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friday 20/03

Ignore that last post still have those three.

You can close this I made another thread

Got tanaereva, only need kenny now any exp
2 monas are gone

Tradin my 0xp Ymirah Cr for Lamar Cr any xp + Tessa Cr 0xp

That was fast. Thanks for the help everyone

Closing this thread as valuations are a bit off but am still looking. Pm me if interested

thursday 19/03

Trades done. smiley

Close this please trades are made

Close this I made a deal. Sorry Tiwi.

Well its 1000 as per typo common understandable

wednesday 18/03

Ill add a full xp kolos to my list so its 6 of them now

Ive been reading thats hard to get this trade so ill reduce the complement to 120 k

Ok ill drop it to 1350 each

Closing the thread.


tuesday 17/03

Close this please and thank you.

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