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wednesday 27/06/2007

Like to buy selsya at 6000 clitz add it to my private sales if ur selling ty.

The difference is 8,000 clints

Please dont pm me with different offers,its clear that im only trading kerozinn and evesmiley

I'm looking for Freaks,G.H.E.I.S.T. cardz!!! I've got some cardz that i don't need:Natrang,Graziella,Miss Ming,Gheistling,Nina,Flyer,Diego,Pino,Candy Jack,Svelthlana,Wanda,Pulsar all maxed.PM if you are interested smiley smiley smiley!!!!

Here's the deal I want to make,

I have Lelena at level 4
I want Lamar at level 5

This is the only thing that I will trade for. Message me only if you want this trade.

tuesday 26/06/2007

You can buy them on the market for less

I give you a maxed tessa and mort bax smiley

Leave your best price 4 kati, seldnor, kerozin

Umm.......Trading Cards?If Trading Can't Happen Coz You Didn't Buy Credits Yet

I agree and this subjet is closed

U still got that boris?

monday 25/06/2007

As it says above I look for those letters a reasonable price!smileysmiley

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Helloo anyone sell marina cheap

How much for alice and clara???????

If you have these cards.. ill buy them fast.
obviously lower than the market price..

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I got bunny

Looking for vickie, zatman, rubie, rosa, and splata.............i have a copper, don, vladimir, lost hog, zdrone and frankie hi all max to trade, i will also buy for a reasonable price

Pm your price

sunday 24/06/2007

Ya well its hard just paying in clintz

Im selling them both for around 8000ish look on the market to get it for a good price fast

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