thursday 07/06

Oh wow that is a very interesting minigame, can't wait for your event! thank you for thr clarifications

sunday 03/06

The BETA is now underway!

wednesday 30/05

* Your Deck cannot use the following 3 Clan(s): Roots, GHEIST, Vortex. (you can use nightmare)

sunday 27/05

4 spots left

friday 25/05

More collectors have been added in the prize list

1st) Jim Cr
2nd) Behemoth
3rd) Noctezuma Cr
4th) Dagg Cr
5th) Striker Cr
6th) Sigma Cr
7th) Oon Cr
8th) Terry Cr
9th) Rhed Cr
10th) Diego Cr

Join now free!
[Lottery] A decade of Chemistry (10 years in Clint City)

thursday 24/05

3 more spots up for grabssmiley

tuesday 22/05


Let's go wop Elo style, guys...
Here time has stopped on 16th February 2017... smiley

saturday 19/05

The points shown on the post-game screen aren't always accurate. my battle points total didn't update for days earlier in the week, and EFC scores certainly don't update real-time properly.

friday 18/05

HI !

GUILD WAR 2K18 get your best and play along with your guild !!

its 6 players + 2 sub players , you need to post your guild team in cesky section smiley

Thank you !

wednesday 16/05



sunday 06/05

Thanks Turgoyak!
And nice stories everyone! I think Mata5's first story is my favorite as well.

saturday 28/04

2 tickets left, you can also check on the prizes, but to tease you, winner gets to choose any card as a reward.

sunday 22/04

Hi guys. I organize a new event : Valor . Please, join smiley

Phase 1: The Banquet (64 players => 48 players)
Format: God Of War
0 Pillz / 3 Life
Objective: discover the authorized cards and eliminate inactive players.
Individual rewards can be offered during this phase based on your won matches :
8 - 11 victories : Rockwall
12- 14 victories : El Divino
15 - 16 victories : Ironjaw
Organisation : 4 groups of 16 players/ 1 straight battle

Phase 2: Fire and blood (48 players => 16 players)
Format: God Of War
12 Pillz / 18 Lives
4 groups of 12 players. 3 straight battle. 1 to 2 weeks of play. The top 4 in each group go for the next round.

Phase 3: In Search of the Divine Hammer (16 players => 6 players)
Format: God Of War (Alternative): the remaining players will have the possibility to exclude some cards, which will be replaced by others.
12 Pillz / 17 Lives
2 groups of 8 players. 3 winning battles.
The top 3 in each group comes to the last phase.

Phase 4: Before the beginning (Final phase)
Format: God Of War (Alternative v2): the remaining players will have the possibility to exclude some cards, which will be replaced by others.
12 Pillz / 16 Lives
5 winning battles.

On screenshot proof, inactive players will be eliminated.

Final rewards :
1er - General Cr
2e - Sum Sam Cr
3e - Ymirah Cr
4e : Behemot + Jackpot
5e - 6e : Behemot

saturday 21/04

Event for those who are members of our discord. deleted

The event won't last long, maybe 1-2 weeks but will have decent prizes. smiley

saturday 14/04

tuesday 20/03

smiley Thanks for offering this Puma!

saturday 10/03

Yeah I received 10 bronze tokenz and 2500 clintz

thursday 08/03

saturday 03/03

Fresh-aladin wins the Ongh Cr!!!!
UltimateTop7415 wins a Doc Ollie
Mata95 wins a Timanov
UM-FlaWleSS wins a Pegh

Hope Ya'll enjoyed the lotto!

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