wednesday 29/05

I will wait to clarify... It seems a bit to sudden and it does sound accurate.

Clarified that detail. #Volkan is more of an instigator than Clan Leader.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr wednesday 29/05, 15:58

tuesday 28/05

saturday 25/05

6 through 10 are all the best of all time
also, i wasnt joking, lots lots more chaosmemes plz

friday 24/05

Thanks again for all the positive feedback, got more request than i thought i would and it's really fun for me and cool to see people actually using their new avatar.
I made a (pretty messy) update with a few more examples, so people can maybe get a better idea of what to expect.
Some were requests and some i made just for fun. So if you like any of it or want anything else, just pm me. The quality and size varies, but there should be a button in the middle of this link to at least improve the quality.
Again, it's just for fun and i don't want/need any cards or clints.

thursday 23/05


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@ Izy7 - Been gone for years, I was really reliant on the home page feed when I started playing. Maybe i need to explore the site more.. smileysmiley

saturday 18/05

Looks like you covered everything (except the conveyor belt on Dominion). Nice job!

friday 17/05

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Visual proof when I first did the edit refers to a picture that shows the Mt effects in action. A sentence in the card bio is all we got.

I did not delete that disclaimer since the only thing we can rely on is the card’s bio.

wednesday 15/05

The calimity Jane reference I mentioned, is purely based on two facts. One that chaos said in discord that Calamity is a reference to red dead. The second fact is that her new blood mission was called dead red

tuesday 14/05

I wonder, why is Dolores Boss semi-evo removed?
Can Staff return its semi-evo ability? I made a huge investment on this card for its semi-evo ability.
With all the new cards, it's semi-evo ability is not that strong for a 2*. Ty! smileysmileysmiley

Gj Rowdy! smiley
Where do you put the new clan? smiley

I really don't mind seeing the feed showing my friends on ELO, i usually read it only for knowing who buys my cards for sale. smiley

wednesday 08/05

Friday 06/07/2018: “Bestial new bloods” :
Wave 21: “The living death vulture”: 1 uncommon
Dizzy Vulture, the GhosTown mascot!

17/08/2018: “Today’s new blood :
Wave 22: “Angel eye”: 1 rare
Sentenza, the GhosTown highwaymen's curse!

26/10/2018: “New blood – a killer release”:
Wave 23: “Wild Holiday Ld lover”: 1 uncommon
Calamity, the GhosTown cowgirl!

21/12/2018: “New blood who will alter the course of the future”:
Wave 24: “Tuco wife”: 1 rare
Consuelo, the GhosTown ripper!

Friday 01/02/2019: “Testosterone-Pumped New Bloods”:
Wave 25: “The genius cowboy”: 1 common
McBrown, the GhosTown inventor!

15/03/2019: “Friday’s New Bloods”:
Wave 26: “Powaqa’s father”: 1 rare
Sioux, the GhosTown Indian chief!

monday 06/05

sunday 05/05

One problem with clan listings is that they can be hard to make comments on. smiley
Good work. smiley

It looks like Gheist Operative Manual has some competition.

saturday 04/05

@Yaoi if you read Adytia bio, you will notice that it says "being a child from the island, Clint city is a big playground full of materials to collect, animals to tame and human to fight". Materials to collect and animals to tame explains why She look like she do in the last art and is no hint at cob

friday 03/05

For me, I always play Skeelz as a mono-clan due to their awesome support cards such as Sasha, Henry, and Sandro; however Dounia Mt is an auto-include.
As per your inquiry, I'd go with the Michael since he has more damage and a great bluff card. smiley

Welcome back, answer is yes.

It is always suggested to sell your evolved card for un-evolved versions of the same card in the market; this is only if you have a specific deck that works with semi-evo cards (eg. PCs) smileysmiley

wednesday 01/05

Shoot, I did forget semi-evos. I agree 3* Madelone is very superior to her 4* version. I personally prefer Quasichoco’s superior stats (7/4) and min of 1 over 3* Wolfgang’s superior DR (and stats of 6/2). But that’s mainly because Freaks are dmg starved.

The only other semi-evos that come to mind are a 2/3* Zera (better than Pl4gue Ld if you are going mono and is a decient substitute if you don’t have him) and 4* Barbacoatl (only 1 less dmg than his 5*).

If anyone can think of more say so. I don’t want to dominate this thread. I’m far from an expert.

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