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saturday 01/08

You might make more on the market for the current BM mission, but I'm making it easy to not have to post multiple times (or worry that the price will drop). I get a profit doing the mission, you clean up on what Jackie's regular value is.

How much for 160 Lady Ametia Cr 0xp ?

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Good afternoon,

I buy 0 xp:
Kalindra Cr 2,2M (Max 50)
Nahi Cr 1,3M (Max 20)
ImperaSloane Cr 800k (Max 50)
Pr Cushing Cr 750k (Max 13)

A. Why the all caps.
B. At the price she is at right now you are asking for a pretty big discount.
C. Theres a thread for this.
D. You are doing the mission, not helping someone do the mission, so kinda misleading.

Please pm and offer. Thanks.

Hello, Good Morning.

1 enigma 0 xp A 50c/T + 1m

I'm looking for :

300x Scopica - 25k
300x Lumia - 25k

End of the auction 02/08 à 23:59

I have a Kiki Cr and Guru Cr and 0xp and I would like to trade them for Merweiss Cr
I would like 12 Merweiss Cr for my two cards and I will add on clintz for any discrepancies

Forgot to mention... i will take any xp

friday 31/07

I want to trade Guru Cr for KiKi Cr. Also want trade Guru Cr + plus cards for DJ Cr can add more cards or even money.

What s the estimation and prices of these cards ???

Send it via private sell, will update post when I am no longer looking.

Flavio Cr found

I am still looking for:
8 Selsya Cr 800k/t
43 Pr Cushing Cr 725k/t

I buy also:
Nahi Cr 0 xp 1M (Max 50)

Trading Dounia Mt 19m for Nahi Cr 1m

Max 2 Dounia (38 Nahi Cr)

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