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tuesday 05/06/2007

monday 04/06/2007

The acution beggins at 5500 clintzsmiley

You are required to specify which Leader and how many stars/level before auctioning.

Buying gabrielle cheaper than market offers

sunday 03/06/2007

200 000 clintz

Sharaban can u add 350.000 clintz plus cards that u offered to me in exchange of Flavio cr???

Well i like it cheaper... Please offer if you have one... THank You

I have got Baby Q (R) Gwen (C) Yayoi (U) Charlie (U) Dragan Reine.i want one collector card for this all cards.

saturday 02/06/2007

I'm buying Elya for about 28k PM me with ur offers!!!

It isn't supported by staff, and as staff I can only tell you that if you proceed with that course of action you do so at your own risk. As for any bans on asking, I've not heard of any, but if it's not allowed on the French Boards then it's not allowed here either. This topic will be closed, and I'll be posting a sticky.


Save your money and buy her when the price drops next friday.

The starting "auction" of lao cr in the francais forum does start at 250,000 clintzsmiley

Yeah u r unable to sell cards until u purchase credits

friday 01/06/2007

I want to buy charlie at level 4. max. price 15000. if you are interested , sell her to me in privat

Amiral Py maxxed: 10.000
Tank maxxed: 700
Yookie maxxed: 900
Noodile maxxed: 1200
Tania maxxed: 500 (negotiable)
Sheitane maxxed: 440 (negotiable)

Actually jerre if u would not be so ignorant i have enough credits to buy most of the cards on that list and i didnt ask for u to tell me what i can and cant afford

btw i got havok so scratch him off

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Sorry to hear those cards only but i don't have those cards right now.

That's higher than the market price

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