saturday 31/08

1. Beeboy Cr. This card was a game winner for like idk how many times.
2. Michael. One of my favorites when I played Skeelz at the start.
3. Tomas. Partnered up with Michael in T2 to have fun with Skeelz.
4. Lee Long. Like a go to striker in Fifa.
5. Flinch. Always used this mofo when Roots and Gheist were hot.
6. Sabotage. This card is mental. I love it a lot.
7. Katja. She's just smiley
8. ImperaSloane Cr. Got tired of always facing her so I bought her. Worth the fun. And she turned Cr lol.
9. Yoshida/Rad. I love their arts.
10. Tessa Cr. I've always wanted to own her but she's too expensive. Got the chance to use her from guild bank. It was fun.

thursday 29/08

Personally, I find Bangers, Junkz, and Komboka as the strongest clans in EFC atm. Bangers has a lot of options, including previously perma-banned cards, Beeboy Cr and Blaaster Cr. Junkz has two of the best SOA around in EFC (Qubik & Ravebot) along with a very diverse 3* lineup. Komboka despite being new has a lot of strong cards. The 4 elements theme also makes for a very varied clan that is quite hard to counter. Kuwaka, Duygu, and Kupanda are cards I'd hate to see in my opponent's hand.
All other clans are playable, but the ones I personally find "underwhelming" are Roots, Freaks, and Schredder -less Skeelz. Both Roots and Freaks have limited options due to heavy bans. Roots has decent 2*s and 3*s but doesn't really have that reliable big guy. This are ofc just my opinion. I play EFC but not really competitive.

There's always MS paint...

sunday 25/08

I can only justify more expensive 0xp if they are usable at lower * but if people demand more clintz for card that is only useful last * then its stupid like The Juggler wrote smiley

thursday 22/08

tuesday 20/08

A good idea! UR can make a lot of emo, much more, then now. But the player can select, which emos he wants to use.

sunday 18/08
That page has up-to-date rewards from the current iteration of Arcade. That topic you posted concerned the 1.0 version of Arcade.

friday 16/08

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In terms of making the rules simpler and shorter, I dont thinks theres much that can be done. Personally I think that they are well explained, and although they are long it is necessary because all the roles have to be explained thoroughly and things need to be clarified more when the rules aren't clear

tuesday 13/08

Thanks for explainingsmiley

friday 09/08

I was thought like that at first too smiley

@Wasteroftime I feel you, this nostalgia hurts. I miss a lot of the English OGs. The ones in TCA and my friends that have popped in and out over the years state it's just due to the games activity. What can you do...

wednesday 07/08

Lol....95 Zlatar 0xp smiley

If you need to find the technical support, on the very bottom you can click on "Contact us".

monday 05/08

No Pillz Training Room = Guild only Training Room

saturday 03/08

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I don't know know how your guild permissions are set up, but odds are you need to be a higher grade than novice to access it. Just take it directly to your founder, they should be able to help out.

Thanks, Piranga!

friday 02/08

Most expensive is harder to pinpoint overall though. The prices shift a lot between the 4 original big 5 and cannibal jo cr. However, I have noticed a notable drop in their price I remember the lowest used to be about 14m-15m. I assume with the recent crytocoin pack sale + big 5 drop increase the supply had grown a fairly large amount for them, while the demand is lower since all the clans are getting their own big who are about as good if not better than the original big 5 for a fraction of the price.

I see what you mean about the Pirrahna background. I think it was meant to be the Pirate cove or Bloodh’s bar (mentioned in the Hive vs Vortex comic). Personally, I really like the current design, but it seems... too peaceful? The Pirahnas have been characterized as violent, cutthroat, greedy adventurers but it really doesn’t show here. Some broken beer bottles, worn down planks, a chest of gold/buried treasure, and scattered blood stains would be perfect.
As is, I’m interested to see how staff differentiate the Ulu and Komboka backgrounds from it.

GhosTown was one of the ones I was looking forward to, and I’m happy with the day version. Night is too mono-colored and dark so it all blends in together. Plus the bird skeleton looks EXTREMELY out of place in the night version. The KO animation is meh as well, but I rarely see them anyways.

wednesday 31/07

I'de like to see a clan bonus shift. I'm not claiming these will be balanced, but neither were any of the first 4 cards the devs shifted. Shifts are disappointingly temporary anyways, so just ban the clans in efc for the weekend.

Berzerk: Xantiax - 2 life min 0

Freaks: Poison 2 min 0
or Toxin 1 min 0

Lets have these two clans go crazy for a shift, without their minimums to hold them back.

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