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monday 13/08/2007

Are you trading a zdrone or you want a zdrone

Buying kinjo/mona/rosa..either 1 of them cause no clintz...super cheap plsssss........and can u make it maxed??????? only 1 cause i max only have 550+ clz

I got my dragan smiley
Close please!

sunday 12/08/2007

If u can read what he said it was a charlie

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Like this éééé

Tanaereva for 8000
Gaia 11000

Thanks. Just put it in my private sales.

I need good cards so if someone is interested please pm me smiley

Rubie(R) for 2000clintz smiley


saturday 11/08/2007

1010 clintz

Well Malaka, they fixed it but for awhile there it was a little slower than normal.... its all cool now .. good job admins they fixed it

I need a wanda, it would be a good power up in my beginner deck, but i dint want to spend to much on it
lowest in market is 240 lv2 wanda, if anyone could sell lower, they'll have a buyer!!

I am buying cheap bangers.... please offer an charactersmileysmileysmiley

friday 10/08/2007

For 2 zatman and jackie now willing to give 28k and maybe lelena

HOw the title says...

Buying Lamar or Charlie...

leave your offers,,as much as possible,,below market price..


I need rubies, who want to sale rubies please PM for price

Or kinjo?

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