

thursday 05/09

Alredy own 2 copies of jackie , thanks anyway.
Still up the offer.

I would like to trade my Lyse Teria CR for a Kiki CR or Guru CR + Cash/Cards...
Any offers? Send me a message!

wednesday 04/09

7,5k each**

1 copies left

Hello everyone

I buy any CR full or 0xp at 90k cash

I have 10M cash for the transaction

I also have cards to trade for your CR :

1 Anne Derya 0xp vs your CR
Possible 10×

2 Stella 0xp vs your Cr
Possible 25×

5 Haaken 0xp vs your CR
Possible 22×

Alec Mt 0xp vs 44 CR
Possible 3×

Buying your Kiki Cr (estimate at 8.5m) for my 7.8 m and complimentary Spyke Mt (0.67m)

tuesday 03/09

Congrats, it's your privates sales smiley

PM if interested or any offers

There is nothing left to sell, thank you very much to the buyers smiley

Buying your Skullface Cr (0xp) for 530k clintz.
Please send private trade if your are interested.

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