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thursday 28/05

2 Guru Cr 0xp --> 11M/U.
Negociable --> PM.
Trade --> PM.

Hi, i want to buy CR's in bulk for an all together less price. Budget: 2.5 mil. Do not want single expensive Cr's, rather many 200-600k or something.

Now seeking Just guru. Same cards up for trade.

wednesday 27/05

Bro the cheapest akrakk is like 820k lmao

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Price are negotiable.
i've 40 akrakk 0xp / 20 valhala Cr 0xp / 5 Kolos Cr 0xp.... We can trade too.

Any level is fine by me.

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Looking for a nice person to trade with.

Yo guys!
I buy some cards, of every xp, in big quantities, directly in my private sells:

Nanook - 9,5k/t
Keanew - 2,1k/t
Mitch - 1,6k/t
Wardog - 2,2k/t
Winifred - 1,8k/t
Lihoi Chun - 2k/t
Ottavia - 2k/t
Razor - 1,7k/t
Ella - 1,4k/t
Krash 1,4k/t
Ulawele 1,4k/t
Kousto - 1,4k/t
Marlin 1,4k/t


Robb Mt has been acquired.

Would still like to get Spyke Mt or Nemo Mt if possible.
Of course I'd listen to any offer and prices are always negotiable smiley

Hello everyone!
Im selling Guru Cr full xp and I'm looking for Kiki Cr full xp.
I'm willing to trade through Private Sale (VP) / Secure Trade (ES).

tuesday 26/05

Imperasloane has been acquired.
Nobrocybix and Uchtul are no longer for trade.
Still looking for Death Adder #Maana Cercei #Volkan

Grudj Mt 0xp vs ton full xp et 100k
Shann Mt 0xp vs ton full xp et 100k
Dregn Mt 0xp vs ton full xp et 200k
Kerozinn Mt 0xp vs ton full xp et 500k
Manon Mt 0xp vs ton full xp et 1M
Scarlett Mt 0xp vs ton full xp et 1M
J'accepte 100k crs ou clintz smiley

60 Akrakk 0xp --> 1M/U --> 60M

Pm to negociate / proposal an offer.

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