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sunday 16/09/2007

Sell to me all ur fang pi clang cards..and ill pay... smiley

Buying Burger for 450 Clintz smiley

Ulu Watusmiley

saturday 15/09/2007

Well i'm not one to judge but i'd say save up ALOT

Buying Marina for below 2000, or some1 from Fang Pi Clang (Kinjo) or Sakrohm (Corrina or TrinmkkT)

smileydon't people ever read things properly , he is buying cards not selling them , he wants people to post prices so he can purchase the cards off them

Buyed, please, close this tread

What bid????

I have some colectors of Soleil and Lao, aldebaran, sigmund and melissa. Many rares! make your offer, I need a Lyse Terya

Otakool for 700

I am looking for methane/splata/ and xu52

please help mesmiley

friday 14/09/2007

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Any level ,1200?

I sell u a upper

How much for my don

I got 1 charle want to buy

I'll buy Zatman for 2500 clintz and Rubie for 1000 clintz..please...just put it in my private sales..

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