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thursday 04/06

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Yeah exactly, it's primarily for new players I think.

saturday 30/05

Thanks guys im streaming now btw : )

friday 29/05

Update to chapter 4: The monsters
Karconte the psychopathic soul collector

@piranga ok did not know this will be sure to zoom out in round 4 smiley

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It's fixedsmiley

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Quick answer... no

thursday 28/05

Did somebody say Tutorial? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ_TD-CShL0o46CiucqDf8Zzyv7NI57cI smiley

wednesday 27/05

I took a win as an example because i know those numbers.
Losing the match as a whole gives less points than winning obviously.
But the amount you get winning/losing the game depends on the amount of rounds played.

tuesday 26/05

monday 25/05

saturday 23/05

I started that friend but am not responsible for it since, however i find the following thread to be more useful since it is updated by the admins
Aide à la création de deck/format : Listes des semi-evos

sunday 17/05

thursday 14/05

I will stick to the original stats the UR staffs provided 1/1 XD but with some amazing abilities of course!

Damn didnt even know that card existed haha

The unique members
Chuck Snow the GhosTown member that have been dead 150 years
Dizzy Vulture, GhosTown mascot and the vulture gliding between death and life
Mallory the explosive highwayman
Padre Frollo the committed man of the fait
Shaferxxt the octopus cowboy from planet Vronk that somehow ended up in purgatory
Tuco the immigrant from Los Santos

The working townspeople
Bambino aka “the devil’s right hand’
Doc Ollie the disguising female apothecary
Hermosa the charming woman
Hurry Cody the reckless drive of the ten o’clock stage-coach
John O Clock the train driver
McBrown the genius inventor of the RoadNeel
Victor Van Dort the conscientious undertaker

wednesday 13/05

You got Flavio and you complain? Dont you know he is like 10/10 perfect 1KO Best of a card?

11: Roots plant breeders
Brody the cactus breeder

12: Roots sculpture creators
Fudge the recycle sculpture creator
Ojibway the hard-hitting totem maker

13: Roots special friends
Beltran Cr the investigator
Nahi Cr the magic pixie
Page Cr the sometime naked arrow shooter

14: Roots symbol of hope
Kiki Cr/ Kiki, Roots symbol of hope and Krazan Ld father

15: Roots unique members
Ataoualpet the bird man
Craho the Roots friendly caveman
Jerry the naked man
Miken Moose the film director
Nastanovix the strange man who shots with arrows from a harp
Treeman, Roots own superhero
Yookie, Roots violent big foot

1: Roots 100% natural science creators
Bishop the ex fire angle member and the creator of the wood motorcycle
Burdock the flower canon creator
Ellie the creator of the leaf wings
Gudvibz the relaxatron creator

2: Roots activists
Billy Bob the protecting activist of the animal kingdom
Flora the head hitting activist
Gertjan the activist’s leader and the self-proclaimed political represent for the Roots
Gretchen the violent activist
Matthew the pillz and love defending activist

3: Roots animal
Armand the beer loving werewolf
Cornelius, Kiki Cr distant cousin and human clothing wearing gorilla
Kimba the smoking lion

4: Roots animal pairs
Arno the pet store helper and Pistachio the monkey best friends
Dyan the foxes friend and protector
Lou the sheep protector and the fearsome she-wolf Lupila student and friend
Rosen the giant sparrow rider
Simeon the east forest protector and Gerfunkal the beaver best friend
Tuck the old farmer and Rocky the chicken best friend

5: Roots digital monster
Bakuta Ld the digital trash monster

6: Roots freedom fighter
Delija the Roots warrior from Ryhm
Lilly the freedom fighters’ leader
Narendra the fighter for a better world and Ratanah Mt lover
Ratanah Mt the vegan fighter and Narendra lover
Rapau the fighter against bulldozers
Sunnygoat the fighter for world with only vegetarians
Tshern, Roots poisonous war starter
Yaman the special bongo player

Vortex scientists
Lehrg the time portal creator
Qorah, Professor #Parsek assistants
Rahi Sledon the C monsters’ creator
Pr Vronkxxt the eminent scientific researcher from planet Vronk

Vortex target hunters
Naele, Ielena Cr hunter
Star Prince, Ax Battler’s hunter
X-0DUS, Lena hunter

Vortex ultimate weapon
Behemoth Cr

Vortex warriors
Deea the masked warrior
Dreadlash the killer warrior
#Lovhank the distant descendent of #Chole and Havok and one of #Dreng’s Mt best men
SpartaK the blood-thirsty and ferocious leader of the town of Mundi
Sunder the death destined warrior

Vortex weapon users
Bublgmm the candy projectile shooter
Sarah the laser lasso user

monday 11/05

Almost like the attack challenge by joebobblue off the top of my head id say Beeboy Cr bonus+ copying frozn bonus + ambre + fury = 14/11 not sure thats if the highest but thats my thought

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